Sunday, December 14, 2014

S.E.A Aquarium Singapore

It's the first time I went to S.E.A Aquarium Singapore in August with bestie. Though it's not as amazing as the one I visited in Japan but it's was a very fun day to hang out with my bestie.
We had a good breakfast at one of my favourite local coffee shop - Ya Kun Kaya Toast to start off the day.

Traveled to Sentosa and arrived in S.E.A Aquarium. It's seems like a must to take pictures in front of the Universal Studio Globe. Btw, just so you don't know, S.E.A Aquarium is located next to Universal Studio.
A friendly hint that try not to visit this places during holidays or weekends. The crowd is very bad. 
The bestie keeps want to take selfie with me and the sharks behind but the pictures end up with no sharks but just us. 
WE GET TO TOUCH A STARFISH!!!! It's pretty cool that they have a small section that you can experiencing touching some down under creatures. The starfish has quite a hard body.
Big circular fish tanks with colourful fishes
What I like most of is the jellyfish tank. The darkness of the tank with the clarity of the jellyfishes is just so pretty.........
Looks like snowflake

There's a section of the floor that are visible for you to see underneath the platform. Was a bit scary for me.
The huge tank that everyone wants a piece of it
More selfies and first time wearing a red lippy. Nice? 

We left the place after one hour plus because we can't stand the place being more and more crowded. There wasn't much to see either. We walk around outside of the S.E.A Aquarium.
Dress & Jacket: H&M
Loafer: Topshop
Stumble across Hard Rock Cafe and have to take a touristy picture in front of it ;P It was a rainy day, so the place wasn't too hot for us to chill. 

We ended the day by chilling in Vivo City. It was just great to spend time with the bestie and just let our hair down. It was a memorable fun day.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Amor Fati

Epik High latest album is amazing. All of the songs are spammed daily, thanks bro. *rolls eyes*

They came back with Born Hater. I think most of the K-Pop lovers must at least listen to this song once by now.

Though, I do like their collaboration with Lee Soo Hyun of AKMU in Happen Ending. AKMU is my latest favourite group, they are too cute together.

Amor Fati which means 'Love of Fate' in Latin, has caught my attention and it has become my favourite song in the album. It kind of speak out for my unspoken soul.

God doesn’t love me
I have a lot to get off my chest
No need for a confession
Just give me the ashtray
Inhale. Exhale
Curses come out before the smoke
If I dirty my body and mouth
Will I remember you for a moment?
You’re my sleeping pill, my caffeine
My virus, my vaccine
My bible, my dirty magazine under my bed
I’m in trouble
We’re perfectly fitting pieces for different puzzles
What the unholy world considers holy
They cannot change me.
Nothing can save me.

You try to run away,
run away from the world.
But then you run away,
run away from yourself
and you don’t know the way home
I believe in myself
I believe in the moments I can see with my eyes
I believe in this drink
But they call me a non-believer.

You try to run away,
run away from the world.
But then you run away,
run away from yourself
and you don’t know the way home.
I believe in myself
I believe in the sweat on my hands
I believe in my heart
I believe in love
But they call me a non-believer.

A greater vice than selling me drugs is selling me the wrong answer
That answer is my fear, reeling in ignorance and unhappiness
It’s a business that sells me meat for several times more than it’s valued
I eat it for nothing
Fate carries life and the mission
Marinating salvation with ideas of fame
On top of an unknown future
It’s the source of a thousand illnesses that kicks away the meal table of the starved reality
It’s hell’s kitchen
They’re all gathering under the red sign of their favorite place
Saying each place is the original, being stubborn about their own taste
What they sell is the same poison
The scariest of it all are the overeating ideas
Just one meal of answers makes the table shake
Making you salivate until you can’t even hold the spoon anymore
Blind beliefs, showing signs of indigestion only after you show blood

You try to run away,
run away from the world.
But then you run away,
run away from yourself
and you don’t know the way home
I believe in myself
I believe in the moments I can see with my eyes
I believe in this drink
But they call me a non-believer.

You try to run away,
run away from the world.
But then you run away,
run away from yourself
and you don’t know the way home.
I believe in myself
I believe in the sweat on my hands
I believe in my heart
I believe in love
But they call me a non-believer.

