Friday, July 9, 2010

Not Youth Anymore!

A month ago, a friend of mine was discussing about some telco plans. He sign up for a YOUTH package and introduce it to me, saying the package really save a lot. So, I go check out the link he sent to me and one of the conditions to sign for the package is being a YOUTH! *Thunder struck* I realize in two weeks time (then) I won't be a YOUTH anymore! FML I will be officially be label as an ADULT in two freaking weeks time! FML......

Everyone wants to grow older quickly when they were a kid and when we were adults we either want to stay at certain age or be a kid again. Ironic isn't it? We humans are like this all the time, living in irony. Anyway, I am now officially label as an ADULT now. Having real responsibilities, commitments and blah blah blah.... A friend of mine told me this:"Once you start acting your age, you will be the age that you projected." Which is true, I am now the official age of an adult but I don't really act my age. Compare to my younger years, I used to like to hang out with mature and elder friends. Cos I really like the maturity of them that I'm getting and in a sense I can learn to be an adult. But for the last two years, my crowd of friends had extended to younger age or same age of people. I was then realize that I miss out few years of my proper age stuff. I miss out on YOUTH stuff! Damnit! But mostly I missed out FUN!

I used to be a very serious person. I take everything into my responsibility. My shoulders of stones are pretty heavy that I made myself carried. Times passed and I slowly learn to let go of things and take certain things lightly. I learn not to stress myself out and learn to have more fun, enjoy life more. I mean life's really short so should make out of it more than ever!

Btw, I didn't have a cake and blowing candles for my bday this year, so it makes me not growing an year older? *evil grin* I want to stay at this age forever can? Anyhow, I don't really act my age anyway, people who first meet me will always think that I'm few years younger than my age. Maybe is my looks that gives out the younger me LOL

For people out there that are still YOUTH, here's some stuff that you should do before you got expired!
1.) Sign on telco YOUTH package! - I can't FML
2.) When go traveling, you can stay at YOUTH hostels for way way cheaper prices! - I can't FML x 2

But then come to think of, who says being an adult can't have fun? Adults can do a lot of fun stuff LEGALLY!  : P