Thursday, November 22, 2012

Random Updates

It's already nearing end of November. I know, I know, I haven't been updating much. Honestly, becareful what you wish for. At the end of October, I made a wish. I wish that November pass quickly and welcome December hurrily. Cox December is Xmas time and Xmas is my favourite occation! Feeling excited already.

Guess what? It did came true. I look at the date on Monday and it's already way pass middle of November and I didn't realise it. TIME! Y U NO GIVE ME CHANCE TO BREATH?!

Most of the time I am busy with work. If I have my days off, I will either end up running errands or chores or busy physically sociallizing with real friends. I needed the get out and chill out sessions with friends.

I apologized again for my absence, just in case anyone miss me or wondering where I have been. I promise to blog more than one post the moment I can get my hands and brain and TIME! to blog.

Seriously, do you like me blogging every now and then or blog a few posts in the same day? If I can I think I perfer to post as many as possible LOL

PS: I do have exciting post to blog around, such as Big Bang concert (OMG!) and if you have been following my Instagram, you should know I have a new hair colour ;)

Ending with showing you guys a preview of my not so glamourous hair.