Thursday, January 31, 2013

Results of FINE Hyaluron & Collagen

Today I have completed my can of FINE Hyaluron & Collagen! This will be a short and quick post because I'm not feeling very well but still want to share with you guys the result of me consuming exactly a month of collagen.

These are the changes I notice on my skin after consuming the collagen.
Better nails
Can you see how shiny my nails look? I didn't even need to paint any nail polish. My nails used to look quite dull and not shiny at all. Now it looks like a natural French Manicure :D
See the dots of scars which I got from my allergy. It actually look a lot worst 2 months ago (it used to be very red and looks like bee stinks) and I only start drinking collagen a month ago. So it shows how damn slow my scar recovery is. This picture was taken on the 3rd week of consuming collagen.
This picture is taken yesterday, the fifth week of consuming collagen is the third last day of drinking collagen. The dots of scars has lighten a lot! You can barely see some of it too. Yeah ^.^V My skin does not feel too sensitive either. Less redness and itchiness when they disagree with me.
Of course most of all how does my face look like now?! Fairer, very less acne, scar recovery level has gone up and most of ALL my skin is not flaky anymore! The acne scar on my chin has disappear too compare to a few weeks ago.

My skin colouration has turn better too. Notice the slight redness on my cheeks? Makes me look heather and younger looking *shy* 

Do you know what does this means? It means that my skin is finally have quite the right amount of hydration. When your skin has enough of H2O, your skin will repairs scars faster, your skin feels supple, clearer and firmer too.

If you have already read my Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye, you will notice even I have panda eyes but the fine lines are not so visible and honestly, I was not using any eye products for a month before two days ago. I'm not sure is it the collagen that could maintain the fine lines being not so visible or I already have good under eye skin? Nah... I guess I'll credit the collagen LOL

I shall continue drinking collagen to remain un-age *hopefully* Nights peeps! Need my beauty sleep, sleeping early is one of the beauty secret too ;)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye

Well, you know how much I like my Kiehl's Line Reducing and Eye-Brightening Concentrate and the results after using it, right?

Surprisingly, I have not purchase my second tube of it since last April. I wanted to try on other products and especially if you believe in living with samples #cheapskate Guess what? Other products does not come up as good as the Kiehl's one I have used.

Last Sunday I headed down to the branch at Pavillion to get my second tube. The moment I step in and I'm greeted with a very helpful and enthusiastic SA - Deric. He ask what am I looking for and I told him I wanted to get my second tube of the Line Reducing and Eye-Brightening Concentrate. However, he recommended me to use the Midnight Recovery Eye as he feels that my under eye condition needs this more.
Even the giraffe wants to have a try on the Midnight Recovery Eye  
Deric pointed out something that I didn't notice of my under eye which is the dark circles. It's not just dark, it's quite purple-ish which makes me look like someone has given me a punch. Purple-ish means that the blood circulation around the eye area is not circulating properly.
Purple-ish under eye
Wearing specs making the dark circles look worst
Puffy upper eye lids
Specs makes the puffiness look worst too
Another thing which I don't like about my eye is the upper lid puffiness. It's just makes my eyes look droopy, smaller, sleepy and hiding my double eyelid! Most of all, I wear specs all the time and the specs just amplifies   the dark circles and puffiness even more!

I still have my fine lines due to aging FOL! But they are still less visible because of the previous tube I used. So, I'm still quite happy with it. Of course, hopefully with the Midnight Recovery Eye to strengthen my skin barrier and reduce the fine lines too.

Deric also explains clearly how does this tube of goody is going to help my dark circles, fine lines and puffiness. As you know our body replenish or repair our cells during the night while we are sleeping. The Midnight Recovery Eye works it's magic to strengthen our cells to restore our youth for us at night. It enhanced microcirculation therefore, reduces puffiness ans strengthens capillaries thereby minimized dark circles.

In short, not just our under eye area, our skin as well is damage by UV rays, environment and aging during the day. When night falls with the help of the Midnight Recovery Eye, it repairs and help to reinforce the skin barrier to retain moisture. In long term usage, our skin becomes healthier and could protect itself from the damages during the day.

I also love the ingredients in the Midnight Recovery Eye and the smell of it. It's very relaxing, probably helps you to sleep better.
Picture credits to Kiehl's

Need I say more? I grab a tube of the Midnight Recovery Eye! 1 tube of goodness helping you to have younger looking eyes and repairs 3 of the most targeted problem of your eyes area  max!

