Monday, October 10, 2011

Wong Fu Productions X Wang Lee Hom - Still In Love With You 依然愛你

It's been quite some time now that I wanted to blog about Wong Fu Productions. There's just so many other super duper overdue post that I couldn't squeeze them in.

To cut the crap, let's begin with Wong Fu Productions. I can't say that I'm a DAY ONE fan but I can dare say that I'm a fan from the beginning of Wong Fu Productions. I dare to say that I watch ALL (again, ALL) of their videos. 

If you do not know who are Wong Fu Productions, it is made from 3 guys - Philip, Wesley and Ted who work hard for their passion and making their dreams come true. They create, direct and write their own short films and music videos.

Their videos started to bloom after Just A Nice Guy, a mini episodes had been produced.

I always like their ideas and supported them. I also like how they collaborate with other Asians Americans in the States. No offence or anything but just feel they are very proud to be Asians there.

My weekends will never be perfect without watch Wong Fu Weekends. This is the latest Wong Fu Weekends showing the ISA festival which they had put up.
There's so many artist! Can't wait to watch next week's Wong Fu Weekends in SEOUL! Hope to see Jay Park's performance!

One thing I love most about Wong Fu Productions is their mini stories, like this one.
Always very touching and inspiring!

Now after their hard work they are collaborating with WANG LEE HOM!!!!! One of my favorite mandarin singer! *ahem... I always tell people that Lee Hom is my husband wtf!* Unbelievable!

Guess what?!!! They are part of the production team for his latest single - Still In Love With You 依然愛你!!!!! *scream out loud*

What more can you ask for?!!!! I'm just very happy to grow with them and witnessing their success!

Good Job Wong Fu Productions! Gambateh!

I'm also very happy for Wang Lee Hom's latest ablum! It's already a success! <333333

If you want to know more about behind the scene for this music video you can check out their website and Wong Fu Productions' Channel.

PS: Thank you very much to Philip, Wesley and Ted for always inspiring me and whenever I'm unhappy or lonely, you guys just makes me feel warm. Love you guys! <33333333333

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