Saturday, November 30, 2013

Avril Lavigne 'Avril Lavigne'

I have always been a fan of Avril Lavigne from the very start. This self tittle album of hers is THE BEST of all! I love  it! Of course, adding with the fact that this album is co-wrote with her hubby Chad Kroeger from Nickelback (also one of my favourite band). Awesomesause!

It seems she doesn't age at all and with her debut track from this ablum "Here's To Never Growing Up" fits her profile so well. She still freaking looks the same in her "Sk8er Boi" outfit in this video!

Thus, I have practically grew up with her and this songs just makes you not wanting to grow up.

Right after that, came the second single of the ablum "Rock N Roll". The songs prove that this pop rock princess can still rock, yeah! 

I love this video too, is the funniest video that she have been in. Especially the 'Bearshark' part LOL

Well, you can missed out on having a co-writer and not having to have a duet with them. "Let Me Go" features her hubby in this sad song. Can you feel the irony in it?

As I have said, I'm a big fan of Avril, I have been to 2 of her concerts when she came to Malaysia and rocked hard. I don't know why but every time a new album of hers launched, it always seems to be in a good timing.

Each of her albums speaks to me on a personal level. I'm sure this happens to everyone who loves music. Cos music touches everyone's emotions. Other than the fun and happier songs in this album like "17", "Sippin' on Sunshine", "Bitchin' Summer". The mature darker rebellious songs speaks to me more, for instance "Bad Girl" featuring Marilyn Manson! You can't get any dirtier with rock! I can't wait for the video. "Give You What You Like", "Hello Heartache", "Falling Fast" and "Hush Hush" shows that she hasn't lose her touch on more sentimental songs.

I really LOVE this album a lot! This is by far the best album she had produced! Well done, Avril!

A loyal fan