Saturday, July 30, 2011

Turning points of Life

I don't know about you guys but I sometimes have really good six sense on things. There's one time where I had those six sense feeling and it turns out to be one of the turning point of my life which by the way, had the most impact on me.

About 6 years back, I was on hold for my Diploma and I started my working life while continue pursuing my studies. I have finally gotten my Diploma and was so ready to quit my job and pursued for my Degree. I had a great sense that it will be a life changing of accounts flowing towards me.

What do you know, it really is the start of a turning point of my life. I started my first semester, met a bunch of true forever friends, broke up with my then bf, work really hard for my studies, met someone who had a great impact in my life, went abroad to UK, graduated and life was pretty much up hill and those few years was the best years I ever had and I got to share them with my friends and love ones.

I guess there's always ups and downs in life, for me now is not really up, I did gone through some bad stuff after going up hill but let's not talk bout it. Like they always says, "That's life!"

Anyways, this entry is not really much about me but is about a very dear friend of mine. I'm glad that I'm part of her turning point of her life.

Alicia and me

My dearest friend, Alicia, she's always so intense in life, work, studies and there's always a lot of responsibility for her to carry. Surviving to go through life, it's wasn't that easy for her. Though, she's always been a very dear friend of mine, always been there for me.

There was a time where we couldn't keep in touch much but we still think of each other dearly. Last year, she told me she will be transferring to Singapore due to work. It's a big decision for her and it really is quite important and life changing for her.

Obviously, there's fear too, being able to cope with the new environment and of course lonely. I was quite worried about her too. I tried my best to kept her accompany as much as I can, thanks to the power of technology.

It wasn't long after she move to Singapore, I introduce some friends to her. That's when all the good stuff came in. She's happy with her job, was really happy with her newly made friends, got baptized, met some one she loved and loved her back.

She's so much happier now then the Alicia that I used to know. I'm really really really happy for her. I'm glad that things could work out for her after so much she had been through. I'm also glad and grateful that I'm given a chance to witness all these with her.

One more with Bread Talk and 2 strangers LOL

This is one of the turning points of Alicia and my life, what is yours?

PS: Alicia if you are reading this, you don't always have to thank me, you could not have done these if you didn't take the first step out (which is meeting my friends), it's all YOU, all the time. Love you and miss you much! Thanks for always been there for me.

PPS: Happy 1 year Anniversary in Singapore and wish you many more to come!

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