Monday, February 27, 2012

Typica Cafe

Typica Cafe is definitely a place for serious coffee lovers. Of course, non-coffee lovers or just plain coffee lovers are welcome to explore this place.
I'm not a serious coffee lovers but I do consume coffee now and then and *ahem* for those sleepy days at work. A friend of mine, recommended Typica Cafe to me and I'm very curious to find out what the place has installed. 

Last last Saturday, I pay a visit to Typica Cafe. Making sure I have just a light breakfast, I was excited to head to Typica Cafe. It's small and authentic cafe located at the corner of Shaw Parade. Why authentic? They have a lot of wooden furnitures and the tables particularly caught my attention because they use secondary-school-wooden-tables. *Nostalgic* 
One part of the cafe
Typica Cafe has a strong base of customer, I saw some regular customers coming in just to have a cup of their favourite coffee.
Full house
Even though the place is small but it's full. This place  is not a typical coffee shop nor those franchise coffee place. This place is unique in it's own way. It's because they have two special ways to brew your coffee and they have a variety of winning coffee beans for your choice. 

For hot coffee, they have Siphon brewing and for ice coffee, they have Ice Drip brewing. Interesting enough for you?
Siphon Coffee: Basically uses a siphon/vacuum coffee butane burner to brew your coffee and once the coffee is almost done, the other end of the vessel will start to vacuum/pull the brewed coffee into it. 
I'm not a good interpretor for the ways on how Siphon Coffee is made, you may check out here for more detail information. 
Siphon Coffee Makers
Ice Drip Coffee: Uses an Ice Tower Brewer to evenly distribute ground coffees and water with drips of melted ice water. Resulted you have diluted coffee.
You may check out more detail information on Ice Drip Coffee.
More science-lab look alike coffee makers
Alright, enough for those coffee jabbering, let's move on to the tasting. Ordered a Siphon Coffee and their Ice Coffee (non-Ice Drip one).

The Siphonist is very professional and always have a great smile. She takes you from smelling the raw coffee beans of your choice to teaching you how to drink your coffee.
Choices of coffee beans - Indonesia Luwak Coffee and Malaysia Chamek Liberica Coffee
For the Siphon Coffee, I have chosen the Columbia Coffee Beans. It's one of the winning coffee beans. They really brought the coffee beans for Coffee Beans Competition and Columbia Coffee Beans is always the winner.

As you can see from the picture above, they have the world best and most expensive Indonesia Luwak Coffee for your choice of coffee as well. Other than that, they do have non-exotic coffee but premium coffee such as Blue Mountain. 
Other types of coffee beans
Columbia Coffee Beans
Once you have chosen your coffee beans, the Siphonist will pour out the bottle of coffee bean out into a plate for you to have a smell of the raw coffee beans. When the plate was held in front of me, the smell of coffee beans is so fragrant. Just smelling it makes me feel so awake.

The Siphonist allows you have a bite of the coffee beans. Yes, you can eat it raw! I never knew you can do that. Always thought it was all for smelling only.
Grounded Columbia Coffee
After the smelling process, the Siphonist will ground the coffee beans. Once again, she will allow you to smell the grounded coffee. The fragrant of the coffee is much stronger after it has been grounded.

Brewed Siphon Columbia Coffee
The Siphonist will then brew your coffee from the Siphon Coffee Maker and serve you with a piece of biscuit.

The taste of the coffee is nothing that I have ever tasted before. It looks like an Espresso but it taste nothing like it. It doesn't have the overpowering 'kick' and the after taste in your mouth last quite long.

The coffee flavour will change according to the temperature. The longer you cool it, the taste of the coffee changes. Depending on your liking you can sip it slowly or drink it and leave it in your mouth for awhile then swallow. Either way the taste and experience will be different.
Ice Coffee with Green Tea and fresh milk
This is yumz... the Green Tea is very refreshing and the coffee is flavourful as well. The Coffee and Green Tea combination is very soothing in your mouth. 