Before I leave the shop happily with my purchase, Deric is so sweet and nice. He gave me more samples that he thinks most suit my skin which I didn't even ask for samples! To think of it I feel a bit paiseh (shy). He even spent time to explain each of the samples and jointing down when and how I should use it. I will definitely come back more with Deric's professional service. 

Unlike the other day, I went to the Midvalley branch the SA was quite rude and unprofessional. Sorry, it's a bit off the topic but I feel when we shop especially for skin care. It's very important that the SA is helpful and professional. Knowing the products well and helping you get the right product is very important to us consumers. It was before Xmas and I was looking for a gift for the Xmas dinner party gift exchange. I was greeted when I walk in the shop but the moment I told the SA I'm looking for something RM50 or above as a gift. He straight away gave me a booklet to brush me off, telling me all gift sets are shown in it and the well wrapped gift sets are at front. I was quite pissed off, I just walk out the shop.

OK, back to Deric the good SA, these are the samples he has chosen for me. The samples with scrabble writings are what Deric jointed down for me. D = Day use, N = Night use. How thoughtful!
Midnight Recovery Concentrate (for skin), Might get this for my next purchase
Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner and Centella Recovery Skin-Salve
Deric has chosen the Toner because he feels that my skin needs more hydration and the other one is a moisturizer for sensitive skin.
BB Cream with Vitamin C
The BB Cream helps correct skin tone irregularities, it has Vitamin C and also SFP 50++. It comes in Light and Fair colour tone. Light is for more pinker skin tones.

So next time do drop by Pavillion branch and look for Deric if you need some good recommendations of the products you are looking for.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Watson's Beauty Haul

Went to Watson's to get some drugstore supplies over the weekend and I stumble upon some new beauty products that I thought of sharing with you guys. If you shop a lot in Watson's you will notice they have bring in a lot of good beauty and skin care products in and you just feel excited just shopping in there.

I bought Simple Bye Dark Circle Hydro Gel Masks (the pink panda box), Keratinology by Sunsilk (the box below) and Loreal EverStrong Overnight Hair Repair Treatment (the green bottle).

Simple Bye Dark Circle Hydro Gel Masks isn't the packaging box looks so cute? The eye masks itself is pink too!
It's from Taiwan and we do know most Taiwan beauty products have great reviews. It comes in 2 pairs, it has Marine Plasma Protein that cure dark circles, whitening and hydrates the eye skin area to reduce wrinkles and enhance skin elasticity. 

I have not known of this brand yet but the eye masks shelf, this is the 'selling fast' eye masks. It left 4 boxes of it, 2 of the Hydro ones and 2 of the collagen ones. I was checking it out and was thinking should I get the collagen one or the Hydro one and there's 2 girls standing beside me and just took the collagen one -___- No explanation needed, so I grab one box of the Hydro one to try.

The my surprise after using it, my eye area does whiten up a lot and my eye bags have reduce! Most important, you know sometimes how mask can be messy right? This one has a special gel plasma texture that ables to cover my eye area fully, no dripping, no over soak moisture sipping out while I'm wearing it. It just 'sticks' on my face holding up my eye bags firmly. 

Sorry but I forgot to take the before and after picture of me using it but it's good. Don't believe you try it yourself ;)

Keratinology by Sunsilk is a dual treatment shots for hair (duh!) I'm always a Sunsilk user and this will be their advance technology treatment for your hair. It has infuse Pico technology. What is Pico? 

Pico is this in Metric Prefixes
Picture is courtesy of Wikipedia

OKOK, in layman terms I shall describe it in a molecule diameter size.
Micro is this big |-----------|
Nano is this big |-------|
Pico is this small |--|
Pico is 1000 times smaller than Nano, so now you get the picture? It also means that your hair gets way too easy to absorb all the Keratin goodness into it.

I did try it 2 days ago and the absorption is true. Do you notice that when you are using your conditional or hair masks. When you rinse your hair you still can feel the smooth products get wash away, right? It means that your hair cannot fully absorb all of the products. With the Pico technology, it does absorb all of the products into your hair. When I rinse my hair, only tiny tiny tiny amount of the product is being wash away.

