Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fright Night

Thanks to Nuffnang again, I get to watch Fright Night last last Monday night at Midvalley GSC. Yup, it's yet another overdue movie review. You will know why I'm writing this overdue blog post if you have read my previous post, so please forgive me.

Any of you who are in my decade, you probably have heard or watch the original Fright Night which is 26 years ago (I probably shouldn't be revealing how old I am). You have guess it right, this is the remake of the original Fright Night.

Thought the original one was really scary then without the CG or animate/high technology to produce a motion movie. It was scary back then. For this new one, it's more of a comedy scary movie but not like those comedy scary movies where they go overboard of being funny. This has an actual story line and scary scenes. Gave me the spooks too at certain scenes.

The movie started off where Jerry (staring Colin Farrell) is new in the neighborhood. He moved in next to Charley Brewster (staring Anton Yelchin) who lives with his mom, Jane (staring Toni Collette) and Charley has a HOT girlfriend, Amy (staring Imogen Poots).

Charley with his mom and HOT girlfriend
Told you she's HOT!!!!
The movie straight off telling us that Jerry is a vampire without having us wondering who is the vampire. I pretty much like how that they engaged us with this in the very beginning.
He is one damn HOT and FIERCE vampire!
Ed (staring Christopher Mintz-Plasse) who is Charley's "secret BFF" and is the kid who plays the role of nobody believes him. He literally gave up his life to tell Charley that his neighbor is a vampire.
After Ed had erm.. die, Charley found out that what Ed is trying to tell him is the truth and how he regretted not believing him.

He has no one to consult to and he was trying to keep his best of not letting his mom and girlfriend worrying and in the mean time try to protect them from Jerry who has his eye on Amy. Phew! Talk about being a teen with no problems! LOL
Charley has only one hope to rescue the entire neighborhood. He went to find the very famous TV personnel, vampire slayer, Peter Vincent (staring David Tennant).
Charley was to found out that Peter Vincent is all glamorous on the outside and a whip on the inside. He was disappointed and sad that he has no one to battle the vampire with him. It's a solo battle!

To my surprise, the movie has a twisted phase and suppose it's the climax of the movie towards the end. The ending was expected but the twisted phase was unexpected. Not bad.

To let you wonder more, Peter Vincent is armed and his not alone.
I like how the story line was brought to us. A little bit of comedy, a little of surprise, a little bit of spookiness and gave me a lot of scares! (What?! I have a weak heart!)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Songs that are haunting me

I've been having shitty days from the past week till today and I just feel really miserable! That's why you didn't see any updated post. Sorry but when I feel really shitty, I tend to spend more alone time to replenish my soul and energy.

Most of the time, I will turn to music and it's music that feeds my soul to keep me alive!

I haven't been doing this for quite some time now, my last post for music is here.

These are some songs that keeps haunting me with beautiful voices and melodies. They keep me saint and alive from all the craziness and shit-y-ness in the world.

Holly Brook - Ordinary Tune
You might not know who is Holly Brook but I bet you know who is Skylar Grey from this ~~~

Dr. Dre - I Need A Doctor feat Eminem and Skylar Grey
Yes! Skylar Grey is Holly Brook and Holly Brook is Skylar Grey. Her voice is really unique and her music are all very dreamy-ish, like it takes you to another level of the world to temporary hides away all your troubles/worries.

Lady Gaga - You and I
Always has been a fan of hers! She's just too amazing! This time around her latest album - Born This Way is quite different from her previous albums. I like there's elements of Country and Classics merge with her style and make it current.

Rihanna - California King Bed
This song brings back her pure music style on how she started her career. This is one of the best favorite of her for me.

Neon Trees - Your Surrender
Latest favorite band! Loving all of them! Their Animal acoustic version is superb!

Neon Trees - Animal (acoustic version)
Shows that they can really sing! Discover this version today LOL!

The Script - Nothing
They have really good soppy-pop-soft-rock-songs. They gave me the feeling of how I discover my all time favorite band - Lifehouse! I guess The Script will be in my all time favorite list too.

2NE1 - Lonely
Been into Korean music lately. A lot Korean songs flooding my playlist, it's a daily must-dose to listen to.

Big Bang - Love Song
Need I say more? How could you leave out Big Bang in your playlist of Korean songs?!!! Can't wait for them to come to Malaysia for their performance! 안녕하세요빅뱅!!!!

I hope you all enjoy what I had here. Go feed your soul <3

Monday, September 19, 2011

Apollo 18

I watched Apollo 18 during Malaysia Day. In case you are wondering that this is a movie review, I'm sorry but this is not it. Not to waste anymore of your precious time, you may just click away. If you just want to waste your time, please read on.

