Thursday, September 22, 2011

Songs that are haunting me

I've been having shitty days from the past week till today and I just feel really miserable! That's why you didn't see any updated post. Sorry but when I feel really shitty, I tend to spend more alone time to replenish my soul and energy.

Most of the time, I will turn to music and it's music that feeds my soul to keep me alive!

I haven't been doing this for quite some time now, my last post for music is here.

These are some songs that keeps haunting me with beautiful voices and melodies. They keep me saint and alive from all the craziness and shit-y-ness in the world.

Holly Brook - Ordinary Tune
You might not know who is Holly Brook but I bet you know who is Skylar Grey from this ~~~

Dr. Dre - I Need A Doctor feat Eminem and Skylar Grey
Yes! Skylar Grey is Holly Brook and Holly Brook is Skylar Grey. Her voice is really unique and her music are all very dreamy-ish, like it takes you to another level of the world to temporary hides away all your troubles/worries.

Lady Gaga - You and I
Always has been a fan of hers! She's just too amazing! This time around her latest album - Born This Way is quite different from her previous albums. I like there's elements of Country and Classics merge with her style and make it current.

Rihanna - California King Bed
This song brings back her pure music style on how she started her career. This is one of the best favorite of her for me.

Neon Trees - Your Surrender
Latest favorite band! Loving all of them! Their Animal acoustic version is superb!

Neon Trees - Animal (acoustic version)
Shows that they can really sing! Discover this version today LOL!

The Script - Nothing
They have really good soppy-pop-soft-rock-songs. They gave me the feeling of how I discover my all time favorite band - Lifehouse! I guess The Script will be in my all time favorite list too.

2NE1 - Lonely
Been into Korean music lately. A lot Korean songs flooding my playlist, it's a daily must-dose to listen to.

Big Bang - Love Song
Need I say more? How could you leave out Big Bang in your playlist of Korean songs?!!! Can't wait for them to come to Malaysia for their performance! 안녕하세요빅뱅!!!!

I hope you all enjoy what I had here. Go feed your soul <3

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