The treatment comes in 2 parts, you have to use Tube 1 after you wash your hair and rinse it. Tube 2 is a Leave On treatment to be apply to your damp hair. It feels soft, untangle and easy to manage after one use. I'm a happy girl XD

Btw, even it's the size of the tubes are small, you can use it more than one time depending the length of your hair. Remember DO NOT throw away the tip of the tube once you have peel it off. You can actually turn it around to close the tube.
After you peel off the tip of the tube it looks like a crown shape, you can turn it around and close up the tube for your next use. Smart?

Loreal EverStrong Overnight Hair Repair Treatment it's under their new range of Loreal Ever collection. They have EverStrong for damage hair, EverPure for coloured hair and EverSleek for anti-frizz hair.

I have been loving this collection a lot and have been using the EverPure and EverSleek hair mask religiously. For a drugstore product and drugstore price, giving a higher range result, it's definitely recommended.
EverPure (Pink tub), EverSleek (Orange tub)
I haven't use this overnight treatment yet but I do think it will be a good one too. It is to strengthen your hair while you sleep.It is suppose to use while your hair is dry. It has quick absorption that it doesn't leaves any residue on your pillow. I am replacing it as my hair serum. I have been using the Redken Anti-Frizz Hair Serum since I have started using hair serum..... it's like ever! It's not that the Redken one is not good but maybe it's time for a change?

UPDATE: I have tried the Loreal EverStrong Overnight Hair Repair Treatment and I am LOVING it! It is really the best one from the whole collection. I use it when I don't have much time for hair mask during my bath. I use it after I have wash my hair, it works on damp hair too. My hair feels soft and untangle, most of all it does not break easily too. It's like a leave in hair mask, not oily, leaving you good hair for the whole day.

Alright, this will be a bit off the topic but recently I'm a bit obsess in using Olive Body Bath. If you have follow me in Instagram, if you haven't, please follow me @anonymousmich I did posted a picture on my daily groom products and one of it is the Olive Body Bath. It's Imselene Olive Moisture Care Body Cleanser, it's from Korea. It's good but I can only find it in Stardust Studio in Fahrenheit 88. 
The 1.5L Imselene Olive Moisture Care Body Cleanser (green bottle)
I do have slightly dry feet and after I use the Olive body bath, no more dry feet. I'm hook with it since but it's pretty far to get just a bottle of body bath and I don't know where else do sell it. If anyone knows, please do tell me.

I have switch to the Body Shop Olive Shower Gel (picture above green bottle). The texture is richer compare to the Imselene one, thought I do like both of it. Price and size wise, the Imselene is more worth it.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Grilled Vegetables

Are you bored of eating steam vegetables, fried vegetables, boiled vegetables *yuck* so on and so on? Why not try grilling them?! It's easy! Btw, it's my first attempt of grilling vegetables and the result is successfully delicious *winks*

Assorted vegetables of your choice, here I used mini Zucchini, Yellow Zucchini, Capsicums and mini carrots.
Olive Oil

Cut every vegetables in equal sizes so that it's easier to grill them equally.
Well, you have to wash your vegetables first. I like to soak mine for 10 minutes and it's better to soak them in water and salt.

As I have mention, cut the vegetable in bite size equally. I marinate them in just Olive Oil and some salt, mixed them around and let it sit for awhile. Gives you time to prepare for your other food.
Obviously you need a grill to prepare this dish, you may start with the vegetables which need longer time getting cook. Flip them once awhile but not too often.
I find that the carrots takes the longest time to grill and the Yellow Zucchinis takes the shortest time to grill. I'm excited to see grill marks on the vegetables LOL! Once your vegetables starts to turn wobbly, it's cooked!

There you go, it may not look appetizing the way it is presented and it's not burnt! (Those are grill marks). The carrots taste sweet and you can still taste the "rawness" of  smoked vegetables.
Told you it's easy right? Just Wash, Cut, Marinate, Grill and Serve. I eat it with my Chicken Ham Spaghetti, yumz.

Good luck in trying with the grilled vegetables!

Monday, January 7, 2013

FINE Hyaluron & Collagen

You can't pretend that you are not aging when your younger cousins have all grown up and everyone else your age is telling you so too. Normally, I will just ignore what people say when they are talking about my age but you just have to accept it when your body is telling you so too FML.

Luckily, we live in an era where technology and medical are advance. We have a lot of ways to maintain our youthful look and staying healthier.

Last month, the BFF decided to try on collagen drink because her facial guru told her it would help her skin look better. After two week of consuming the collagen drink, I notice her face does look better. Less breakouts and looks fairer. I was convinced that consuming collagen really does helps to improve out skin.

