Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Body Shop Haul

Phew! I'm glad that a lot of shopping sales has gone now. I might have did some damages on my wallet by spoiling myself with a lot of body care products.

There was a mid-year sales for Malaysia, then there was The Body Shop Member Day's sales and there was more sales for The Body Shop Anniversary sales. How can you not go crazy?!!

Let's just start with the first round of haul I shop during their Member Day's sales. I really like they came out with the jumbo size body shower.
From left to right:
Divine Calm Heavenly Shower Gel is amazing! It's one of the few body showers that promises the smell of real Lavender and it's really makes you feel relax. I sleep very well every time I have used it.
Olive Shower Gel is one of my favourites because it keeps your skin moisturized and nourished. For lazy people like me you can skip body lotion and your skin will not dry up. I bought 2 bottles for keep stocking! Oppss... ;)
Bath Lily, they have come out with a lot of different colours now and makes me feel like getting all of them. BUT! I was in control, so I just bought the pale lavender for myself and the pink one for BFF. 

Not long later, The Body Shop Anniversary came along. Everything was on 50% above discount. How can you resists?!
Hemp Moisturizing Hand Wash for mom because she has bad allergies and she always needs to keep her hands moisturized. If not her hands will become dry and crack. So far, it's good for her. We should used soup free hand wash to keep our hands from drying up.
Rainforest Radiance Shampoo, I got this baby bottle to try out. Turns out it's really good after 1 wash. It gives back my damage hair moisture and shininess. Love it, I will get a bigger bottle next time.
Lip & Cheek Stain, I have always wanted to try out lip stains. Read a lot of good reviews on The Body Shop one and so I pop it into my shopping basket too. It does gives a reddish stain on my lips. Gives you the natural healthy look. One downside of it, is that it does transfer. You need to re-apply again after a meal.
The Lip & Cheek Stains makes me look less zombie
Bath Gloves are really good investments if you do not want to spend much on body scrubs. The gloves has tiny grinds that gives you the right amount of exfoliation. Keeps you skin glow and it helps blood circulation too. I was very attracted with the really nice Coral colour!  
Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash is one of their best sellers. Bought it for bro to try out. Seaweed does keep your skin hydrated and reduce oil.
Kistna Eau De Toilette is for bro as well. I think a lot of us will at least get one of their fragrance series because it does smells good and it's very affordable.

Well, what do you know? My spending hit the rebate amount and I was awarded with a cash rebate voucher. I kept the voucher for awhile but in the end I decided to get their best selling Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion. I love the size of it. It's not too big or too small. I have now used half of the bottle already. The smell is very irresistible, makes me smell nice LOL
After these few shopping spree, I have lock myself up from shopping. Nightzzzz....