Monday, January 9, 2012

DCiM 2011

Well well, the year 2011 has passed and a week of 2012 has already passed too. I'm such a slow poke at keeping up with the time. How has your Xmas and New Year been so far? Hope everything is just as fine and I wish everyone to have a year ahead which will be better than your last one! XD

Moving on, here's another late blog post. I visited the DCiM event last year and the year before. Last year I went with snailyin and saw there isn't much of a difference compare to 2010's DCiM. The main brands (or lesser this year) are there with all the big and nice booths featuring their latest camera models.
Big boys with big guns
They still have the Velocity Angles show going on. All the boys bring out their big guns to have a shoot at the pretty ladies on stage.
One of the Velocity Angels
Try to find a spot for shooting the stage
I only manage to get a clear shoot of the stage and the ladies while I'm tipping my toe and shooting from afar with my compact camera zooming to the max.
Some pictures and good and some are blur. I tried my best guys, sorry.
Blur pic #fail
Not clear pic #fail
I felt there are more gallery displaying photographer's work. It's a good sign that people don't just buy expensive cameras, following trend and not shoot any pictures.
There were more accessories booth than the main booths, I guess camera accessories are more demanding then new camera body with higher specifications.
Rows of accessories booths
Underwater camera case
A Canon Clinic is set there to provide after sales services for Canon owners. This is convenient, I wish that more camera clinic are there to provide after sales care services. They can get first hand feedback as well. 
Canon Service Clinic
If you are already following me on Twitter (if you are not, please follow), you already know that I bought this baby on Christmas Day!
I've been wanting to get a semi-pro camera since the launching of GF1, back then GF1 didn't really quite met my requirements and I feel I don't need a semi-pro yet. After much awaiting and patience.

Yes! Finally a semi-pro camera and it's Panasonic Lumix G3. I'll write a separate post on my review of it as I'm now leaning how to use it.
It's meant to be mine! Here's the story, I actually went to DCiM on X'mas Eve and wondering around with snailyin. Testing out some of the semi-pro camera which is on my wishlist. We went around trial testing on cameras and still ending up back to the Lumix booth.

I was already poison on the G3. Snailyin kept poisoning me to get it. I wanted more time to consider. They had the limited brown colour on sale and a white one (last piece). When I first laid my eyes on the launching of G3, I fell in love with the red colour. The SA told me, Pansonic has discontinue the red colour one. I was so devastated, so I just went home empty handed.

After I got home having much thought, I went "Hack with this consideration, just get it! Get a Xmas pressie for myself, why not?!" So, I had my Xmas breakie at Levain and head to DCiM again.
Panasonic Lumix booth
I headed back to the Lumix booth and found the SA that had attended to me the previous day. He saw me and straight away go fetch a G3 for me knowing that I will be back for it. He open up the box and all I saw is RED! A RED G3!!!! Without any doubt, I had to have it and he wrap it up for me! It's meant to be isn't it?

I asked the SA how did he found a red one, he said after listening to me wanting a red one, he went back to Panasonic HQ early morning before going to DCiM, he found the one and only red piece, he just grab it knowing that it will find it's owner! *melt* 

He really made me the happiest person to own my ideal semi-pro camera! I will cherish it a lot!

What did you get for Xmas present? New Year present? Done shopping for Chinese New Year yet? Hope you guys get want you wanted as well.

You can check out Snailyin DCiM entry here.

PS: I'm not shallow to buy things with colour I like, I did research and referencing before I decided to buy G3 way before I went for the fair :P


  1. lol....been poisoned by me...hahahaha....

  2. How much did you get the cam for? I was thinking of getting one semi pro too! That way it wont be too big and bulky to carry around.

  3. Hey Josarine,
    I bought it during the fair, the price is a package price it's RM2599. Not sure you can get the price with the free gifts (worth more than RM200) that I got during the fair.

    Thought you can find lower prices without any gifts. Good luck ;)