There’s no way home.

They break a perfectly fine leg and make you use a cane
They make you eat a poisonous apple when you’re hungry
They make you hold guns and knives instead of hands
Are you all clean?

They break a perfectly fine wing and make you crawl on the ground
They click tongues and point fingers
Does that mean you can throw stones at the sin-less?
Isn’t throwing a stone a sin itself?

Oh God.
He doesn’t love me.
I know He doesn’t love me.
Well, neither do I.
Neither do I.

We are others.

We are the others.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Being a Random Foodie in Singapore

This is not really a post, it will be just pictures of food while I was in Singapore last year. Enjoy!
Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ, had this as lunch with my collage buddies. It's a long queue during weekdays because it's affordable and good.
Just having a cuppa of Caffe Latte at Paul. It's quite a posh place for high tea. You definitely need to try their pastries and desserts. It is to die for.
Had high tea with my babe at Paris Baguette Cafe. Tried out their coffees and pastries.
Their famous Royale Pudding in Original and Chocolate flavour. That piece of pastry is called Tiramisu. Nothing to much to be raving about, but I will come back for their coffee and pudding if the crowd is not too much.
One of the best Ramen you have to try. The Japanese chain Ippudo restaurant. We do have a few outlets in Malaysia now too.
Celebrated my aunt's birthday in Long Beach Seafood Restaurant with family and friends. You MUST try their famous White Pepper Alaskan King Crab! It's pretty addictive. Oh ya, Singaporeans love their Chilli Crab, it's worth a try too.
This is the best Razor Clam I have ever tried! It's called Steamed Scottish Razor Clam with Minced Garlic. This dish was so simply prepared, so that we can tasted it's freshness. Makes me hungry now!
Had another meet up with my college buddies at Akashi Japanese Restaurant for dinner.
 I guess everyone was hungry, so we all ordered bento sets.
Just in case you have food pictures overload, here's a picture of me trying out my friend's then new Samsung Note 3 camera :)
French Toast
Another night out for dinner with a friend at Hoshino Coffee. It's a Japanese Chain Fusion Restaurant. Lots of desserts for all sweet tooth out there. There's also space for Green Tea and Coffee lovers.
"Hoshino" Spaghetti with Eggplant, Bacon, Shimeji & Sausage
Pancake Souffle Style
Red Velvet Cupcake

Seems like I had a lot of high tea time during this trip. Went to Marmalade Pantry with my besties.
Sticky Date and Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream
Although the dessert is good but this place is always crowded and their service is not good. I suggest you make reservations before coming.
We were fooling around by taking pictures of this huge flower and compare it with Shirley's head. 
Group pic!
This is one of my favourite Japanese Fast Food Restaurant, Yoshinoya. I don't know why they closed down the ones in Malaysia :'(
Cafe Latte & Tuna Sandwich
I had lunch with my aunt before I left Singapore. This place, Caffe Beviamo is quite underrated. Thus, they serve amazing coffee and Australian-inspired sandwiches. Missed this a lot!
Egg Salad with Tomato & Toast
Not sure how this post can turn out to be so long, below are the details of the places I have been to. Don't go hungry!

Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant
96 AMOY Street,
Singapore 069918.
Contact: +65 62260450
Monday - Saturday
Lunch: 11.30am - 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.30pm - 10.30pm
Closed on Sunday

Takashimaya Shopping Centre,
391 Orchard Road,
Ngee Ann City,
Singapore 238872.
Contact: +65 68365932
Opens: Daily

Paris Baguette Cafe
Wisma Atria Shopping Centre,
435 Orchard Road,
Contact: +65 68362010 
Opens: Daily

Mandarin Gallery,
333A Orchard Road,
Singapore 238897
Contact: +65 6235 2797
Monday - Saturday
11.00am - 11.00pm
11.00am - 10.00pm

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant
25 Dempsey Road ,
Singapore 249670.
Contact: +65 63232222
11.00am - 3.00pm
5.00pm - 1.00am

Akashi Japanese Restaurant
290 Orchard Road
#B1-01 Paragon
Contact: +65 67358887
11.00am – 11.00pm

