Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dressy Work Wear

Recently been wanting to doll up even for work. It just makes you feel better and more confident even you have a tough day at work.

I'm tired of wearing high heels all the time and it hurts my feet a lot. So, I switch to wearing quite formal but pretty flats.

A close up on the blouse. It has ruffles and it's a zip up. Picture above is my actual Beige Blonde hair colour when expose to very clear lightings.

Long cardigan - Taiwan
White chiffon blouse - Padini
Black skirt - Comma
Black lace flats - Vincci
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Mellow Mushroom Nails

Ever wonder why you pick certain nail colour on certain days?

My nail colour is always depends on my mood swings.

Been feeling very mellow-ish lately and I haven't been grooming much often too FML...

Just wanted to layback, chill at home and groom a bit.

It exactly express how I'm feeling! Just wanted pure solid colours, didn't really want to do anything fancy this time around.

Painting my nails while watching movies in front of my lappy. *relaxation max*

I'm using Barry M - Mushroom nail colour. Though it's glossiness makes it looks more like milk chocolate LOL
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Adele - 21

I'll say Adele's 21 album is the album of the year for me!

Her voice is absolutely amazing! So much soul and she's just so real.

Like what the guy said, just a piano and her voice is already beautiful music.

Personally, this album is so relatable to me in so many levels.

I weep every time I listen to most of her songs in this album.

I'm able to pick up my soul bit by bit. Thank you very much, Adele.

I regreted to listen to her album this late. Well, late is better than never :p
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Food Poisoning IS Evil!

I had food poisoning last 2 Fridays ago and I'm on vacation to Singapore for the last 5 days, so is not me being a slacker on blogging.

Food poisoning was really a pain in the a$$ (literally!!!) The diarrhea, backache, gastric and fever all came at the same time.

I feel so torture and miserable! That was my "great" weekend! So "great" that I had another "off" day.

All I did was having trips to the toilet and just lying on the bed half dead.

Food? I would rather be on drips. I can't have anything liquid. What I have from my mouth went straight out of my behind. *I'm sorry that you lose your meal half way reading*

After being torture from the sickness for 3 days, I finally got a little strenght back to get going. Solid food started to be consume-able.

My body was still very weak. The rest of the week came by so slow. Went back to work. Realize that reality and materialism is really cruel. Nobody gives a shit about you.
Luckily, I got my vacation coming up. I was quite sad and body is still adjusting the recovery.

My journey to Singapore was very smooth and I got a lot of time to re-gather some thoughts.

I always like taking a bus rather than a plane to Singapore. My aunt always ask why don't I take a plane, is so much faster.

Yes, but isn't our life is moving at a fast pace too? I would rather take my time on my journey to rest, relax, re-gain my energy and thoughts.

Is good to have that kind of quality time just by yourself. At least for me, those time is precious and I get to slow things down and see how far I had gone and to re-think am I still on the right track.

Well, more on my trip soon.

Although, I'm in recovery mode from the evil food poisoning. I can't really enjoy my gourmet in Singapore.

I need to take pre-cautions on what am I putting into my mouth. It gets quite frustrating at times.

This trip, appetite wasn't my best friend. I can't take normal portions of food and try to have comfort food for my tummy and not to stress it again.

Recovery is still in progress but no worries, I'll get back my appetite real soon.

Note to self: do not feel too happy if you get treated with food that you will not be in your food list.
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ristorante Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza

For the longest time I crave for pizza, I haven't have any pizza for a year now, I think! WOW! Don't know that's a scary thought or what. No pizza in my body for a year....hmm... speaking of diet LOL

I don't want to go for the normal pizza places, I want something new and I remember at a very corner of Food Republic at Pavilion has a new Italian pasta and pizza place. Went ahead with that thought and found it's Ristorante Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza!

Ristorante Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza's founder Mr. Masaaki Honda has an interesting history and how Ristorante Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza was founded. Yes, Mr. Masaaki Honda is a Japanese who founded an Italian pasta and pizza place. It's interesting!

