Saturday, November 30, 2013

Avril Lavigne 'Avril Lavigne'

I have always been a fan of Avril Lavigne from the very start. This self tittle album of hers is THE BEST of all! I love  it! Of course, adding with the fact that this album is co-wrote with her hubby Chad Kroeger from Nickelback (also one of my favourite band). Awesomesause!

It seems she doesn't age at all and with her debut track from this ablum "Here's To Never Growing Up" fits her profile so well. She still freaking looks the same in her "Sk8er Boi" outfit in this video!

Thus, I have practically grew up with her and this songs just makes you not wanting to grow up.

Right after that, came the second single of the ablum "Rock N Roll". The songs prove that this pop rock princess can still rock, yeah! 

I love this video too, is the funniest video that she have been in. Especially the 'Bearshark' part LOL

Well, you can missed out on having a co-writer and not having to have a duet with them. "Let Me Go" features her hubby in this sad song. Can you feel the irony in it?

As I have said, I'm a big fan of Avril, I have been to 2 of her concerts when she came to Malaysia and rocked hard. I don't know why but every time a new album of hers launched, it always seems to be in a good timing.

Each of her albums speaks to me on a personal level. I'm sure this happens to everyone who loves music. Cos music touches everyone's emotions. Other than the fun and happier songs in this album like "17", "Sippin' on Sunshine", "Bitchin' Summer". The mature darker rebellious songs speaks to me more, for instance "Bad Girl" featuring Marilyn Manson! You can't get any dirtier with rock! I can't wait for the video. "Give You What You Like", "Hello Heartache", "Falling Fast" and "Hush Hush" shows that she hasn't lose her touch on more sentimental songs.

I really LOVE this album a lot! This is by far the best album she had produced! Well done, Avril!

A loyal fan 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mocha Short (Curl) Hair

Well, I let my hair grew out after my last visit to the hair salon. It was August that I went for my next visit to the hair salon.

I felt a bit frustrated with the sloppiness of my hair then. My curly hair grew out, it look from top wavy, towards the end of my hair were all straight. The colour had wear off too.
Can you see my frustration? Oh ya, that's my favourite hair stylist, Leslie behind me =)
I really like the basic dark colour layering on top of my previous bleach hair. The effect makes one's dark hair stands out. I also did the reflexer to cover off the waviness of my upper part head.

Leslie also styled my hair ends curl. He also taught me how to do it myself using a hair straightener, so that I can style it myself at home. Do I look good/cute/nice in this style? Do you think that having curly/wavy hair looks more mature? I'm considering getting it perm this way next time.
I did a Mocha colour this time. It's a shade darker than my Hazelnut colour. I adore this colour even more because it brings out a bit of ash tone in it.
This is a week later and the colour stays on longer. Some sharing with all of you. Darker colour hair dye will stay on longer compared to brighter colour hair dye. If you use colour care shampoo and conditioner, the colour can last longer too.

Also, this is a tip that Leslie had share with me to choose the right colour you want for the right look you are going for. People with fine hair have cooler/ash tones. People with thicker hair have warmer tones. That's why for me, the Mocha colour could brings out ashier tone. Making my look more complete. Love it! Thank you Leslie!

Fast forward 3 months later, now. My hair grow so much longer but I can't stand the weight, length and maintaining it. I was having almost serious hair fall problem. So, I decide to cut off my many layers of damage hair. CUT! Cut them short!
Pardon the blurriness of this picture, but I just want to show you the length of my hair. 

I did a laser scalp care treatment to help strengthen my hair root to easily absorb nutrition and reduce hair fall. Do you notice my hair colour did not fade much? Nice!
*Chop Chop* New short hair! Again Leslie styled the ends of my hair curl temporary. What do you think? Short curl hair better or long curl hair better?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Body Shop Haul

Phew! I'm glad that a lot of shopping sales has gone now. I might have did some damages on my wallet by spoiling myself with a lot of body care products.

There was a mid-year sales for Malaysia, then there was The Body Shop Member Day's sales and there was more sales for The Body Shop Anniversary sales. How can you not go crazy?!!

Let's just start with the first round of haul I shop during their Member Day's sales. I really like they came out with the jumbo size body shower.
From left to right:
Divine Calm Heavenly Shower Gel is amazing! It's one of the few body showers that promises the smell of real Lavender and it's really makes you feel relax. I sleep very well every time I have used it.
Olive Shower Gel is one of my favourites because it keeps your skin moisturized and nourished. For lazy people like me you can skip body lotion and your skin will not dry up. I bought 2 bottles for keep stocking! Oppss... ;)
Bath Lily, they have come out with a lot of different colours now and makes me feel like getting all of them. BUT! I was in control, so I just bought the pale lavender for myself and the pink one for BFF. 

