Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Fangirl of IU

My recent addiction is listening to IU's latest album ALL DAY LONG! Crazy as I am but her voice is really cute, smoothing, unique and pleasant.

IU - Teacher feat Ra.D

This is in my non-stop repeat playlist. When I'm in anger or stress, I just listen to this song, it's like therapy to me LOL

IU - You and I

The video is very fairy tale like, suits her album title Last Fantasy.

IU - 4AM

This song is also from her Last Fantasy album and written by IU's idol Corinne Bailey Rae (who I listens too as well), IU did the opening concert of Corinne Bailey Rae when she tours Korea earlier this March. How amazing is it to do an opening for your idol's concert 

I got to know IU when I watch a Korean Drama - Dream High.
I found more earlier videos of her as well. She do sings a lot of cover songs from other artists. She's good doing covers, not singing exactly like the original singers but added her own style and tune. BTW, she plays the guitar and composes her own songs.

IU - Gee/Lie/SorrySorry

I lover her Big Bang - Lie cover! Totally different from Big Bang's version  !!! Check out the emcee's expression when she sings it. He's so stunt and in love with her!

IU - I Need A Boy

Is one of her earlier covers, it's actually's TaeYang - I Need A Girl. Nice?

I'll continue listing to my IU now, you guys go ahead and enjoy!

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