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Wong Fu Productions LIVE in Malaysia

February was full of excitements and the most busiest month for me so far! (I know, it's April now) Well, February has the shortest days in a month in a year and with so much excitement, I double blink my eye and it's already April. LOL okay...sorry...I'm just finding excuse for the late blog post.

This was what happen before I went for Avril Lavigne concert. Yes! I went to see Wong Fu Productions during their Malaysia tour! *You may read on if you are still interested or you may still read on if you are not interested, but please la, do read*

Before we move on, if you do not know who are Wong Fu Productions, you can check out their website or watch their videos. In short, they are three guys - Phillip, Ted and Wesley who are filmmakers which their videos went viral through You Tube.

They announced their tour to Malaysia in early January. Thanks to M.E Malaysia for bring the guys here! I'm very grateful XD
They have two sessions during their tour, one is Mini Symposium and Wong Fu 4 LYFE. I didn't go for the Mini Symposium because it's more a talk for video making.

Thanks to Nuffnang again, I got tickets to watch Wong Fu 4 LYFE! Been very excited ever since Wong Fu announced they are coming to Malaysia and more excited when I got tickets to go watch them! Well, of course as a Wong Fu fan. I did line up for 3 whole hours to get their tickets because I wasn't sure I could get my luck on the tickets from Nuffnang! Who knows! I did! So the extra tickets calls for more people to go watch them. The more the merrier =D
The Wong Fu Tour is held at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus. The campus is very cool, now I can have a look at where the rich kids studies. The place is really pretty and comfortable! Why didn't my parents send me here?!
They have a freaking lake in the MIDDLE of the campus!!!
A fountain
Chill out place
Enough of the campus, we shall move on to the Meet and Greet session before Wong Fu 4 LYFE starts. I thought I arrived early at 5pm which was 2 hours before the show starts but when I reached there, there was already a very long queue readied to meet Wong Fu Productions.
That's me NOT at the end of the line. There were still a lot more people queuing behind me. While queuing why not take a picture of the beautiful ceiling?
It was almost my turn and I was quite nervous and excited at the same time! You just can't get hold of those feelings often. The Meet and Greet happened really quick, I didn't even know I have already shook their hands, got an autograph poster and talk to them until I check out my pictures in my G3
Me already shook Phil's hand
Me shaking Wes's hand
Oh! I didn't even know Wes gave me a pat on my shoulder?!
Me being a geeky fan
Jin from Hitz.FM hosted the Meet and Greet and also the show later. Phil was explaining that they were trying to meet everyone whole came to meet them. That's explain the rush and that's very sweet of them. It shows they really care for their fans and appreciate everyone of us!
Phil showing the WongFu4LYFE hand sign
Phil and Wes posing for our cameras
Close up of the Phil and Wes's signature
After the Meet and Greet session, there was still some time before the show, so we decided to hang out a bit. Tried to get Wong Fu's merchandises but there were all SOLD OUT!!! It was a really bad idea to hang out and not queuing to get into the hall for the show. Guess what? At we are at the ending of the queue again! :S
The while building in front was NOT the starting of the line, it was just a turning of a L-Queue wtf. I really didn't know there were so much Wong Fu fans in Malaysia. I thought I was all alone all the time. LOL

Finally we were able to get into the hall after much anticipation and watched the show!
Big screen
Jin was the host of the night
Warming us up for the night is a local band who called themselves Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob with a few songs.
Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob performing
Continuing with our famous and youngest local Beatboxer - Shawn Lee. There was a minor microphone error at the beginning but after it was fixed, he Beatboxing with some mash up of recent famous hit songs. He was very impressive!
Beatboxer - Shawn Lee
There were amazing dance performance from local dance crews named EleColdxHot (ECX).
Dance crews - ECX
More dance performance by FreeInSix (F.I.X).
Dance performance by F.I.X
Lastly, it was Wong Fu's show time! Everyone (or mostly girls) were screaming their lungs out when they appeared.
A lot fans giving the WongFu4LYFE hand sign
* Picture is courtesy of De Zien
Phillip introducing himself
Wesley introducing himself
* Picture is courtesy of De Zien
If you are a true Wong Fu fans, you will know by now that Ted was missing. He had some personal issues which couldn't make it for the tour but fret not, he did send his wishes.
Ted saying Hi
Ted made a video to say Hi to us. He even photoshopped some pictures of himself saying that he had already visited Malaysia and wishes to come back again.
Ted visited the KL Tower
Ted conquered the Batu Caves stairs
Moving along, Phil and Wes chatted with us and telling us that they are bring us themselves from the screens on our computers watching them to LIVE. It's really true and awesome. I can't believe my dreams came true!
They talk about how Wong Fu Productions was formed, how they were making videos way before You Tube was born, how their videos became viral and having fans on the other side of the world. It felt surreal to them and so does to us.

Phil and Wes showed share some videos with us, it's like watching their work in a big screen.
Shell is one of my favourites
Kung Fooled
Kung Fooled
Working with Taiwanese singer, Wong Lee Hom
Their (then) latest web-series, Home Is Where The Hans Are 
Home Is Where The Hans Are - Ep 1
Home Is Where The Hans Are was newly (then) shown in You Tube. Episode 1 was release a day before the show. They shared with us Episode 2 and 1/3 of Episode 3 during the tour but I'm sure now you can watch their full episodes from their You Tube Channel.
One Million Subscribers!
One Million Subscribers!
This was the video where the WongFu4LYFE hand sign was created.

Towards the end of the show was a "lucky draw" session for some fans to have a High Tea session the next day. 
Phil selecting some lucky fans
2 hours later and the show has end. Before ending it show you a picture of the guys with the fans and an interview with Jin at Hitz.FM while there where on tour in Malaysia.
Group shot *erm.. I'm somewhere behind*
* Picture is courtesy of Diyana Anwar
Interview with Jin at Hitz.FM

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