Other than coffee, Typica Cafe do serve desserts.
Looking at the desserts just makes me happy. They have a lot of variety of cakes which you can't really find it else where. I felt like ordering each of the cakes at once to try it all out LOL!
Chocolate Cake
This is THE BEST Chocolate Cake I have ever tasted in my life! Do you know usually Chocolate Cakes are either too sweet, too chocolatey, too dry, too moist blah blah blah... but but but... this is NOT sweet at all! The chocolate taste like Dark Chocolate and the moisture of the cake is just nice!

Having it together with the Ice Coffee Green Tea is just Heaven! Urgghh... looking at the pictures makes me want to have more of it!

This place is really a hidden gem for coffee lovers. I'll definitely will visit more for relaxation. Imagine on a raining afternoon, sipping a cup of premium coffee, snacking on heavenly desserts while reading a book or hanging out with your friends. Now! This is life!

Shaw Parade,
Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21450328

Monday, February 20, 2012

Songs That I Have Been Fond For Quite Some Time

Phew...! February has been crazy for me! So much have happened, so little time to blog about. I also need some time to compile my thoughts, feelings and A LOT of pictures! Am trying to make up the lack of blogging in January too. I promise more good stuff will be coming very soon.

Lately, there haven't been any songs that could stuck in my head much and I've been re-capturing some songs that I do like and still listen to. I think most of the songs I re-cap are UK songs. UK songs are really gives a different vibe or probably is just me because I had spent one of the best time of my life there. Keep listening to UK Top 40 Chart when I was there. Here's for the share.

Example - Change The Way You Kiss Me

This song gaves the best pump up energy to start your day. A little rock and a lot of club mix? *BOMB* They are a great band too.

Quadron - Slippin

I do reckon I have a wide taste for music but this electronic soul that caught my attention is the first. You'll get hooked after you listen to it. *No Kidding*

Adele - Chasing Pavements

Congratulations to Adele for getting owning 6 Grammy Awards! Happy for her and she DO deserve them. Her 21 album has been the best album of the year for me (last year). Well done! Though, this song is still the best song of her for me, help me gone through some tough times.

Jay Park - Star

Yup! Jay Park is back! The song, the video, the dance moves, the charming smile and the abs... says it all! I'm not going to say this is a good come back but he's been gone for quite some time (too long) after he left his previous Korean group - 2 P.M. It's nice to have something new from him.

The Saturdays - Higher

A good typical UK pop song that you can't get rid of in your head. Sometimes, you do need to blend with the pop culture to have happy feelings. LOL

Kings of Leon - Use Somebody

Classic, you will love it no matter how many times you listen to it or how long you have not been listening to, it will still be LOVE 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Clever White One Step Teeth Whitening Kit

I have been wanting to write the review of this for a really long time but it's either me being very busy or when I have to time to blog, I'll blog other stuff rather than this #bloggerfail So, here it is a very-long-awaited-no-heart-to-blog-review.

For coffee lovers, tea lovers or even smokers (NOT encouraging), we all tend to get tainted teeth after overdosing on caffeine or any other factors. Our teeth get tainted so much that even the most expensive or self-claim whitening toothpaste can't even whiten them FOL.

Of course you will tried ways to get your teeth whiten. My brother tried eating green apples and whitening chewing gum everyday. It did made his teeth whiter than ever but it's very hard to maintain. You'll get bored after doing it for a month for every SINGLE day!

I tried looking for dentist to do teeth whitening but guess what? The fees for teeth whitening is over RM1000 +++ That's VERY costly, I don't think a lot of people could afford it. Most of all, the fact of going to the dental scares the hell out of most people. *Triple FOL*

One day, I was wondering around shopping malls and I walked into a SASA outlet and saw a golden pen with a white tip with some transparent liquid. I asked the SA what it was, she told me it's a whitening teeth pen. You could use it to brush on a single of your tooth which is slightly yellow-ish than others.

I was hmm.... not bad, do you have something for ALL of the teeth to be whiten at one shot? She showed me this
Clever White One Step Teeth Whitening Kit
How convenient right? A whitening kit you can get it and do it yourself IN your own comfy home. My eyes glittered up and I have to get it!

