Monday, January 14, 2013

Grilled Vegetables

Are you bored of eating steam vegetables, fried vegetables, boiled vegetables *yuck* so on and so on? Why not try grilling them?! It's easy! Btw, it's my first attempt of grilling vegetables and the result is successfully delicious *winks*

Assorted vegetables of your choice, here I used mini Zucchini, Yellow Zucchini, Capsicums and mini carrots.
Olive Oil

Cut every vegetables in equal sizes so that it's easier to grill them equally.
Well, you have to wash your vegetables first. I like to soak mine for 10 minutes and it's better to soak them in water and salt.

As I have mention, cut the vegetable in bite size equally. I marinate them in just Olive Oil and some salt, mixed them around and let it sit for awhile. Gives you time to prepare for your other food.
Obviously you need a grill to prepare this dish, you may start with the vegetables which need longer time getting cook. Flip them once awhile but not too often.
I find that the carrots takes the longest time to grill and the Yellow Zucchinis takes the shortest time to grill. I'm excited to see grill marks on the vegetables LOL! Once your vegetables starts to turn wobbly, it's cooked!

There you go, it may not look appetizing the way it is presented and it's not burnt! (Those are grill marks). The carrots taste sweet and you can still taste the "rawness" of  smoked vegetables.
Told you it's easy right? Just Wash, Cut, Marinate, Grill and Serve. I eat it with my Chicken Ham Spaghetti, yumz.

Good luck in trying with the grilled vegetables!

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