Friday, May 18, 2012

Bangkok Hauls

I went to Bangkok, Thailand end of last month. I never been to Bangkok before and it's my first time visiting FML. I always wonder why so many people love the place so much. After visiting there, I KNOW how great of a place it is. Luckily is not too late! LOL

Here's just some sneak peak on my visiting, will be posting my trip in a few post. Shopping there will get you go crazy! CRAZY!!!!! Pictures below are just 4 hours of shopping at 2 different places! I never gone this wild for shopping.
My shopping damage!
I'll list everything in clockwise.
1.) Blue semi-sheer top - good for casual or work.
2.) Black feather necklace - for BFF
3.) Teal colour feather earrings - for myself! Imagine it's only RM9!
4.) 2 NaRaYa tissue paper holder - one for me, one for mom. NaRaYa it's a very famous brand in Thailand and it's only available there. Prices are dirty cheap too! It's less than RM4 each.
5.) Some cute key chains as souvenirs - I forgot the exact amount but it's someting like RM12 for 7.
6.) Pink teddy bear shopping bag - good for weekend shopping, saving the environment without using plastic bags, it comes with a hock, so you can hang it as a toy on your bag. There's a zip behind it, it opens up and you'll get a shopping bag and the bear will still attach like a toy on your bag! Cool? It's only RM10. OMG!
7.) Lim Zhen Hoeng Pork Biscuits - Most amazing biscuits ever!
8.) Owl print flowy T-shirt - there's a lot of local designers in Bangkok where they will design prints on T-shirt, it will be one and only design (or just a few) and for RM15, amazing price!
9.) Bedazzled white sheer blouse - this would be my favourite item out of all! Will show it when I wear it. Something similiar as this but only it's in white and the gems are at front and back too. Love it!
10.) Pinkish beige long sleeves round collar blouse - good for work or play.
11.) LBD with mesh at the top - very Topshop inspired (only not so deep V and without the embellished shoulders), only RM20 for a DRESSS......!!! *faint*
12.) Gorgeous yellow Polo Ralph Lauren insipired long sleeves shirt.
My friend's shopping damage!
I'm too lazy to list down what my friend bought but a picture is better than a million word. Nothing we bought is over RM20 for each item!

Told ya it's crazzzzzyyyy!

Monday, May 7, 2012

High Tea with Wong Fu Productions

This is a continuous post from the previous Wong Fu Productions LIVE in Malaysia post. If you have read it already (if not, please read it first), I did mention towards the end of the show, there was a "lucky draw" session for some fans to have a High Tea session with them the next day. *Ahem* I wasn't picked but before going for the show I have already been selected by Nuffnang (thanks <333) to attend a High Tea session with them.

I was pretty damn lucky, it was out of 15 people to be selected and I was one of them! I was overwhelmed and erm... I don't have to gamble my way through the "lucky draw" session.

The High Tea session was at Fullhouse Sunway Giza. I went alone with my trusted Lumix G3 and other lucky winners. I was pretty anxious, nervous and excited at the same time.
Fullhouse Sunway Giza
Will be meeting Wes and Phil up there
It's certainly a cozy place for high tea and meet up with 2/3 of Wong Fu Productions. We all waited anxiously for quite awhile and making friends at the same time. Time was passing but we still haven't seen the guys arriving yet. Later on we found out that they were stuck in jam and they were feeling a but under the weather.

I wasn't sure how long later, Wesley and Phillip arrived! Everyone was so excited and just grab their cameras and just snap, snap, snap all the way! Like paparazzi LOL
Wes and Phil arrived
It's quite obvious that both Wes and Phil look really tired, probably from jet lag, the show, interviews, the weather and now high tea.
They were firstly seated with the organizers and crew before moving around and tried to chat with ALL of us. We were advise not to grab them or kidnap them home.. kidding, but we were given advise that we should just be normal and treat them normally.
Wesley started moving around chatting with us
I was pretty surprise that a lot of the fans were very well prepared with gifts and things to sign be given to them to sign on. AND there I thought myself being a hardcore fan by watching all their videos FML!
Wesley sitting beside me
Yes! I was lucky enough that Wesley seated right beside me! This is how close I got with him! I was very nervous that I couldn't think of any question to ask him FML! All I did was taking pictures of him as much as possible.
Wesley concentrating very hard on drawing
Wong Fu Productions had a collaboration with Wang Lee Hom - Still In Love With You single. In the video, Lee Hom was holding a bottle cap with a funny face expression and it was originally drew by Wesley. One of the fans was well prepared till she collected as many bottle caps as possible and requested Wesley to doodle on them! He wasn't reluctant at all, he so cool to drew it and even asked us how was the funny face expression looked like, cute!
Wesley doodled on bottle caps
Of course with Wes sitting beside me, how could I not request a photo with him!      
 Me and Wes 
There was only such minimum of time Wes and Phil could spend with each of us. They could only stay at a spot for a few minutes. Fans were walking around, crazily taking pictures of them, giving gifts, asking for hugs, asking them questions and asking them to sign on something. I can say it was madness LOL
Phillip surrounded by the fans
Again! I was lucky enough that Phil was seated beside me too! I was very thrilled! So Phil came by, chatted with us a bit. He was checking out on Wes's doodle on bottle caps, smiled, sign autographs and sign on something expensive. I'll tell later.
Phil checking out Wes's doodle
Phil signing autographs
Phil signing on something expensive
Me and Phil 
A brief moment with us later, Phil have to move away to meet other fans. Wes came by again and De Zien,  one of the fans requested Wes to sign a DSLR camera lens which Phil had signed moments ago.
Wesley reluctantly signing a DSLR camera lens
Wes was very reluctant to sign on it as it's quite an expensive equipment. He and Phil had a distance conversation and it went like this.

