Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blue week with an ending touch

These are the word that I want to scream out for the whole Damn week and there will be more to go.

I have already set my mind to not be so freaking negative all the time, I think this change of mind set has a limit. Felt like screaming out for help but was unable to even I were to scream out, I don't know who or what to scream out! It'a so frustrating but yet there's nothing to be done. Feel like going away but things won't be better anyhow.

Guess, being in situations like this is call FYL moments. It bloody helps you grow stronger, tougher and wiser. I definately did cry for moments like these but it's really is physical chemistry that is taking place. Your body is tired too and your mind. Crying is some what able to release the tension within.

Even though how tough things are. There will always be a bright side at the end. Or if it's not the end yet, at least by the end of the day. There's always something to light it up. Even the whole week sucks and I lost my last weekend. I also became anti-social (physically & virtually FML). I wasn't able to have some 'ME' time or even sleep! Wasn't able to update my Facebook (not to say I always do but when I want to I was not able to FML), blog and some what. Some how at some point of the rough day, there's just small things that able to lighten me up and I'm grateful for it.

Oh well, it's time to continue the nightmare.
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