Monday, September 19, 2011

Apollo 18

I watched Apollo 18 during Malaysia Day. In case you are wondering that this is a movie review, I'm sorry but this is not it. Not to waste anymore of your precious time, you may just click away. If you just want to waste your time, please read on.

I'm always fascinated with extraterrestrial and out of the universe ideas. It's pretty sad to think that we are alone right? Feels pathetic too that if we (humans) are the only extraterrestrial that are breathing in the universe.

Tell you, I'm always a big fan of Steven Speilberg's extraterrestrial movies and idea. Most of the movies that he director, I feel that is the closest to believe to. They all do make sense at me at least.

For his recent projects that I blogged about Cowboys and Aliens and Super 8, these are somewhat ideas that fascinates me. To me, Taken is the most believable that could possible happening NOW! *Yes, I'm one of those crazy alien believers!*

Apollo 18 just screws the fark out of my mind! I don't mean that it's not believable, it could be possible. The alien is just too creepy and "geli-ish" to be. I really don't like the way this movie projects aliens!
They gives me goosebumps and scares me out! Creepy little ba$turd$! Freaks the hell out of me! I just hate that Apollo 18 crushes/crashes my 'alien dream'! WTF! Yes, go ahead, laugh at me!

See... creepy-ish!
I just don't like it! Most of all, for the two astronauts, *spoiler alert* it's a DEATH MISSION for them. Poor them! I do pity them!

Aarrgggg! I just want to blabber out that I don't keep having thoughts and flashbacks of creepy movie scenes!

I'm going to watch back some Steven Spielberg's movie to balance out my mood and thoughts. DAMN Apollo 18! I HATE YOU!

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