Wes: Phil! 
Phil looked over to Wes from a distance surrounded by fans.
Wes: How could you sign it?!
Phil: I couldn't too but it was a request.
Wes: I couldn't do it! It's expensive! You can't use it anymore.
Phil: Just sign it! It's always a first time.
Wes: *shaking his head while signing it* This is really a first! We never been asked to sign on a lens.

It was very surreal and to me, it was like watching Wong Fu Weekends LIVE! LOL! Both of them are really down to earth and very humble. This makes me love them even more and will continue in supporting their work.
A very satisfy and happy fan
De Zien later on did explained that it wasn't his lens but it was he's friend's lens. His friend wasn't lucky enough to be chosen to go to the High Tea session with Wong Fu Productions, so let's just let them sign on my expensive lens! LOL
Phil and Wes signature on a DSLR camera lens
I do hope the owner will still use the lens because it will be very cool to take pictures with 2/3 of Wong Fu Productions signature on it! It's like looking through a kaleidoscope. Every picture taken will have an imprint of their signatures, one and only in the whole wide world! Cool?

Meanwhile, everyone else was still trying to get more of Phil and Wes, I went over to Jin from Hitz.FM (hosted the Wong Fu Production show) to have a picture with him.
Me and Jin, I didn't know he was this tall! (Or it's just me, short LOL)
Time passed so quickly and it's time to say goodbye to Phil and Wes! Everyone wished that they could stayed longer and hang out longer.
Wes taking picture of us waving goodbye
Phil saying goodbye and thanking everyone
It was such an awesome time for me! I could say this is the highlight of the year for me (so far). I couldn't believe I was watched them on my screen very weekend and now they are here to spend the weekend with us! It's just crazy and one of my dreams did came true.

I did meet some awesome people and made some new friends. Some of the performers from the show attended the High Tea session too.
New friends!
Shawn Lee the beatboxer
The opening act band - Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob 
Everyone departed happily and I was then quite hungry. I mean, who could be busy eating while they are meeting with Wong Fu Productions right?

I went to a cafe opposite Fullhouse to rest awhile and collect my feelings awhile. It was still very surreal even till today. The cafe I went to was The Bakery Moment. I swear I had to most amazing dessert toast ever! I didn't wanted to order anything heavy, so I went ahead to order toast and this Caramel Banana Toast was damn orgasmic!
Caramel Banana Toast
I didn't prepare anything for Wes and Phil to sign on, so I just let them signed the tickets for the show which luckily I still keep them with me after the show.
Wes and Phil signature 
I rested awhile and headed to Pavilion to meet my family for dinner. We had Suki-Ya at Tokyo Street chatted my day and walked around after dinner.

While we were window shopping, I saw someone really familiar passing by and realized it was Phil! I quickly grabbed my brother and followed Phil when he joined Wes coming out from a shop. I went up and say hi again, hoping they remembered me. Wes did mention I looked familiar though *sweet*

I requested for a picture taken with both of them. During the high tea session, there wasn't really any time or opportunity to get both of them together to take a picture with. Lucky me (again), I got the chance on the same day! I was quite afraid my luck for this year got used up with all this encounters wtf *hope not, pls....* 
Picture with BOTH of the guys
My brother and the guys
What a day it was! Big thanks to M.E Malaysia for bring the guys over and I hope they will come back soon and this time with Ted along!

By the way, just in case anyone was curious where did Phil and Wes went after the High Tea session and end up in Pavilion? Apparently they went for a plane ride with Jin, flew by JFK from Hitz.FM! Awesomesauce! (for them) Hope they do feel very welcome here! Please come back soon!