In the box, it comes with 5 pairs of transparent flexible braces pre-filled with teeth whitening gel. All you need to do is to wear it for 30 minutes for the next 5 days. Easy right?

BTW, the flexible braces is long enough to cover most of your front teeth. I mean, it make sense right? Nobody will be able to see how white the inside of your teeth...hmm...maybe only your dentist will.
The transparent flexible braces pre-filled with teeth whitening gel
The transparent flexible braces come in one size. Provided if you don't have much crocked teeth, the transparent flexible braces will fix onto your teeth really well. 

Not sure you might be able to see it in the picture, there's a layer of transparent teeth whitening gel already attach onto the braces after you tear it out from the protected strip.

Mind you that the teeth whitening gel is NOT edible. You might need to have a few trips to the toilet to spit out your saliva. If you can hold them long enough, you may just go for one or two trips to the toilet. I could hold quite long so, it's bearable for me to use it for 30 minutes.
You can see the transparent teeth whitening gel in it
Once you wear it, you'll look like this (picture below). Pardon me for the "obscene" visual. *ahem* Don't laugh at me cox you will look the same after putting on these transparent flexible braces LOL
My awesome teeth *shy*
So here's me exposing my ugly side of my teeth. You will notice that I have obvious tainted yellow-ish teeth that I'm not fond of showing.

To avoid more disturbing visuals I sum up my 5 days treatment. I did it before I sleep and after I brush my teeth. If you feel uncomfortable after using the flexible braces, you can brush your teeth after that too or else you just need to rinse it with water.
Horrible pictures of my teeth!
Can you see the difference after my second use? My teeth is already lost the obvious yellow-ish colour.

To be honest, I didn't use the kit for 5 consecutive days. I miss 2 days after my third treatment and miss another 2 days before my fourth treatment (busy and tired after a few long days). Speaking of being patience...sigh but the result turns out very satisfying. Thought I think my teeth will look brighter and whiter if I have used it continuously for 5 days.

But hey! I'm not complaining! I love my whiten teeth, it's not pricey or troublesome but you need to have the patience to do it for 5 consecutive days. I think you folks can manage that ;P
I can now smile with bright and white teeth *cue diamond sparkle*
The SA told me to lay off tea and coffee and the treatment can last for 9 freaking months! I think it's pretty awesome!

PS: Told you I had already did it for a long time already, long time but not that long, only last year before I had my beige blonde hair

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Safe House

Once again, thanks to Nuffnang, I got to watch Safe House last Wednesday night at e-Curve. In fact, this movie is so good that I watch it twice! In the cinema!

I'm not a fan of Ryan Reynolds (doesn't mean I dislike him) but after this movie, I totally change my mind on him. Man! He does know how to act! Of course, I wanted to watch the movie all because of Denzel Washington. Such a brilliant actor he is!

The storyline is simple so I'm not going to elaborate much on it, you just have to go watch it yourself. The movie mainly focus on Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) a CIA who is located at a safe house everyday to standby and 'take care' if there's any 'guest' visiting.
Matt Weston in the control room of the safe house
Matt's girlfriend, Ana Moreau (Nora Arnezeder), both of them are madly in love with each other but Ana has no idea what so ever what Matt's job really is. All of his details in life and work are all lies to cover up that he's a CIA.
The girlfriend Ana Moreau
Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) is a rogue ex-CIA who's wanted after acquiring some invaluable files and forces to turn himself into the US embassy in South Africa.
Tobin awaiting to be interrogated
He was then brought in to the safe house where Matt is located to be interrogated but soon enough the safe house was attack. Matt as the ONLY guardian of the 'guest' escape from the attack and tries to re-locate Tobin to another safe house.