There are a lot of different collagen drinks you can get in the market, I did some research and I decided to try the FINE Hyaluron & Collagen drink.
Before I go into details about the FINE Hyaluron & Collagen drink, I have my reasons for consuming collagen.

  • I'm consider quite old (27 yrs old) to still having breakouts/acne.
  • Having enlarged pores.
  • Having fine lines are getting more visible as I age.
  • Scars from acne (face) or cuts/mosquito bites (any part of the body) takes very very very long time to heal.
  • Having sensitive skin (face and whole body). My skin have redness and itchiness when it disagrees with me.
  • My skin health is always normal to combination but due to an allergy a few months back it became dry. The allergy has wear off but my skin remains dry for two months and it still feels flaky.
  • I go for monthly facial and my facial guru always tells me the same thing, my skin is dehydrated even I drink lots of water everyday.
  • My skin colouration looks dull at times, especially before and during menstrual. 
  • I have really bad eye sight and recently it has gotten worst. I have high astigmatism and high short-sighted that my contact lenses have to be order in advance. My recent worst case is when my optician told me if my astigmatism is going any higher, there will be no contact lenses manufacturing it, super FML D: 
  • My knee joints feels weak/slight discomfort after running, playing badminton and driving.
Taken a week ago
I have taken the picture above on the second day of the intake of the collagen drink. I have started consuming it exactly one week ago (31/12/2012), just to take note for myself. I have only taken picture the second day because I consume the collagen drink the day after I bought it and I drank it at night, so it makes no difference yet if I have taken the picture the second day.

Well, FINE Hyaluron & Collagen is originated from Japan. The land of producing a lot of beauty and skin care products. Japan is also a place where you can find most of the Japanese living healthy and looking youthful. It's like they have anti-aging genes in them LOL.


Fish Collagen - fish peptides which has small molecule size that it's easily be absorb by our body. Collagen helps vitalize the skin, making our skin looks younger and firmer. 

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) - helps main watery and supple skin. 1g of HA can keep 6 litter of moisture, it can nourish and hydrates the collagen. It also provides moisturizing protection making it able to control skin aging, slow diminish of eye function and strengthen joints.

Elastin - helps improve the elasticity of skin because skin elastic needs protein (Elastin) to work with collagen. Therefore our skin have elasticity, texture and firmness.

Pearl Coix (Hatomugi) - provides antioxidant, detoxification and giving us clearer, fairer and luminous skin.

Vitamin C - it is needed in the production of collagen for our body and provides antioxidant as well. It also accelerates metabolism and improves our skin complexion and elasticity.

Biotin - maintain healthy skin, mucosa, hair and nails because it involves in the metabolism of fat, sugars and protein. It also helps to ease eczema and dermatitis.

Those are all the goodness that you can gain from FINE Hyaluron & Collagen. Here's how I look after a week of intake.
After a week
There might not be any obvious/drastic changes yet because it's only just been a week. Thought I do notice a few things after consuming it.
  • My breakouts/acne has reduce, usually I have a lot of breakout on my forehead but I have none for the pass week.
  • Notice my acne scar on my chin has heal slightly faster than before. Normally a scar will stay on me for more than a month.
  • I feel more energetic. I feel that I can go by the day without feeling tired all the time. One thing for sure, I have consume it at night and I couldn't fall asleep on the first day (maybe it's just me). So, my advise is to drink it during breakfast or lunch.
  • I feel more thirsty than ever, this has been advise before I purchase it and it's normal. Lucky for me drinking lots of water daily is not a problem.
Btw, the difference on the skin/body after consuming collagen is vary for everyone.

Oh ya, I have forgotten to tell you about the taste. It only has a milky flavour and it's in powder form. I go for powder form because it's more eco-friendly and I don't have to think how am I to get rid of the bottles (most of the collagen drinks comes in small bottle size). Besides it's cheaper comparing to the bottled collagen drinks, yeah, I'm quite a cheapo LOL.

You can mixed the FINE Hyaluron & Collagen powder with any beverages (either cold or hot) and it will gives it a creamier texture. I have tried mixing it with fresh milk, milo, oats, coffee and cold green tea (doesn't goes very well). It's quite fun to try and mix it with different beverages and so far the best ones are fresh milk, milo and oats. Hint: to mix with cold beverages, firstly pour half of the beverage in your cup, add the Collagen powder, stir well and pour the remaining half of the beverage and stir again.

