Tuesday, August 3, 2010


OK! The title is so not about football and World Cup is already over and ya it's not Spain's song either! So, all footballers can stop reading this post or you can read on cos it's involves my naked hand...LOL
I know lately, my entries are super not posting up and even when I post up, it's all emo stuff. So, I'm going to give you guys a break. Here's a beauty post for lazy peoples! I literally mean it for lazy peoples. and YES! you can be lazy even for bathing to0! But is not like someone or some machine is going to bath for you. It's just steps to save more of your time cos everyone's life is so God DAMN busy! Yes! Now you can save minutes while bathing and nourishing your skin!

I'll stop blabbering and tell you what is so amazingly save your time while able to nourish your skin at the same time! It's Olay's Total Effect's 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Shower Cream + Body Butter (the name so farking long...LOL) YES! I've been using this and still using this for as long as I alive! Maybe you already know Olay already has such product but have you try it yet? Have you smell it yet? Have you touch it yet? NO?!!! Well, please go grab it and try it to believe it! and most of all, it farking save up your freaking busy time!

Bottles that I already finish up!

Just some quick steps that show you how amazing is this product! I mean, you know how to bath right? so don't bother ask how to bath with it. I'm just showing how it works!

 So creamy and thick!

This is how it would become when you lather it with a lot of water. Less foams = more to your skin      
This is when you just lather it will not much water. See how it's like you applying body lotion at the same time?
Look at my skin! So smooth and glittery! You probably can's see the glitters cos my hair already cover them up..wtf!
Nah! Show you how glittery it is!

The amount of glitters really is a million million million more better than any of those glitter products you buy. At least, this STICKS to your body the whole freaking 24 hours lor! It's really really that STICKY! Make your skin look brighter! I seriously didn't know it contains glitters in it. After the second time I used it, I only notice it has glitters. LOL

So now you know how good it is! GO GET IT! I think guys will eventually get it too. cos they can save the embarrassment when they go get body lotions. People are still quite conservative on guys getting body lotion for their own unless they have like really really freaking dry and scaly skin....yer....'geli lor' haha...(no offense) With this Olay's Total Effect's 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Shower Cream + Body Butter, guys can easily buy it without anyone doubting you.

You know what is the greatest part of this? It's, it could save us tons of money! Well, maybe not tons but it replace, body butter, glitter powder, anti-aging lotions and blah, blah, blah whatever products we use during showing, after showering, before showering and it's just goes on...am I right?

PS: I'm not hard selling it, it's just really amazing and I just want to share! NOW GO GET ONE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!