Taking orders for the re-location from Matt's mentor/superior, David Barlow (Brendon Gleeson) and another official Catherine Linklater (Vera Farmiga). Matt is force to join forces in a bizarre way with Tobin to get away from whoever are hunting for Tobin and bring Tobin to a another secure location.
David Barlow the mentor/superior
Catherine Linklater (left) another CIA official
Tobin and Matt escaping
The movie does not have any special effects but gun shots, car crash, fighting scenes were all very real, very into-your-face kind. You can feel the OUCH factor, next to your ears and you can feel the pain when someone gets punch.

The whole movie will keep you at the edge of your seat and you will not be able to predict what will happen next. The twisted ending is well written and Denzel Washington plays Tobin Frost sooo well.
The hardcore ex-CIA
Highly recommend you to watch it, if you like guns, cars, Denzel, CIA, ex-CIA, brutal fights or government corruption.

Enjoy watching and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Cafe Takahashi

If you have read my previous post, I told you guys that I'm a run to try all the restaurants at Tokyo Street, Pavilion right? If you have not, please read my post on Suki-Ya, Hokkaido Santouka Ramen and En Ginza Cafe.

Now, it's the time for Cafe Takahashi. Was in the mood to try some Japanese-Western food and just headed into the restaurant.
The place has a lot of woody interior and it's bright! It's a good thing because you can see everything including the menus.. LOL My dad always complains if the restaurants has very dim lightings and it's very difficult to read the menu. I mean it's true that you WANT to read what you are ordering.
Authentic lightings
Can you spot what's on the wall? There's sample dishes sticking on the wall and they have it in front of their restaurant. Most of their signature dishes are display in front to give you a view before you step into the restaurant.
Ordered one of their signature dishes, Unagi and Egg Spaghetti. The portion is not as big as you see, it's actually the size of the plate that is big. I think for small eaters, it will be just fine for them, as for big eaters, I don't think is enough for them to full their tummy.
Unagi & Egg Spaghetti
The taste of it is delicious, I like how the egg and Unagi combines with the Unagi sauce. It's a good dish with a good tang of Unagi sauce.
Like the interior has wooden door like sections 
Another ordered dish is the Salmon and Cheese Pizza. The portion of the pizza could be finish by 1 - 2 person. It's not huge or too small.
Salmon & Cheese Pizza
The taste is so so only, Salmon is cooked but not fresh. The only thing I like about this dish is the cream they gave generously in the pizza. They don't even have the sticky long cheese when you pull out one of the slice of the pizza.

The price for the quality of the food and the portion is a bit above average. Though the place is average with a huge variety of Japanese-Western food. If you are into new adventure for your taste-buts, this is the place to be.

Lot 6.14.1B Level 6,
Pavilion KL Shopping Center,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21436454

Ash Blonde Hair & Colourful Preppy Work Wear

Remember that I blog about my Beige Blonde hair? Well, it didn't worn out fast but when the roots of my hair grows out, it's very obvious. I tried to bear with it for 2 months but when the 3rd month kicks in it's an obvious horrid.

Chinese New Year was coming around so it's time to head to the salon. I wanted to do a touch up on the roots but my Beige Blonde colour had already faded. My stylist suggest me to colour dye the whole hair and not to dye a light colour as the previous colour had dried up my hair a lot. Sadly, it's as dry as hay :( I did notice the damage it cause to my hair to my previous dye. I tried using hair mask as a conditional and it only can maintain my hair instead of improving.

I knew I was going to dye my hair before Chinese New Year so a month before that I did a hair treatment at the salon to keep it in good condition before I damage it again. I was lucky to keep my hair's condition until I re-dye it again. It was still dry but is possible to dye it. Man! Speaking of being a blonde! It's hard!

Guess what colour I dyed this time? I dyed Ash Brown colour again. I do miss my previous previous Ash Brown hair. Oh ya! and I haz fringe now! Cute?
Ash Brown Fringe with glasses
Without glasses
The colour you see above is when the sunlight hits on my hair. The colour is way tone down if there's no lighting hitting on it.

