Monday, July 11, 2011

Be a voter!

There's a lot happening with the Bersih campaign and everything. I don't think I need more say on it. You can get updates and news in Facebook and Youtube.

Well, I'm very grateful to those who took the effort to show up on that day and voice out on behalf on those who can't. Felt ashamed that I didn't do as much as the others did. *sob sob*

I'm really proud of the UNITY that a true Malaysian should have shown during the rally. This is the real One ♥ . One Malaysia should be! Makes me go all teary when reading the news from different sources.

Therefore, not to waste those who took the effort and appreciate what they have done. Go register at your nearest post office as a voter and vote for this coming election. Every vote counts!

I have already register at the beginning of the year and my status is "received and in process". Which is taking damn long to be approved to be a voter. For those of you who haven't register yet! Please quickly go register as it really does take a long time to process! Go NOW! Don't miss the chance to vote!

For those of you who have already registered, you can check your status here.

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