Thursday, January 31, 2013

Results of FINE Hyaluron & Collagen

Today I have completed my can of FINE Hyaluron & Collagen! This will be a short and quick post because I'm not feeling very well but still want to share with you guys the result of me consuming exactly a month of collagen.

These are the changes I notice on my skin after consuming the collagen.
Better nails
Can you see how shiny my nails look? I didn't even need to paint any nail polish. My nails used to look quite dull and not shiny at all. Now it looks like a natural French Manicure :D
See the dots of scars which I got from my allergy. It actually look a lot worst 2 months ago (it used to be very red and looks like bee stinks) and I only start drinking collagen a month ago. So it shows how damn slow my scar recovery is. This picture was taken on the 3rd week of consuming collagen.
This picture is taken yesterday, the fifth week of consuming collagen is the third last day of drinking collagen. The dots of scars has lighten a lot! You can barely see some of it too. Yeah ^.^V My skin does not feel too sensitive either. Less redness and itchiness when they disagree with me.
Of course most of all how does my face look like now?! Fairer, very less acne, scar recovery level has gone up and most of ALL my skin is not flaky anymore! The acne scar on my chin has disappear too compare to a few weeks ago.

My skin colouration has turn better too. Notice the slight redness on my cheeks? Makes me look heather and younger looking *shy* 

Do you know what does this means? It means that my skin is finally have quite the right amount of hydration. When your skin has enough of H2O, your skin will repairs scars faster, your skin feels supple, clearer and firmer too.

If you have already read my Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye, you will notice even I have panda eyes but the fine lines are not so visible and honestly, I was not using any eye products for a month before two days ago. I'm not sure is it the collagen that could maintain the fine lines being not so visible or I already have good under eye skin? Nah... I guess I'll credit the collagen LOL

I shall continue drinking collagen to remain un-age *hopefully* Nights peeps! Need my beauty sleep, sleeping early is one of the beauty secret too ;)


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  2. Hi Mich,

    I've just started consuming the collagen powder today. The spoon states 15cc, but direction says 7g per day. If im not mistaken 15cc = 15g. Did u take a full spoon or half a spoon?


    1. Hi Queenie,

      I take a full spoon adding it to my coffee or hot chocolate every morning.

      Let me know after you tried it :)

  3. Hi Mich,

    Hyaluron & Collagen is truly effective. My concern was I have a dark circle under my eyes now it's fairer. I'm awaiting for the premium hyaluron & collagen with Q10 soon be available here in Manila, Phils.

    1. Hi Maraj,

      Oh wow! I did know that the Hyaluron & Collagen takes effect on dark circles too! That's something I need notice from now on. Thanks for the info!

  4. wahhh... wanna to try the repack. more cheaper than sell in can.