Hoshino Coffee
Plaza Singapura, 
68 Orchard Road,
Contact: +65 63383277 
11:30am - 9:00pm

Marmalade Pantry
ION Orchard,
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801.
Contact: +65 67342700
Monday - Friday
10.00am - 10.00pm
Saturday - Sunday
9.00am - 10.00pm

313 @ Somerset,
313 Orchard Road,
Singapore 239519.
Opens: Daily

Caffe Beviamo
163 Tanglin Road;
#02-K1 Tanglin Mall.
Contact: +65 67387906
Opens: Daily

Friday, September 12, 2014

That Latte Place @ IKON Connaught

I have been going for cafe hopping around KL area for quite sometime now. However, I never get to post all of the places on my blog because my blog cannot catch up with my tummy life. 

Anyways, I guess a lot of you have been to That Latte Place at Persiaran Ritchie, Off Jalan Ampang Hillir. Where it used to be an outdoor location in Yayasan Seni Art Centre and Gallery. Well, they have just officially moved into a new mall in Taman Connaught - IKON Connaught.
IKON Connaught is still pretty new, only the the Ground Floor is fully open with F&B restaurants and That Latte Place is located there. 

Even though the cafe has just opened in middle of August but there is already a crowd. Probably the regular customers has come for the support. 

Unfortunately, I have not been to the cozy open air cafe in Ampang but I'm glad I was here to check out their new location last weekend with BFF.
It was almost high tea time so we just ordered coffee and one of their famous dish. We ordered Mocha (left) and Latte (right). The coffee is good. I really like the Mocha because it has a really rich dose of chocolate in it. The Latte is slightly bitter for my liking. 

Just so you know, they have kept their menu same. Basic coffee beverages and just a dozen of main courses. I guess keeping the menu simple is good.

Also, they have two small self-service stations for you to grab your own sky juice, cutlery and sauces & seasoning.
We ordered their must try House Egg Ben. Home-made Hollandaise sauce is light and tasty, it really goes well with the perfect poached eggs, mushrooms, ham and toast bread. It comes with a side salad and crisp fried potatoes. 
Love it very much! It's so far the best version of Egg Benedict that I have tried. See how the egg yolk is still runny when you slice it in half, perfecto! I would definitely come back to try out the rest of their menu.

G-07, Ikon Connaught, 56000 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone: 016-850 3546
Opens: Daily 10am - 10pm

Friday, August 1, 2014

DIY Liese Bubble Hair Dye for the First Time

Hey all, I'm well and alive just in case you all are wondering. I don't want to blog about my MIA period yet. So for now, just wanna blog about my first time experience with Liese Bubble Hair Dye.

I'm sure all of you are well known about Liese Bubble Hair Dye by now. So I won't go into details. Though it is true that it's easy to use as learning ABC. You know the trail.

This was my before wear out coloured hair that I'm very beh tahan of. My short hair has grown out too. Wanna keep it longer this time around.
As you can see my roots are growing out and I have like 3 shades of colour on my head.

This is what you get inside of the packaging. The colour I chose was Elegant Ash. Feel like going for very dark colour this time.
From left to right, the box, chemical colouring #1, chemical colouring #2 of which you need to mixed it before using. Pump for creating the bubble effect. Conditional treatment for after colouring and a pair of gloves.

Start of bubble dying hair
Try to cover all parts of the hair
30 minutes later

New hair colour! The colour did not came out as dark as I wanted but it's better than the before look. Probably because I still have my previous mocha wear out colour. The results is satisfying.
This was the colour a day after. There's the ash colour element in it which I really like.
This is a week later. The colour reflects differently under different lighting. This is from natural sunlight. If you noticed the bottom part of my hair is a different shade. It IS the exact colour of Elegant Ash. I guess that my bleach hair still works it's magic of bringing out the exact colour. Love it!
This is from very low light. It can go pretty dark if it's indoor.

The above two pictures are indoors with better lighting. Pretty cool, right?

It's not bad being my first time dying my own hair. I usually help my bro to dye his. Hope the colour could stay on longer, this we have to see. Till then see ya for now.