I also did a Reflexer to my hair. It's hair straightening/rebonding without straightening your hair till the ends of it. As you can see, the end of 2 inches of my hair is curl inwards. It's my original curl and the rest of the hair is straighten! I  it! It's soooo much more easy to maintain my hair. *grins* I don't have to blow dry my hair to have straight curl hair for the whole day. Totally save time and effort and most of all more time to rest hahaa....

After a week of dying my hair, it's feel not so dry anymore and mainly because I take extra care for my damage and re-damage hair. I use hair mask everyday and a leave-in conditional with hair serum everyday! Hard working right? You should be!

My hair colour faded after a week too. It faded back to my Beige Blonde colour with a hint of Ash Tea colour. Maybe I still have the Blonde base colour when I dye that's why it faded. I was unwillingly to let go of my Blonde hair and I missed my Ash Brown hair and now I have both! PERFECT! ❤ I'm calling it Ash Blonde Hair ROFL

Tired to attempt a Colourful Preppy Work Wear look and I always do like to spice up my work wear more by wearing colours or more colours to work. Everyone else's wardrobe colour are just boring! Either black or white. It feels sad or moody too if you just see TWO colours at work. If you have yet to know, wearing colours does makes you feel better even if it's at work or not.
Prep Look #1
Red Preppy Knitted Blouse: Seed
Grey sleevesless shirt: GAP
Colourful Look #2
Black blazer: P&CO.
Green blouse: Zara TRF
Penguin tail cut behind
Not sure if you are able to see it, there's a cute penguin tail cut behind the blazer. Blazers with cuts at behind essentials your body.

So, which look is better? which hair suits me more? Ash Brown hair with Medium fringe? Beige Blonde hair with fringe? Ash Blonde hair with fringe?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Sorry for the super duper overdue movie review post. Here you go, I'll cut everything short as most of you might have already watch it last month (Yes, watched it in January).
Thanks to Nuffnang again, I get to watched the premier of Contraband at e-Curve.

Thanks Nuffies!
I didn't really expect much from this movie and I don't really fancy Mark Wahlberg who acted Chris Farraday in the movie. I was actually there for the blonde Kate Beckinsale who acted as Chris' wife, Kate Farraday.
Kate Farraday (Kate Beckinsale)
It was quite disappointing because Kate Beckinsale didn't really appear much throughout the movie and only towards the end she had more scenes which involve her nearly dying. Well, at least she's still hot in Blonde.
The Farraday family, their son Micheal (Connor Hill)
In Contraband, Chris is a loving husband and good father of Micheal (Connor Hill) and they have a really close friend, Ben Foster (Sebastian Abney) who's a a brother to Chris.
Ben Foster (Sebastian Abney)
Sound all nice right? NOT! Kate's idiotic brother, Andy (Calab Landry Jones) was involve in a fail drug smuggling deal! Chris being the responsible and caring husband with his best friend, Ben stood up to rescue Andy.
Kate's idiotic brother Andy behind
Little did we know that Chris is actually a world class smuggler but he left the life-time crime behind him when he married Kate. Aww...sweet.

Andy's fail drug smuggling deal cause his friend's death and he needs to payback the lost of the drugs he fail to smuggle from the scary and fierce Tim Briggs (Giovanni Ribisi).
Tim attempts his threat to scare of Chris's family
The only way to payback the amount of lost drugs is to smuggle again but Chris was keen on not to smuggle drugs and he decides to smuggle a mini cooper car size of million dollars of counterfeit bills from Panama.
Piles of counterfeit bills to be smuggle
Chris and his crew had some bad encounters during his smuggling journey and ended him up dealing with a crazy bad drug-runner, Gonzalo (Diego Luna) which involve him in a robbery.
Checking out newly printed counterfeit bills
The crazy Gonzalo
It's an happy ending where Chris get to save his family, frame some bad guys, avenge on Ben who betrayed him all this time and got himself a big fortune.

Honestly, I didn't know that being a smuggler needs to be so smart, careful and bravery to get a smuggling deal done. It's dangerous as well and does takes their own lives at stake. Not encouraging one to be a smuggler. Just very surprise that it takes so much effort for one to smuggle.