Sunday, November 21, 2010

One of the boys

I have been schooling with girls most of my education life other than kindergarten and college. So, my contact with boys are some what very very very minimum... is not that I desperately want to know boys during my teenage years is the exposure is late. But then if I think about it, it's actually a good thing, at least I graduate secondary with good grades, I didn't let my parents worried about me and boys and blah blah blah...

Anyhow, other than my schooling days that I barely have contact with boys but in my family, I always get to hang out with boys. I have a one and only brother and lots of cousin brothers! I kinda grew up boyishly.

During my college years, I start to get along with a lot of boys. I guess girls around me would probably think that I'm a bitach for always hanging out with boys. Honestly, hanging out with boys are so much easier than hanging out with girls. For all the girls out there, you do know what I'm talking about right? Girls tends to have those backstabbing, gossips, fake, girl cat fights issues. Which I think NO ones likes it. With boys, you can be straight forward when talking, can talk about any topics (other than girls stuff, like shopping, makeups and etc), and of course being just the only girl in the gang of boys, boys will somewhat protect/sayang the girl which is good. You feel you have the privileged on certain treatments and of course protected from danger.

Years gone by, I do still am hanging out with boys most of the time but all the boys treats me like one of the boys. FML but I do keep a balance, I do talk about my girl stuffs with my best girlfriends! *hugs to all my best girlfriends* Boys are not so sensitive when it comes to these kind of stuff.

Hope you all do like the Katy Perry's One of the Boys song. Share your experiences with me if you all experience the same as me.