Friday, February 3, 2012

Ash Blonde Hair & Colourful Preppy Work Wear

Remember that I blog about my Beige Blonde hair? Well, it didn't worn out fast but when the roots of my hair grows out, it's very obvious. I tried to bear with it for 2 months but when the 3rd month kicks in it's an obvious horrid.

Chinese New Year was coming around so it's time to head to the salon. I wanted to do a touch up on the roots but my Beige Blonde colour had already faded. My stylist suggest me to colour dye the whole hair and not to dye a light colour as the previous colour had dried up my hair a lot. Sadly, it's as dry as hay :( I did notice the damage it cause to my hair to my previous dye. I tried using hair mask as a conditional and it only can maintain my hair instead of improving.

I knew I was going to dye my hair before Chinese New Year so a month before that I did a hair treatment at the salon to keep it in good condition before I damage it again. I was lucky to keep my hair's condition until I re-dye it again. It was still dry but is possible to dye it. Man! Speaking of being a blonde! It's hard!

Guess what colour I dyed this time? I dyed Ash Brown colour again. I do miss my previous previous Ash Brown hair. Oh ya! and I haz fringe now! Cute?
Ash Brown Fringe with glasses
Without glasses
The colour you see above is when the sunlight hits on my hair. The colour is way tone down if there's no lighting hitting on it.

I also did a Reflexer to my hair. It's hair straightening/rebonding without straightening your hair till the ends of it. As you can see, the end of 2 inches of my hair is curl inwards. It's my original curl and the rest of the hair is straighten! I  it! It's soooo much more easy to maintain my hair. *grins* I don't have to blow dry my hair to have straight curl hair for the whole day. Totally save time and effort and most of all more time to rest hahaa....

After a week of dying my hair, it's feel not so dry anymore and mainly because I take extra care for my damage and re-damage hair. I use hair mask everyday and a leave-in conditional with hair serum everyday! Hard working right? You should be!

My hair colour faded after a week too. It faded back to my Beige Blonde colour with a hint of Ash Tea colour. Maybe I still have the Blonde base colour when I dye that's why it faded. I was unwillingly to let go of my Blonde hair and I missed my Ash Brown hair and now I have both! PERFECT! ❤ I'm calling it Ash Blonde Hair ROFL

Tired to attempt a Colourful Preppy Work Wear look and I always do like to spice up my work wear more by wearing colours or more colours to work. Everyone else's wardrobe colour are just boring! Either black or white. It feels sad or moody too if you just see TWO colours at work. If you have yet to know, wearing colours does makes you feel better even if it's at work or not.
Prep Look #1
Red Preppy Knitted Blouse: Seed
Grey sleevesless shirt: GAP
Colourful Look #2
Black blazer: P&CO.
Green blouse: Zara TRF
Penguin tail cut behind
Not sure if you are able to see it, there's a cute penguin tail cut behind the blazer. Blazers with cuts at behind essentials your body.

So, which look is better? which hair suits me more? Ash Brown hair with Medium fringe? Beige Blonde hair with fringe? Ash Blonde hair with fringe?

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