Look how far Ristorante Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza has conquered!
Let's move to the food pizza... *slurp* 
Capricciosa yumzzzz
I ordered Marinara Pizza but they mistakenly took the wrong order and gave me Capricciosa LOL! It's alright it's just an honest mistake. Though it's a good choice! What not best to try out than their Chief's Favorite right? 

The aroma of beef bacan and beef pepperoni.. AHHH... perfect when they melts with the cheese in your mouth.

The portion is not too big or too small, nice for 2 or 3 for those small eaters. Though it's so good that I could  gobbler it all up just by myself if I didn't order the soup (which was no regrets either).
Italian Vegetable and Meat Soup
The creamy mix vegetables and meat are to die for! I just love the flavor and texture of the soup. I don't really like watery or starchy soup. This is CREAMY~~~~ 

Ristorante Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza has a variety of food... not just food but Italian food. Honestly, I do say that Ristorante Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza's food do remind me of the food that I had in Italy.

Check out their menu and I'll definitely try their Fresh Pasta on my next visit. Yes! They do have handmade fresh pasta DAILY!!!!!
Ristorante Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza Sunway Pyramid
Lot OB3.LG2.2, Oasis Boulevard
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
Tel: 603-74920513

Ristorante Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza Pavilion
Lot 1.52.00, Level 1,
Pavilion KL Shopping Mall
Tel: 603-21410517

Monday, October 10, 2011

Wong Fu Productions X Wang Lee Hom - Still In Love With You 依然愛你

It's been quite some time now that I wanted to blog about Wong Fu Productions. There's just so many other super duper overdue post that I couldn't squeeze them in.

To cut the crap, let's begin with Wong Fu Productions. I can't say that I'm a DAY ONE fan but I can dare say that I'm a fan from the beginning of Wong Fu Productions. I dare to say that I watch ALL (again, ALL) of their videos. 

If you do not know who are Wong Fu Productions, it is made from 3 guys - Philip, Wesley and Ted who work hard for their passion and making their dreams come true. They create, direct and write their own short films and music videos.

Their videos started to bloom after Just A Nice Guy, a mini episodes had been produced.

I always like their ideas and supported them. I also like how they collaborate with other Asians Americans in the States. No offence or anything but just feel they are very proud to be Asians there.

My weekends will never be perfect without watch Wong Fu Weekends. This is the latest Wong Fu Weekends showing the ISA festival which they had put up.
There's so many artist! Can't wait to watch next week's Wong Fu Weekends in SEOUL! Hope to see Jay Park's performance!

One thing I love most about Wong Fu Productions is their mini stories, like this one.
Always very touching and inspiring!

Now after their hard work they are collaborating with WANG LEE HOM!!!!! One of my favorite mandarin singer! *ahem... I always tell people that Lee Hom is my husband wtf!* Unbelievable!

Guess what?!!! They are part of the production team for his latest single - Still In Love With You 依然愛你!!!!! *scream out loud*

What more can you ask for?!!!! I'm just very happy to grow with them and witnessing their success!

Good Job Wong Fu Productions! Gambateh!

I'm also very happy for Wang Lee Hom's latest ablum! It's already a success! <333333

If you want to know more about behind the scene for this music video you can check out their website and Wong Fu Productions' Channel.

PS: Thank you very much to Philip, Wesley and Ted for always inspiring me and whenever I'm unhappy or lonely, you guys just makes me feel warm. Love you guys! <33333333333

Monday, October 3, 2011

Achievable Korea Style

Aarrgg... busy busy busy busy busy is what I have been up too for 4 weeks! I can't breath! Though, I'll try to take small breaks. Today's small break is watching Lady's First (女人我最大) latest fashion and beauty trends. 

I do watch a lot of Lady's First to improve on skin care regime and fashion trends. I've been following some Japanese and Korean trends. I find this episode has really good and clear tips and comparison of Japanese, Korean and US's looks.

*Videos are courtesy of powerapple01 from YouTube.

Time to get back to work, enjoy watching! Hope I could achieve what I have learn today!

PS: Sorry for those who doesn't understand Mandarin, but I guess watching the before and after, you'll get to know how things works!