Monday, October 17, 2011

Food Poisoning IS Evil!

I had food poisoning last 2 Fridays ago and I'm on vacation to Singapore for the last 5 days, so is not me being a slacker on blogging.

Food poisoning was really a pain in the a$$ (literally!!!) The diarrhea, backache, gastric and fever all came at the same time.

I feel so torture and miserable! That was my "great" weekend! So "great" that I had another "off" day.

All I did was having trips to the toilet and just lying on the bed half dead.

Food? I would rather be on drips. I can't have anything liquid. What I have from my mouth went straight out of my behind. *I'm sorry that you lose your meal half way reading*

After being torture from the sickness for 3 days, I finally got a little strenght back to get going. Solid food started to be consume-able.

My body was still very weak. The rest of the week came by so slow. Went back to work. Realize that reality and materialism is really cruel. Nobody gives a shit about you.
Luckily, I got my vacation coming up. I was quite sad and body is still adjusting the recovery.

My journey to Singapore was very smooth and I got a lot of time to re-gather some thoughts.

I always like taking a bus rather than a plane to Singapore. My aunt always ask why don't I take a plane, is so much faster.

Yes, but isn't our life is moving at a fast pace too? I would rather take my time on my journey to rest, relax, re-gain my energy and thoughts.

Is good to have that kind of quality time just by yourself. At least for me, those time is precious and I get to slow things down and see how far I had gone and to re-think am I still on the right track.

Well, more on my trip soon.

Although, I'm in recovery mode from the evil food poisoning. I can't really enjoy my gourmet in Singapore.

I need to take pre-cautions on what am I putting into my mouth. It gets quite frustrating at times.

This trip, appetite wasn't my best friend. I can't take normal portions of food and try to have comfort food for my tummy and not to stress it again.

Recovery is still in progress but no worries, I'll get back my appetite real soon.

Note to self: do not feel too happy if you get treated with food that you will not be in your food list.
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