Monday, May 13, 2013

David Choi Forever and Ever Tour Live in Malaysia

I shall blog about me attending David Choi's showcase last May, before this post celebrates it's 1 year anniversary in my draft =S *David, if you are reading this, much apologizes.*

I don't think I need to introduce who is David Choi by now. However, if you really don't know, here's a brief. He is Korean American, singer, songwriter, producer, knows how to play multiple instruments and most of all a YouTube sensation!

David Choi had came to Malaysia for the second time for his Forever and Ever Tour at Bentley Music Auditorium. According to him, he really loves Malaysia, his Malaysian fans and *ahem* Roti Kaya LOL Actually David did came to Malaysia again in March this year for a Youth Conference called #REACHOUT with Chester See and Jason Chen. I missed out again but I tweeted to him and he replied!!!!
Honestly, he is very very friendly to all of his fans and very down to earth! I think that's pretty cool of him and he does keeps his fans close XD I'm really happy that I went for his showcase.
Jin from Hitz FM was the emcee of the night. He and David are friends and you may have seen some of the Jinnyboytv videos has David's appearance.
The opening act of the night was non other than our local artist. I'm so sorry but I don't remember her name but she's good. Anyone can recall?
After the opening act, out come David Choi and his band. His band is awesome! David sounds the same in all of his videos! It was like watching YouTube with him in a big screen tv except this is LIVE!
He doesn't just sing during the whole showcase, he interact with us a lot. He talks to us, tell some jokes, telling us stories of how the song came by or how the song has affected his fans. It doesn't feel like going to a showcase, it felt more like attending a friend's showcase. I can say this was one of the most intimate showcase I ever been to! Hope I don't sound weird in saying intimate =X
Pardon me with this pic, don't know why it turn out such bad quality

This is him taking photos of the crowd who went to the showcase. I think he posted in either his Instagram or Tweeter.
There was a Q&A session, whereby fans who can answer his questions correctly, gets his signed poster!
During the middle of the show, David's guitar string broke! He said it happened the last time too.  His band mate helped him switch to another guitar.
Enough said, check out some of the songs he sang in the showcase.

Missing Pieces

That Girl

By My Side

What A Wonderful World

Isn't he amazing? He sang What A Wonderful World as his encore! Oh man! Please do come back soon!
There's a Meet and Greet session after the show and someone asked David to sign his guitar. Cool.
Me and David Choi
Me and JFK
Me and Jin
Met with our local DJ after the show too. Both JFK and Jin from Hitz FM are friendly. I actually met Jin the second time. The first time was when I had high tea with Wong Fu Productions. Speaking of Wong Fu Productions, they made some of David's videos and they uses David songs in their videos =D
I got David's signature on both giant poster and his Forever and Ever CD! This is definitely one of my favorite albums.

Ending this post with the song list of the showcase. I'm sorry if I missed out any songs that he sang during the show.

Underneath Your Love
Can't Take This Away
This and That Is Life
Missing Pieces
When You're Single
By My Side
That Girl
You Were My Friend
Won't Even Start
Lucky Guy
Encore: What A Wonderful World

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Namoo On the Park

It's another hang out with the ex-colleagues gang 3 weekends ago. This time we when to have a try at Namoo On the Park at Publika.

It's a more of a hang out type of place than your usual Korean restaurant. It's a modern cafe you go to and it serve Korean food. I find the food serve here very interesting and has a lot of variety of Korean food.
Let's just head on to food pictures rather than me telling you how good the food are.
What is having a Korean meal without having a Kim Chi soup? There's a lot of yummy and healthy ingredient in this Kim Chi soup. Do you know that Kim Chi soup can help you slim too? (Fact of Myth?) 
Bibimbap Fried Rice
From left to right: Multi-Grain Honey Latte (you can have it as a meal if you are on a diet because it's very filling), Yuza Tea and Snowflower Sik Hae *recommended* very refreshing and mildly sweet.
Top: Ginger Tea with Honey, Bottom: Expresso
Oh my! I think this is the best pancake that I ever had! Peanut Butter and Chocolate Pancake with Ice Cream. Most sinful dish I had for that day too =X
Pancake *warning, the brown sauce at the corner is quite spicy*
Bibi Rice Burger, it's something like MOS burger with grilled chicken
Other stuffing ourselves with delicious food, it's also picture snapping adventure for me and snailyin. BTW, the food pictures you see here are snapped using snailyin's 14mm pancake lens on my G3 XD

We switch each other lenses to snap on food because she want to poison me to buy a pancake lens LOL! Anyways, we switch back to snap the decorations in the cafe which I think are quite vintage and cute.
The entrance of the cafe, cute or not?
Entrance with the menu hanging at the side

Vintage *picture stolen from snailyin*
Camera art on top of vintage luggage bags *also stolen from snailyin*
Me with my G3 ^.^ *snapped by snailyin*
Namoo On the Park actually does locate next to a mini park at Publika. It has both outdoor and indoor dining. This is the outdoor of the cafe and on the left is the mini park and there's some mini playground for the kids. It's nice to chill out here on a dizzying rainy day.
 Trying to be artsy and snapped a picture of their counter. *lame* LOL
Ending the post with my OOTD of the day with one of the many structures you can find at Publika. I'm wearing denim on denim both polka dot denim and denim shorts from Brand Outlets.

Publika, Level G3, Lot 4A,
Solaris Dutamas,
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 KL.
Phone: 03 64116698