Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Night Portrait X United Bear Buddy

This is the second time I'm a 'white mouse' for Zeisuke's photography practise. Nah, we both actually 'white mouse' for each other. I didn't get to publish the first time because I look bad LOL. You may check it out here and maybe if I feel like posting more about it I'll do so.

First time was taken at iCity and Midvalley during Xmas time and this time is taken at Pavilion during Xmas time too. Time do flies, it's already been a year ago that I have taken shoots. 

Less talk and here's all the nice pictures I pick to post! Hope you are not bored it looking at them.
Xmas Decor
Welcome to Tokyo Street!
Giant Snow Globe
During our visit to Pavilion, there's a United Buddy Bear World Tour. I was very excited about it, we wanted to take more pictures of it but there were too many people gathering around waiting for their turn. We eventually gave up and just move on with our shoots.

United Buddy Bear originally from Berlin, it's an Art of Tolerance. It's a painted sculpture decorative street art that represents peace and harmony. I  this concept a lot! 
Medium Size United Bear Buddy
Malaysia Miniature United Bear Buddy 
You can buy either the miniature or medium size United Bear Buddy. United Bear Buddy collaborates with UNICEF, sold of United Bear Buddy will be generated through donations and help children who are in need.
Full Collection of Miniature United Bear Buddy
Miniature Einstein United Bear Buddy
Respect for ALL life 
An Mont Blanc Ad? 
One of my fav shoots
My Babies - Danbos 
Pavilion Xmas Decor - Xmas Wonderland Theme

Hope you all enjoy, thanks to Zeisuke again XD