Monday, June 27, 2011


Yes! 26-06-2011 is the day finally my age catches up with my birth date! Yes! You are right! I'm that old!

Although for me I don't think I'm old. I just consider myself as MATURE ROFL!

It's true that when you were young you want to grow older the faster the better. When I was nearing my 20's I feel like I felt like I'm freaking damn old already.

When I'm almost nearing early mid-life-crisis. I totally want to freak myself out! When I was in my mid-life-crisis, I was quite emo-ish about my age.

For now, I already gave up on freaking out at my age and I won't stop figthing against aging. Why fight it when you can embrace every moment of it?

I really grew a lot for the last 2-3 years. Everything changes so fast! I can only sometimes pause awhile and breath. I learnt a lot too. Felt I'm no longer a kid anymore. Much responsiblity to be taken on and so on and so on. It may seem sucky to handle it but it's a pleasure too to be able to handle responsibility.

I love myself more and love my family and friends more.

This year's birthday was nothing I have plan about. It's been very warm and fill with surprises.

Had a lot of quality time with family. Had really few personal unexpected birthday wishes.

Of course what's a birthday without spoiling yourself on food and presents, right? LOL

Good night world! I had a warm, touching, sweet, happy and an enjoyable birthday.

I felt appreciate and cherish. Love everyone! <3

Happy birthday to me XD
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