Friday, March 29, 2013

Hazelnut Chocolate Hair

Hey guys, I'm back with hair updates. I will keep this short becox I'm already very tired but I feel like updating you guys before I sleep.

Remember I didn't know what other colours I can dye on my hair after my Ash Green Hair? Well, well, well, we are going back to basics. Going back to dark colours =D

Before showing you pictures of myself with the then new hair colour (I dyed my hair before CNY), here's how the Ash Green colour had faded and my roots are obviously coming out! 
Spot black roots
Faded colour
Tadah! There you go, my then *blogger failed* new Hazelnut Chocolate Hair! Nice or not? I didn't know getting back to basics can be this fun too. I love it!
Don't know if you notice but when lights hits my hair, there's still hints of Ash Green popping out. It's really very nice! I don't know why but the lighting doesn't do my hair colour justice, it's actually has a darker shade but the camera doesn't picks up the colour properly.
Darker colour tends to fade slower. This is a month after I dyed my hair, the colour had faded but it's not a big difference or obvious. Still looks very new and nice =D
I don't know why but my hair grows out fast. It's good news thought because I can keep changing more hair colour and hair style LOL. I did a trim last weekend and this is how the colour faded to. Faded to a light chocolate brown. Nice also hehe... *Tunic Sweater is from Uniqlo*

I also realize that if you bleach your hair, whatever colour, even dark colours you dye on, will comes out 95% of the colour that you want. Even if you don't bleach your hair, previously you dyed a light colour, the next colour picks up better too. You will still get 85% of the exact colour you want. Then when the colour starts to fade, you get different hair colours in 1 dye! Cool!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Random MIA Updates

Oh wow! February has already slipped away from me this fast. I hope someone misses me in the blogsphere LOL... Kidding but really, nobody miss me?

Oh well, moving on. I was drown with work before, during and after Chinese New Year and with the festive around, I was busy catching up with family and friends. I didn't even rest that much during the holidays. Though it is very good to be home and spend really quality time with family and friends. I enjoyed my time being back at home.

I know I didn't blog last month and this month I start off with such boring entry but please do be patient. I do have lots to blog about. Is just that my blogging life can't really keep up with my real life. Sigh.

Another reason that I didn't blog much because it seems that my life is all over the place. I don't have any directions or goals to achieve this year compared to last year. It's like an pointless dead end. Last year I made really specific goals and I achieved most of them. Maybe because I'm tired of setting goals and trying very hard to achieve them? That my battery has run out? Or maybe I'm too hard on myself? But I can't be lay back this year, it will be wasted. I was having either blank thoughts or negative thoughts. That's why I didn't want to blog. I don't want to project negetivity out here.

I'm keeping my life back on track a bit now. So no worries but I still need goals or at least some direction to go through this year. Suggestions? It's late now, I just want to drop by and say hi. Till my next entry, nitez peeps!
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