Friday, December 9, 2011

Social Network Vending Machine

Japan is well know of their variety of vending machine. You can get from beverage, food, magazines, toys and *ahem* adult stuff O.O

All kinds of soft drinks
Ice cream vending machine!
Snacks and fun card games vending machine
Even banana vending machine, it's expensive though
In Malaysia, we don't tend to get much fancy vending machine. We only have the typical beverage vending machines.

Well, I can't say that we are keeping up with having different types of vending machine but I think this is a start. I'm presenting you First in Malaysia's Social Network vending machine! 
LOL! I find it quite hilarious! You can get Social Network T-Shirts now. It's not pricey, it's around RM30 if I'm not mistaken.

The T-Shirts have the famous 'Thumbs Up LIKE' icon, 'It's Complicated' relationship status and 'Add as Friend' request.

I stumble upon this vending machine in eCurve when I went to watch the movie premier. Go check it out when you are there or if you are interested in getting more 'Social Network Friends' ROFL!


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  2. Touchscreen vending machine is interesting! :D

  3. Bananas through vending machine that's great.I like this one and thanks for sharing the images of various vending machines.

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