Friday, July 1, 2011

Super 8

Totally a super super super super super overdue post. Blogger PHAIL!!!!! FML!!!!! But! I have a super super super super super good excuse! Which I have been torture by work so badly! (super super super super super lame) I have to work even on weekends!!!!! FML MAX!!!!!

Without blabbering much on this super super super super super overdue post, I will just tell you straight away. I know, you might be wondering, what's up with the super super super super super?

Here it is, the review of Super 8 movie! Thanks to Nuffnang again, I won myself tickets to watch the premier (same screening time with USA) of Super 8 at the beginning of the month! Yes, I know it's already July :S and the cinemas has most probably ended screening the movie. *cry max*
Even the poster doesn't give out much

Before movie, definitely need to cure my hungry tummy. I didn't want to miss out anything of the movie so I just wanted a quick bite. Went to KLCC's Level 2 Signature Food Court to try Popilla. It's a Mexican fast food. The portion is just nice for a light and quick meal. There are set meals too if you want to have heavy meals. I'm just super super super super super excited to be eating too much.

I do like Mexican food but I never tried Taco before so this is the first time I tried Taco. I order Super Chilli Beef Taco. It's MAD spicy I tell you! It practically burn my lips, mouth and throat. So for people who can't really take spicy food like me, please don't order! Though the amount of cheeese and beef mince is a lot! The Taco is very crispy just like eating a huge Nacho with all the yummies in it. You can have a choice of your Taco, crispy, soft or half-crispy-half-soft.
 I <3 Nuffnang badge, Super 8 movie tickets and the damn super Spicy Beef Taco 
See the amount of cheese, chillies, beef and unseen Tobasco sauce =__=

Enough of Taco, making me hungry again. Now it's time for Super 8! I guess, most of you have already watched the movie but for those who haven't please watch the trailer first.

The trailer is intense, right? Makes you wonder what is it in that cargo.

My all time favourite director Steven Spielberg! He and J.J.Abrams (the director of LOST) have join forces in creating this movie! I can rate this movie as the Movie of the Year 2011! It's has also replace my Steven Spielberg top movie list! Coming in as first and knocking off Taken!

I really super super super super super love this movie!!! Weep in a few scenes, especially the last scene where Joe (staring Joel Courtney) let go of the locket that had his mom picture in it and his dad - Jackson (staring Kyle Chandler) was hugging on him. So touch, so bittersweet, so sad!
 The blonde young girl, Alice (staring Elle Fanning) is so outstanding! She really can act for a kid. Just like her elder sister Dakota Fanning! No wonder, they both look alike. Steven Spielberg really knows how to rise young stars in his movies! Been a fan of Dakota Fanning from the start and now Elle Fanning! <3

Not just Elle Fanning knows how to act all the other kids in the movies definitely have talent in acting! You can really feel their hard work and energy in the movie. Love them all. There's the humorous Martin (staring Gabriel Basso) and Preston (staring Zach Mills) lights up the movie, you won't feel bored with long conversations in the 112 minutes movie.

The movies revolves a lot on relationships between everyone. Joe and his dad, Joe and Alice, Joe and his best friend - Charles (staring Riley Griffiths), Jackson and Alice's dad - Cary (staring Ryan Lee) so on. It makes me feel that the world is really THAT small. We really do need to cherish and appreciate what we have everyday even the good and the bad.

After the long winding on the overall of the movie, you should be still wondering. What is in the damn cargo?! Of course it's an alien, what movie is it from Steven Spielberg if it does not involve extraterrestrial? Although you may expect there's a lot of excitement between alien and humans, you may be disappointed. The alien in the movie is not really the main star of the movie.

Even though it's no super super super super super alien movie but the suspense and curiosity of the movie will keep you in your seat!

I really love this movie to the max! What about you?

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