I'm always fascinated with extraterrestrial and out of the universe ideas. It's pretty sad to think that we are alone right? Feels pathetic too that if we (humans) are the only extraterrestrial that are breathing in the universe.

Tell you, I'm always a big fan of Steven Speilberg's extraterrestrial movies and idea. Most of the movies that he director, I feel that is the closest to believe to. They all do make sense at me at least.

For his recent projects that I blogged about Cowboys and Aliens and Super 8, these are somewhat ideas that fascinates me. To me, Taken is the most believable that could possible happening NOW! *Yes, I'm one of those crazy alien believers!*

Apollo 18 just screws the fark out of my mind! I don't mean that it's not believable, it could be possible. The alien is just too creepy and "geli-ish" to be. I really don't like the way this movie projects aliens!
They gives me goosebumps and scares me out! Creepy little ba$turd$! Freaks the hell out of me! I just hate that Apollo 18 crushes/crashes my 'alien dream'! WTF! Yes, go ahead, laugh at me!

See... creepy-ish!
I just don't like it! Most of all, for the two astronauts, *spoiler alert* it's a DEATH MISSION for them. Poor them! I do pity them!

Aarrgggg! I just want to blabber out that I don't keep having thoughts and flashbacks of creepy movie scenes!

I'm going to watch back some Steven Spielberg's movie to balance out my mood and thoughts. DAMN Apollo 18! I HATE YOU!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Johnny English Reborn

LOL... Seeing this face you'll just want to burst out laughing! Thanks to Nuffnang for the treat again, I get to watched the premier of the movie last Tuesday night@GSC Midvalley. Thank you!
Double Johnny English in action!
I don't really have to review much about this movie, you already will know that it will be funny.

To be honest, I didn't really know that this is a sequel. I didn't really watch the first production back in year 2003. *I know LOSER!*

The movie start off with Johnny English (staring Rowan Atkinson) hiding his shame in Tibet from what had happened in Mozambique.
Flash forward eight years later, English receive a call from MI7 and was ask to return as a secret agent for a mission only he can handle.

Back to MI7 in London, English discovers that MI7 is run by a new leader, Pamela Thornton a.k.a Pegasus (staring Gillian Anderson) who really despise of English. 
English was also reunited with his idol Agent Ambrose a.k.a Agent One (staring Dominic West). English also has a side kick, Agent Tucker (staring Daniel Kaluuya) a green secret agent and Spy of the month to assist him on his mission. Kate Sumner (staring Rosamund Pike) a beautiful behavioral psychologist who is attracted to English's *ahem* awkwardness. His mission begun.
Being awkwardly-funny as he is in Mr. Bean, you will find a lot of his actions/behavior and those funny facial acts in Johnny English.
English having a meeting with Mr. President but he doesn't know which is Mr. President
Though he knows how to kick some butt with Kung Fu
Though he did complete his mission having a lot of "mishap" with his intelligent yet inexperience side kick. He manage to capture all of the bad guys except for one that always tends to get away and mislead English to capture the wrong person. She is the Killer Cleaner! She really is the baddest of them all!

If you want to have a great laugh with friends and family, just go ahead and watch Johnny English Reborn! I know I did and I miss the good old Mr. Bean days. LOL!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New hair and Masculine Wear

My previous dyed hair color has already worn out and it makes me look dirty. *Won't be posting horrible pictures of myself* Time to head to the salon for some beauty treatment.
Only post nice pictures wakakakaka...
I wanted brighter colors and wanna keep my hair long this time.  My previous dyed hair color was Ash Brown and is medium short with manageable fringe.

Before moving on, I want to share the horrible experience this time when dyeing my hair. You know when you get your hair dye or perm, usually it's done by trainees. Stylist or Senior Stylist will only cut your hair.

I had dyed my hair couple of times before and I know how does it feel but this time is just horrible! The trainee is super noob that she apply the hair dye on to my scalp at the beginning of the dyeing process wtf! Dyeing the hair near scalp are the last step!

When the process started, it's still bearable until she freaking don't know how to do everything! She place my hair wrongly after dyeing! Place on my face, my neck, my ears! WTF! I'm not trying to dye my face here!
I'm quite furious about her already and my stylist saw it on my face and ask me am I really uncomfortable. Hell ya! The pain from chemical burn is just getting worst! My stylist mention that the lighter color, the more it hurts! I was like wtf! He then ask me to bare for awhile more and will be time to wash off. 

He then ask the trainee to massage my hair so that it doesn't hurt much but what do you know. She doesn't know how to massage! She just dug in her fingers and rub more hair dye into my scalp!

The PAIN! I almost want to scream and cry out! I show it all on my face and my stylist quickly as the trainee to wash it off. While she was washing my hair, she wasn't even concentrating or even know that I'm in pain, she just taking her sweet time to wash and chat with her colleague beside her!