I shall continue updating my progress with the intake of collagen again soon. For now, good night world!

UPDATE: Want to know the results after a month? Check it out here.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nature Republic By Flower Make Up Starter& Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

Happy New Year everyone! It's already the second day of the year 2013! I felt last year was quite a good year for be, or I should say a better year than 2011. There are some ups and downs but I feel that the ups are more than the downs. I certainly do not want 2012 to end cox I feel that I still have so much to be completed/achieve last year. I guess, I have complete them this year.

Hope all of you have a great start of the new year. I hope this year will be an even BETTER year for me XD

Let's get this rolling with some beauty products I discover and like using them. Have you heard of Nature Republic? I did not, I only get to know becox of my BFF is super craze of the brand ambassador - Jang Geun Suk. (Can't believe I'm talking about him *roll eyes*) Who's really pretty and handsome at the same time. Dear BFF, if you are reading this you owe me big time! LOL
For people like me who doesn't wear make up to work, however, due to the busy working schedule and traffic jam in KL. One would NOT travel back to their homes to get ready for an event/outing after work. How do we attend the event/outing after work WITH make up? With the greasy face and with make up one? No way! Also for lazy people like us we do not like to carry out a lot of stuff. You can't be carrying your skin care products AND make up kit right?

There's also sometimes where we were rushing here n there to run errands and other stuff. After that we need to get ready for an event/outing but we do not have enough time to get ready?

No sweat! Make Up Starter to the rescue! They are the Soothing and Calming Make Up Starter of Nature Republic By Flower.
They are disposable make up starter which moisturizes your skin, provides pore and sebum control and dead skin cells care all at once.

This means that you have less hassle to get ready for your next destination and save you less time to get pretty. Amazing right? Why have I not discover this earlier?
Check out this greasy and tired face of mine. Without wasting anytime, I uses a wet tissue to clean my face and gently wipe my face with a piece of the make up starter pad. I also wipe the areas in a massaging motion which I feel have more dead skin cells, in other words areas of your faces which feels a bit rough. FML
The make up starter pad (I uses the calming one here)
Once you have taken out the make up starter pad from the packet, you can feel the pad is very moisturize and there's still a lot of the moisture 'juice' in the packet. The pad is soft and you instantly feels refresh after wiping your face with it.

I also love Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel. It's one of their star buys. I did previously tried other Aloe Vera and nothing works like this one. As you can read from the name it's made out of 92% aloe vera. I have not found any products consisting this much of aloe vera and some of the claimed aloe vera products are sometimes uses artificial ingredients too. 
Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel
I'm sure you know by now how much goodness aloe vera can do to you, so I leave it for yourself to discover their goodness. *hint: Google* This aloe vera gel uses REAL aloe vera, it moisturize/replenish/rehydrate and also calms the reddened and dry skins. 

I remember after my leg surgery, my grandma gave me use pieces of actual real aloe vera (straightly plucked from her garden) to use it on my wound. It helps reduce the itchiness, redness and also help my wound heal better. My scar is less visible all thanks for grandma and her aloe vera.

This aloe vera soothing gel comes in as close as the real deal you can get from a tub. Unless you grow aloe vera in your very own home, this is the as good as you can get. Other than the greatness I have mention, it has multiple uses, you can use it for almost everything from your face to your body.

You can use it for:
  • As mask or sleeping mask
  • Eye mask
  • Eye cream
  • Lip mask
  • Body lotion
  • Make up base
  • Moisturizer 
  • Hair care
Amazing right? I love it so much, I have been using it religiously!

OK, I know I have not finish with the make up starter but hear me out, after using the make up starter. I smack some aloe vera gel on my face. Tadah! I'm done with cleaning, refreshing, moisturize and slap on make up base on my face all in less than a minute! Save you so much steps.
See, my face looks way healthier, refresh, clean and moisturized
My skin looks so much clearer and translucent too. Did you notice some of the pimple scars has become less visible? Becox of the dead cells being remove when I uses the make up starter. Next step is applying make up one and I'm all set and ready to head out.
With make up and heading out 
Make up is much easier to apply and last longer after using the make up starter.
Last OOTD of 2012

Celebrated my last day of 2012 hang out with friends and taking picture of a pub with bejeweled wall like my bejeweled sheer blouse from Bangkok.