Monday, June 27, 2011


Yes! 26-06-2011 is the day finally my age catches up with my birth date! Yes! You are right! I'm that old!

Although for me I don't think I'm old. I just consider myself as MATURE ROFL!

It's true that when you were young you want to grow older the faster the better. When I was nearing my 20's I feel like I felt like I'm freaking damn old already.

When I'm almost nearing early mid-life-crisis. I totally want to freak myself out! When I was in my mid-life-crisis, I was quite emo-ish about my age.

For now, I already gave up on freaking out at my age and I won't stop figthing against aging. Why fight it when you can embrace every moment of it?

I really grew a lot for the last 2-3 years. Everything changes so fast! I can only sometimes pause awhile and breath. I learnt a lot too. Felt I'm no longer a kid anymore. Much responsiblity to be taken on and so on and so on. It may seem sucky to handle it but it's a pleasure too to be able to handle responsibility.

I love myself more and love my family and friends more.

This year's birthday was nothing I have plan about. It's been very warm and fill with surprises.

Had a lot of quality time with family. Had really few personal unexpected birthday wishes.

Of course what's a birthday without spoiling yourself on food and presents, right? LOL

Good night world! I had a warm, touching, sweet, happy and an enjoyable birthday.

I felt appreciate and cherish. Love everyone! <3

Happy birthday to me XD
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blue week with an ending touch

These are the word that I want to scream out for the whole Damn week and there will be more to go.

I have already set my mind to not be so freaking negative all the time, I think this change of mind set has a limit. Felt like screaming out for help but was unable to even I were to scream out, I don't know who or what to scream out! It'a so frustrating but yet there's nothing to be done. Feel like going away but things won't be better anyhow.

Guess, being in situations like this is call FYL moments. It bloody helps you grow stronger, tougher and wiser. I definately did cry for moments like these but it's really is physical chemistry that is taking place. Your body is tired too and your mind. Crying is some what able to release the tension within.

Even though how tough things are. There will always be a bright side at the end. Or if it's not the end yet, at least by the end of the day. There's always something to light it up. Even the whole week sucks and I lost my last weekend. I also became anti-social (physically & virtually FML). I wasn't able to have some 'ME' time or even sleep! Wasn't able to update my Facebook (not to say I always do but when I want to I was not able to FML), blog and some what. Some how at some point of the rough day, there's just small things that able to lighten me up and I'm grateful for it.

Oh well, it's time to continue the nightmare.
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Perfect Little Reddish Devil

Hoorraayyy!!! Finally I get to own a pair of Christian Louboutin's signature RED SOLE shoe!

Isn't it a Reddish Devil?
 I called it Reddish Devil cos it's just red underneath and it's just shy to come out and play *shy* *reddish cheeks* Get it? *cough* *lame*

Thought my dream Christian Louboutin shoe is this:
Spiky Devil
I fell in to deep ♥ with it the very fragile moment I lay my eyes on it! I Almost want to faint on the spot! *can't breath* 

To spare your tension on where I get it? how I get it? How much I get it for? I would like to announce..... YOU JUST GOT PUNK! Get it either? *super lame* You can hate me but I will be sad if you do.

I didn't get myself a Christian Louboutin shoe, I'm not that filthy rich. Although I wish I could. *day dreaming* 

*SLAP* *Wake from day dream* Coming back to reality, I actually got myself a pair of Christian-Louboutin-Look-A-Like signature shoe.

My Perfect Little Reddish Devil
Isn't it a perfect devil? It has a black patent skin with RED SOLE and a touch of leopard print inner sole. *meow* *Leopard is shy to come out and play too*

I just have to get it when saw it on the retail! I was suppose to not shop for this month and I end up breaking my shopping feast FML! I JUST HAVE TO GET IT ♥ My normal shopping routine is if I saw something pretty I will check the price and see there's any sale. If the price, quality and brand is within my budget, I will get it on the spot, cos if you wait for sale, you probably won't get your size or the color that you want or worst SOLD OUT! I have thousands of regret-why-don't-you-get-it-at-first-moments! Unless is something I saw and ♥ it on the spot I will just go get it. Is like those shine-spotlight-on-item-with-aahhh-echo-moments where it's just too perfect you get to get it! This Perfect Little Reddish Devil gave me that and just can't stop my hands from reaching into my bag to get my credit card and pay for it.

I was superbly happy with the damage that I had done to my wallet but still it's worth it! The moment I reach home, I just try it on and walk around my house! Suddenly, I saw this 30% voucher laying on my desk. I pick it up and realize I could get my Perfect Little Reddish Devil with 30% discount off! FML! Well, it's suppose to be a birthday voucher so I guess I have to continue with my shopping feast next month.

More shopping to be done or take it as self-birthday-present. What a way to start my birthday month! Already happy at the beginning of the month! XD

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Slimming in a better way

I can't say slimming in beauty centers are a healthier way but I guess in beauty centers, it's more aid for those uber hard spots to slim down which work out can't do it in a slightly faster way.

I have been working out lately but still I have plenty of orange peel and cellulite FML Uber uber uber hard to get rid during work out, so I would like some help from beauty centers.

With amazing deals like this who is there to resist?

Milk a deal is having this deal from Beyond Beauty!

For only RM68 we get to get rid of the unwanted orange peel and also cellulite! unFML!

I have tried Beyond Beauty's first trial facial before and it's just normal for me but their service is top. I've been to other beauty centers for facial before they do give good service but not as top as Beyond Beauty. They totally professional! 

They do offer a wide range of slimming treatments which is quite impressive for me. OH! Wait! The deal is open for MEN too. So for all those MEN that want to look great too, don't feel shy dropping by.
Radiofrequency Slim Spot Trim + Reshaping Rub & Wrap Therapy helps on these:

Focus slimming on unwanted FAT spot
Reduce water retention
Reduce cellulite
Detoxifies and tones tissues
Smooth skin
Softens stretch marks

So why wait? Just buy the coupon and make reservations on the available 6 locations!


 Don't you think is awesome?! I do! Will be going to try it out and giving updates on it.