While she was washing off she uses her finger nails to wash scrap my scalp! AARRGGG!!!! It was just a horrible and terrible experience! Moral of the story, do not let such trainee to handle your hair!

I wonder how people bare the pain when they bleach their hair! Ouch!

Enough about horrible hair dye experience. Moving on with pretty pictures!
Previous Ash Brown hair
My first time cutting my hair length to medium short *had long hair all throughout the pass N years*
This time around, my stylist just trim my hair and give me fringe! LOL! I look funny/weird with fringe, first time getting a fringe other than when I was very young! Dyed my hair Beige Blonde!
Beige Blonde! Does it make me a blonde? LOL
The color kinda makes me look pale
I did not blow my hair properly so it looks curl out wrongly. I still haven't get use to my fringe until today, I found the right way to blow and comb it.

If you have notice, my eyebrow color is quite similar with my hair color. Well, I didn't dye them together with my hair, I simply just apply light eyebrows mascara to match with my hair. If I don't it will look even weirder.

After getting this look the most comment I get is actually my eyebrows. WTF. I don't know what I did to my eyebrows is consider gyaru eyebrows or not but I really like how it matches with the whole look. Oh ya, runner up comments I get is "Ohai! You look like Korean now!" I don't really know how to react to such comments but just giving back a smile XD

What do you think of my new hair? Or the previous one looks better?

Tried to achieve a somewhat Masculine Work Wear today.
Did I achieve it? How is it? What do you think?

Beige Jacket: A|X
Inner Plum Singlet: Topshop
Black Slack: G2000
Black Pump: Vincci

I did blog about the shoes I'm wearing here. You can also check out my previous achieve NUDE Casual Work Wear.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Cans Festival MBO Cinemas at Subang Parade

Pictures are courtesy of Google Search Images.

Why am I showing you guess so many pictures of can food? Well, can food are always 'convenient food' second to instant noodles in our busy life.

You can always just pop a can of soup or yellow beans and that's a meal. Yes! I do eat yellow can beans without cooking them and that's a meal for me! For people who does not how to cook or people who wants to 'cheat' in your cooking, can food is the answer.

Subang Parade has newly welcome MBO Cinema as their latest tenant and they want to welcome you!

Isn't this a great idea? CAN FOOD = MOVIE TICKETS NiCe ;) What's not better than to save lives and watch movie at the same time? I know can foods did save my life! LOL

As they have already mention in the ads, those can foods will be donated to a charity. Well Done!

So what are you waiting for? Grabs some can foods and just head to Subang Parade MBO Cinema. I will be bringing my favorite can food.

For more information you can check out here and you can check out here on how MBO Cinema is build in Subang Parade.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Watami Malaysia

Whenever I'm going up to the cinema level in Pavilion, I always notice these big red renovating shop lot and wonder how and what is it going to be.

Last week, after returning from my 'Adventure', wanted to watch movie in Pavilion. Was taking the escalator up to the cinema level and I spotted! The shop is open! It's Watami Malaysia! So, quickly bought tickets and there's still a lot of time for the movie to start. Not to waste anymore time, head straight to Watami Malaysia for dinner.

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant is a chain restaurant from Japan and it has already been spread to Shanghai, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and now Malaysia!

As it's name has already state Japanese Casual Restaurant but the interior decoration of the restaurant is nothing casual! The place is spacious, the ambiance is great for hanging out with friends and family.
Check out the bar! NiCe!
Attempt artsy shoot, PHAIL! :(
I don't know why I look so bloated in this picture :'( but I want to show you how spacious the place is. Huge?

The variety of food from the menu is just so much! Started to get a bit dizzy looking at the menu and all the food look so yummy that I don't know where to start ordering!

You can check out their Grand Menu and Lunch Menu. I didn't know they have lunch set menu, probably it was dinner time so they didn't show the lunch set menu but the prices for it are totally affordable! Now you know where to get affordable Japanese lunch for a hard half day of work. LOL

Have you check out their Grand Menu yet? Please do, you will be AMAZE! They have wide range of Japanese alcohol to non-alcoholic beverages. The food are just fusion of Chinese and Western collaborate with Japanese ingredients! From sizzling, yakitori, BBQ, hot stone to mini steamboat are the range of food you could get.

It's really a place for people who love Japanese food or people who do not like Japanese food. For what I know, most people who dislike Japanese food mainly because they don't like raw food but at Watami, you can get a lot of cooked food. So it's really a place for everyone!

