Monday, July 4, 2011


I had never tried macaroons in my life before. I heard a lot of good reviews about a particular bakery shop that made me wanted to have a try on my first macaroon. I went to WHISK to tried my ever first macaroon!

The bakery is located at Empire Shopping Gallery. It's just a small bakery place but the interior was just classic. I can just imagine myself sitting in the shop the whole day reading my book while sipping coffee and eating macaroons.

The macaroons sold was not pricey at all, in fact for first timer like me, I would want to try all the flavours available. They have the normal size macaroons and mini size macaroons. Of course, I went for the mini size macaroons and tried all the flavours.

macaroons with <3
I felt in <3 with all of the flavours. It wasn't as sweet as I imagine and is definitely a great snack or dessert!

Weeks later and I happen to drop by Empire Shopping Gallery. I went to WHISK and tried their famous cake. The moment I step foot into their shop, the aroma of coffee is just overwhelmed. Too bad, I was having an appointment later, if not I will definitely have a stay at the shop to sip on coffee. Anyways, I take-away their well-known Red Velvet Cake.

<3 Red Velvet Cake

The icing on the cake tasted just nice, not too sweet not too stale. It just hit the right notes! The cake was just moist enough to melt into your mouth. I can't wait to try more of their cakes and even cupcakes ;P

After some sweet talk, let's move on to something expensive. A while ago, daddy's friend gave him this.
Blue Nun Sparkling Gold Edition (yes, the name is hilarious to me). It's from H. Sichel Sohne, Germany and it consists of 22 carat gold leaf. Yes! You heard it! GOLD LEAF! I find it quite amusing but I doubted on drinking the gold leaves. According to my daddy's friend, consuming gold flakes helps our body system and keep our youth. 

 You can see the gold leaves in the bottle
I think that drinking gold is ridiculous. None the less, daddy ask us to tried. The sparkling wine is bitter and gassy. I felt nothing special after consuming it. I can't really feel the gold leaves in my mouth. I did anyhow spoon out and touch the gold leaves, it's just like soft metal and it's very fragile. 

I didn't really like it and won't purchase it and drinking it for anti-aging or any matter it presents.

PS: The alcohol volume is 11%, just in case you want to get drunk expensively.

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