Not long later, The Body Shop Anniversary came along. Everything was on 50% above discount. How can you resists?!
Hemp Moisturizing Hand Wash for mom because she has bad allergies and she always needs to keep her hands moisturized. If not her hands will become dry and crack. So far, it's good for her. We should used soup free hand wash to keep our hands from drying up.
Rainforest Radiance Shampoo, I got this baby bottle to try out. Turns out it's really good after 1 wash. It gives back my damage hair moisture and shininess. Love it, I will get a bigger bottle next time.
Lip & Cheek Stain, I have always wanted to try out lip stains. Read a lot of good reviews on The Body Shop one and so I pop it into my shopping basket too. It does gives a reddish stain on my lips. Gives you the natural healthy look. One downside of it, is that it does transfer. You need to re-apply again after a meal.
The Lip & Cheek Stains makes me look less zombie
Bath Gloves are really good investments if you do not want to spend much on body scrubs. The gloves has tiny grinds that gives you the right amount of exfoliation. Keeps you skin glow and it helps blood circulation too. I was very attracted with the really nice Coral colour!  
Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash is one of their best sellers. Bought it for bro to try out. Seaweed does keep your skin hydrated and reduce oil.
Kistna Eau De Toilette is for bro as well. I think a lot of us will at least get one of their fragrance series because it does smells good and it's very affordable.

Well, what do you know? My spending hit the rebate amount and I was awarded with a cash rebate voucher. I kept the voucher for awhile but in the end I decided to get their best selling Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion. I love the size of it. It's not too big or too small. I have now used half of the bottle already. The smell is very irresistible, makes me smell nice LOL
After these few shopping spree, I have lock myself up from shopping. Nightzzzz....

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Perlier Lavender Foam Bath

Have you heard of the brand Perlier? I didn't either, until I stumble upon it in a Sasa store during this Malaysia Mid-Year Mega Sales.

Perlier is actually from Italy, it has been establish for over 80 years. They have been manufacturing premier skin care of specialized therapeutic natural ingredients products. Most importantly they are against animal testing.
Recently, I am a bit obsess on body care with Lavender essence. It is true that Lavender can calms one's mood and mind. Anyways, this 500ml bottle of natural recipe of goodness Lavender caught my attention with *ahem* a 50% discount markdown.

I didn't know much about Perlier then but I bought it anyway. You know, there are lots of Lavender products in the market claiming it's 100% Lavender. When you smell it, it is not as how they have claim it, most of the time they smell 'fake'. It's quite difficult to find real Lavender scent and also good quality body care. I'm glad that I found Perlier.

It's Lavender scent is very similar with Crabtree & Evelyn's Lavender collection. As you all know, I have sensitive skin and very mild eczema, my skin will response with itch and redness. Therefore, I'm quite particular with the quality of body care I choose.

I don't like body shampoos that will makes you feel 'squeaky clean' after you bath. It will make my skin drier. I also don't like body shampoos that leave you ultra silky smooth skin after you bath. It makes me feel like I did not raise thoroughly. Is it me or do you feel the same too?

If you do, Perlier body foam does not makes you feel so! I used it with a body loafer, it gives me a velvety foam while I'm bathing and leaves me a layer of velvety smoothness after I bath. It smells so great that, you can sleep soundly through the night too.

I will not hesitate getting another bottle of this baby when I have finish up mine. I want to try out their Honey collection too. Their Honey collection is their best sellers. Can't wait to get my hands on them XD

Let me know have you tried this brand before? What do you think about it? Can anyone let me know where else can I get Perlier products other than Sasa? Thanks ;)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Bangkok Food with the Mumsies

This will be the continuous Bangkok entry from my last. I have already talk about shopping, staying in Bangkok and it's time to talk about the food there. As you know food here are very localize, cheap and delicious!