Alright, time to show what food I ordered.
Salmon and Tuna Sushi
Check out the Salmon! It has a layer of smooth and silky shine of top of it. It's the Salmon's own Omega 3. That show's that it's a good quality Salmon! Yummy!
Wafu Beef Steak
Once you have a bite of these beef, you just know is a higher quality beef and dip it with the vinegar sauce, just awakes your tongue and welcoming all the flavors together. Thought the beef for me is a bit overcooked. The best is cooked medium.
Looks like Pepper Lunch? Definitely not, it's Teriyaki Beef Pepper Rice.

Once again, you are to taste quality beef with the mix of pepper and sweet corn, just my way of a complete full meal. Trust me, it's way better than Pepper Lunch.

Watami is very concern on the services they provide to their customers, I can say the service here is really superb! The food order arrive very quickly after you have place your order, the place is clean, the waiters will walk backwards and bow to you EVERY SINGLE TIME they leave your table! It's really insane! It's like you are the kings and queens of that place. LOL

Watami Malaysia
C4.04.00, Level 4,
Pavilion KL Shopping Mall,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact: 603-2141 6671

Monday, September 5, 2011

'Adventure' Haul

Went to my little 'Adventure' two weeks ago. Here's a little haul from it. Will blog about the 'Adventure' soon.
I don't where to start labeling the stuff I bought, so I just start from left to right.
1.) My Beautiful Diary Apricot Mask (我的美丽日记面膜)
2.) Sun biscuits (太陽餅)
3.) Taro biscuits (芋头饼)
4.) My Beautiful Diary Orange Mist
5.) My Beautiful Diary Royal Jelly Mask (我的美丽日记面膜)
6.) My Beautiful Diary Arbutin Whitening Mask (我的美丽日记面膜) and extra sheets on top
7.) My Beautiful Diary Red Wine Mask (我的美丽日记面膜) 
8.) My Beautiful Diary Rose Water Mist 
9.) ViVi Magazine September Issue
10.) Sexy Pantyholes LOL
11.) My Beautiful Diary Leave On Chamomile Night Cream 
12.) My Beautiful Diary Leave On Rose Night Cream
13.) Skinz 79 Rose BB Cream (Sample Size)
14.) Skinz 79 Diamond BB Cream (Sample Size)
15.) DHC Eyelash Tonic
16.) My Beautiful Diary Vanilla Souffle Face Scrub
17.) Ma Cherie Air Feel Conditional
18.) Mod's Hair Hot Care Conditional {as you can see, it's featured in the September Issue of ViVi Magazine which I bought (top right corner)}
19.) Long Wavy Beige Cardigan 
20.) Blue metallic HTC Desire HD phone cover 
21.) My Beautiful Diary Bird Nest Mask (我的美丽日记面膜)
22.) My Beautiful Diary Hydro Mask (我的美丽日记面膜) 
23.) My Beautiful Diary Sake Yeast Mask (我的美丽日记面膜) 
24.) Grey Knitted Top 
25.) Military Green Top 
26.) My Beautiful Diary Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Mask (我的美丽日记面膜) 

I'll try to play dress up on the newly bought clothing and try to do as many reviews on the skin care products as possible.

Did I splurge much from my 'Adventure'? 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer PoP and Cracked Nails

Autumn has started and Summer has just ended but I still want to cling on to Summer for just a little bit more.

Did some Summer PoP colors to my nails and tried out the new Cracked Nail Polish I bought!

I did my nails with Summer colors. All of the happy pastel colors!
Wanted to add a PoP feeling on Summer colors, I added Stars and mild Glitters on each colors.
The Glitters didn't turn out in the pictures much :(
Of course I do use based and top coat nail polish before and after I apply the colors!

Nail Polishes I used for Summer PoP (from left to right):
Etude BL505
The Faceshop Blue BL601
ELF Mint Cream
Barry M 309 Strawberry
The Face Shop WH004

Moving on I wanted to tried out the Cracked effects nail polish which I find it pretty magical. I did my toe nails first without the Cracked effects.
I uber ♥ this nail color ♥♥♥
I just added the Cracked effect on my huge toes bcos I don't want to ruin the uber cute pink color! The color looks like it's edible... haha.... Btw, the cute pink color, is a matte color !♥!

If you haven't use any of the instant Cracked effect, you will be amazed by it! I was! The moment I paint the Cracked colors on, the Cracked effect INSTANTLY appear! It's like magic!

Two things to be aware of is that the Cracked colors tends to dry off quickly and it's quite messy and the effects won't show as much if you keep apply repeatedly. Just one quick and fast stroke will do the trick. You also need to apply a top coat on top of the Cracked color because it will look really dry and it will peel off easily.
Nail Polishes I used for Cracked Nails (from left to right):
Sally Hudson Based and Top Coat
ELF Gum Pink
Barry M Instant 311

What do you guys think? Summer PoP with or without the extra Stars PoP and Cracked Nails or Non-Cracked Nails?