Thursday, August 23, 2012

Out With The Blonde In With The Red

Remember I have Ash Blonde Hair and I have been a Blonde for quite some time. So I was thinking of switching things up. If you have follow me in Instagram you probably have known I have dye my hair RED a few months ago. Yes, you got me again, it's one of those out-of-date updates. Just in case you want to know I did this in April.. shit! Time flies so fast!
Saying my last goodbye to my Ash Blonde hair, oh ya! I did grew out my hair, want to keep it long this time around and *ahem* I don't look nice in with fringe. It's pretty hard to maintain anyway. *flips hair*
Freshly dyed hair!
Guess what, I did dip dye red hair! Surprise? I was surprise myself too. The two picture above doesn't show mercy to the very bright cherry red colour of my hair.
Pardon this picture, I was playing around with the picture editor's border templates. 
Love the bright cherry red colour hair!
Dip dye red hair
At first, I thought of switching the colour but my stylist recommended that since I want to play around with colour why not do it in a bright cherry red colour. I hesitated and he suggest we could hide the bright cherry red colour if it's too bright with a dark purple with red base.
Initially I wanted to have the Topshop Spring Summer dip dye hair ever since I went to watch the fashion show. I fell in love in it instantly but my stylist and I were afraid I might get fire from my job. So I agree to play it safe for now.

You know what I still love this Topshop dip dye hair a lot! How? Do it for my next dye?

Btw, the bright cherry red colour fade fast! It only lasted a week and my stylist told me fashion colour won't last that long. I was left with my dark purple with red base colour hair going lighter and lighter. It turns out to be a nice light strawberry pinkish red. Loving it too. The dark colour lasted till now but the bright colour has fade out and my hair has return to blonde.
You still can see shades of red in it
I'm loving this colour switch. What do you think? Blonde or red head? The downside is that the colour doesn't last long enough. Though for me my hair turn back to the blonde I used to have with shades of redness. Hmm... I'm starting to believe my nature hair colour is the blonde colour. LOL

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

許留山 Hui Lau Shan

I have gotten the chance to try out 許留山 Hui Lau Shan dessert place a couple weekends ago which everyone is raving about. People tend to go highs and lows, just to grab a bite of this Hong Kong dessert place. Who can resist a new dessert place in town right?

Let's start with one of the ingredient that they are famous of - MANGO! Drooling already?
I don't remember the name of this mango dessert but I can tell you everything you see and eat is all made of mangoes. There's the mango sause, mango bits, mango ice-cream and mango pudding. Crazy right? This is one that I like having.
杨枝金露 Mango Pomelo Dessert
Apparently most of the dessert they serve here are mostly made of mango. 杨枝金露 Mango Pomelo Dessert is one of the must have dessert if you go to Hong Kong. Of course, we can't forget to order this and we did. Too bad, it turns out just normal for me. It's a bit disappointment for me because I really like this dessert when I went to Hong Kong.
Mango Romance
If you are a first timer who want to try everything in one shoot, you can try ordering the Mango Romance. It has all of the famous dessert which contain mango (duh!) but made it differently. From left, Mango Mochi, Mango ice-cream with mango bits and mango dessert with glutinous rice (汤圆).
You can't walk away before giving a try with some Hong Kong local food. You got to try the curry fish balls!  It's delicious! Most of all, it's not too spicy for me. Yup, you heard me not too spicy! It's just like Japanese curry but it's not sweet with mild of spiciness. 
Curry Fish Balls
It's tasty and I do reckon you try this. I wanted to try their Swiss Chicken Wings but don't think I can eat that much, after all it's dessert time only!

許留山 Hui Lau Shan definitely has more desserts to choose from. You can check out their Facebook page. Or you can go drop by to check it out yourself.

Btw, the outlet I went to is in Pavilion. They do have other outlets which is not in KL but do go there on non peak hours because it will have a long queue.

Honestly for me, this place do serve Hong Kong dessert but if you have tried the real deal, it's nothing compare to those in Hong Kong. Oh well the place is not much of a 'hu-ha' but I go back to try out their other desserts, maybe those non mango desserts? The snacks or small bites are worth the try though.