Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mocha Short (Curl) Hair

Well, I let my hair grew out after my last visit to the hair salon. It was August that I went for my next visit to the hair salon.

I felt a bit frustrated with the sloppiness of my hair then. My curly hair grew out, it look from top wavy, towards the end of my hair were all straight. The colour had wear off too.
Can you see my frustration? Oh ya, that's my favourite hair stylist, Leslie behind me =)
I really like the basic dark colour layering on top of my previous bleach hair. The effect makes one's dark hair stands out. I also did the reflexer to cover off the waviness of my upper part head.

Leslie also styled my hair ends curl. He also taught me how to do it myself using a hair straightener, so that I can style it myself at home. Do I look good/cute/nice in this style? Do you think that having curly/wavy hair looks more mature? I'm considering getting it perm this way next time.
I did a Mocha colour this time. It's a shade darker than my Hazelnut colour. I adore this colour even more because it brings out a bit of ash tone in it.
This is a week later and the colour stays on longer. Some sharing with all of you. Darker colour hair dye will stay on longer compared to brighter colour hair dye. If you use colour care shampoo and conditioner, the colour can last longer too.

Also, this is a tip that Leslie had share with me to choose the right colour you want for the right look you are going for. People with fine hair have cooler/ash tones. People with thicker hair have warmer tones. That's why for me, the Mocha colour could brings out ashier tone. Making my look more complete. Love it! Thank you Leslie!

Fast forward 3 months later, now. My hair grow so much longer but I can't stand the weight, length and maintaining it. I was having almost serious hair fall problem. So, I decide to cut off my many layers of damage hair. CUT! Cut them short!
Pardon the blurriness of this picture, but I just want to show you the length of my hair. 

I did a laser scalp care treatment to help strengthen my hair root to easily absorb nutrition and reduce hair fall. Do you notice my hair colour did not fade much? Nice!
*Chop Chop* New short hair! Again Leslie styled the ends of my hair curl temporary. What do you think? Short curl hair better or long curl hair better?