You can definitely get localize food anywhere in Bangkok streets. One of my favourite street food is from Chatuchak Market (only opens on weekends). It's once place you can get good food and shopping all day long.
Thai Fish Ball Noodle
Beef Ball Noodle
Pad Thai (it's like Chow Keow Teow but Thai sytle)
Another Hound Cafe was introduced by my aunt because it's one of her favourite place in Bangkok and it has now become mine too. Another Hound Cafe is a sister company of Greyhound Cafe, it's located in Siam Paragon. Another Hound Cafe is Italian dining with a twist, I can say is a Thai twist.
I love the decorations of the cafe. You are greeted with large beautiful flowers outside the cafe and inside of the cafe.
They also have unique chandelier designs and wall paintings. 
Of course! When in Thailand, must drink Thai beers, Singha is gooood. Refreshing!
Spaghetti Cha Cha Cha (it's basically squid ink spaghetti with prawn and scallop, very spicy) 
Chicken Wings
Minced pork and smoked bacon balls
Light Tom Yam soup
Pad Thai (my favourite food)
Spaghetti with Thai style pork balls with tomato sauce
Tub Tim Krob (water chestnut with coconut meat and coconut cream - a Thailand must eat dessert) 
Coconut sherbet 
We all enjoyed our dinner at Another Hound Cafe very much, love this place a lot!

We also went to another lovely restaurant at Central World called Nara Thai Cuisine. Also another restaurant introduced by my aunt.
Thai Fish Cake *yumz*
More Singha beer
Spicy Tom Yam Kung
Pineapple Fried Rice
Pandan Chicken
Green Curry Chicken
Stir Fried Prawns with glass noodle
Yeah! I have finally finish my Bangkok trip with mumsies entires! Looking at all these yummy food pictures makes me hungry. Hope you enjoy drooling too =P

Chatuchak Market
Thanon Kamphaeng Phet,
Bangkok 10900, Thailand.

Another Hound Cafe
Siam Paragon,
1st Floor.
Tel: 02129 4409 10

Nara Thai Cuisine 
Central World,7th Floor, Beacon Zone.
Tel: +662 613 16589

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Siam with the Mumsies

If you remember, I had posted about my Bangkok haul previously shopping with the mumsies in Bangkok. This post will be about where we stayed.
Some sky view before showing you the hotel
Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Siam is one of the newer hotels you can find in central Bangkok. It's location is convenient to travel around central Bangkok for food and shopping. It is walking distance to MBK shopping mall, walking distance to BTS National Stadium station. 

The Reception
All the receptionists are friendly and helpful. You can get their free WiFi and password here! Yeah!

Look! How clean, modern and spacious their room is! I'm sharing the room with mom but I think the room can fit 4 persons. One thing I like most about the room is their PILLOWS! They even labeled soft or firm pillows for you to choose! I dislike hotels which only has either one type of pillows and most of the time their firm pillows are actually hard.
Beverage counter
View from my room
This one of the best hotel breakfast I ever had. It comes with variety of western breakfast and most of all it has a 'Grab and Go' concept for usually business people who are on their rush.   
Who doesn't love a good toast with peanut butter and chocolate spread?! Their yogurt comes in different flavours, love them all!
There have coffee, tea, hot chocolate for you to choose from. Muffins and pastries are good. 

See the Express Start sign, is where you can literally 'Grab and Go' your breakfast if you are on a rush heading out.
They have the take-away paper cup and paper cup holder for you to carry your breakfast to go. Here's a tip, you can actually stuff muffins, pastries or yogurt in the paper cup holder. Brilliant? You are welcome ;p

Their breakfast lounge ambiance is very comfortable and spacious too. You don't have to be afraid of waking up late and the lounge is full of people.

They even have an outdoor seating for you, if you want to feel like having a breezy breakfast.
They also have an outdoor lounge on ground floor. This is what you will see before you enter to the hotel.
Another great thing about this hotel is there's a massage salon just right beside it. MUST have massage when you go Bangkok please... because is damn cheap and good! *Ahem* Pardon my feet as I'm getting my foot massage and erm... Siam girls are hot right? LOL
Asia Bar + Kitchen is located at the ground floor too, if you don't feel like going anywhere or too tired after shopping. You can get your meal here. It is also right beside the outdoor lounge.
I'm not kidding when I say walking distance from the hotel to MBK shopping mall. This is facing me opposite of the hotel when I walk out. Just so you know, MBK shopping mall sales a lot of IT stuff, something like our Low Yat Plaza but just smaller. MBK does sell apparels, a lot of inspired bags and watches. They have the famous pork snacks too. Yumz!

I really like my stay here at Holiday Inn Express, I will surely recommend this hotel when you travel to Bangkok.

889 Rama 1,
Road Wang Mai,
Pathumwan, Bangkok,
10330, Thailand.