Monday, September 5, 2011

'Adventure' Haul

Went to my little 'Adventure' two weeks ago. Here's a little haul from it. Will blog about the 'Adventure' soon.
I don't where to start labeling the stuff I bought, so I just start from left to right.
1.) My Beautiful Diary Apricot Mask (我的美丽日记面膜)
2.) Sun biscuits (太陽餅)
3.) Taro biscuits (芋头饼)
4.) My Beautiful Diary Orange Mist
5.) My Beautiful Diary Royal Jelly Mask (我的美丽日记面膜)
6.) My Beautiful Diary Arbutin Whitening Mask (我的美丽日记面膜) and extra sheets on top
7.) My Beautiful Diary Red Wine Mask (我的美丽日记面膜) 
8.) My Beautiful Diary Rose Water Mist 
9.) ViVi Magazine September Issue
10.) Sexy Pantyholes LOL
11.) My Beautiful Diary Leave On Chamomile Night Cream 
12.) My Beautiful Diary Leave On Rose Night Cream
13.) Skinz 79 Rose BB Cream (Sample Size)
14.) Skinz 79 Diamond BB Cream (Sample Size)
15.) DHC Eyelash Tonic
16.) My Beautiful Diary Vanilla Souffle Face Scrub
17.) Ma Cherie Air Feel Conditional
18.) Mod's Hair Hot Care Conditional {as you can see, it's featured in the September Issue of ViVi Magazine which I bought (top right corner)}
19.) Long Wavy Beige Cardigan 
20.) Blue metallic HTC Desire HD phone cover 
21.) My Beautiful Diary Bird Nest Mask (我的美丽日记面膜)
22.) My Beautiful Diary Hydro Mask (我的美丽日记面膜) 
23.) My Beautiful Diary Sake Yeast Mask (我的美丽日记面膜) 
24.) Grey Knitted Top 
25.) Military Green Top 
26.) My Beautiful Diary Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Mask (我的美丽日记面膜) 

I'll try to play dress up on the newly bought clothing and try to do as many reviews on the skin care products as possible.

Did I splurge much from my 'Adventure'? 

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