Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye

Well, you know how much I like my Kiehl's Line Reducing and Eye-Brightening Concentrate and the results after using it, right?

Surprisingly, I have not purchase my second tube of it since last April. I wanted to try on other products and especially if you believe in living with samples #cheapskate Guess what? Other products does not come up as good as the Kiehl's one I have used.

Last Sunday I headed down to the branch at Pavillion to get my second tube. The moment I step in and I'm greeted with a very helpful and enthusiastic SA - Deric. He ask what am I looking for and I told him I wanted to get my second tube of the Line Reducing and Eye-Brightening Concentrate. However, he recommended me to use the Midnight Recovery Eye as he feels that my under eye condition needs this more.
Even the giraffe wants to have a try on the Midnight Recovery Eye  
Deric pointed out something that I didn't notice of my under eye which is the dark circles. It's not just dark, it's quite purple-ish which makes me look like someone has given me a punch. Purple-ish means that the blood circulation around the eye area is not circulating properly.
Purple-ish under eye
Wearing specs making the dark circles look worst
Puffy upper eye lids
Specs makes the puffiness look worst too
Another thing which I don't like about my eye is the upper lid puffiness. It's just makes my eyes look droopy, smaller, sleepy and hiding my double eyelid! Most of all, I wear specs all the time and the specs just amplifies   the dark circles and puffiness even more!

I still have my fine lines due to aging FOL! But they are still less visible because of the previous tube I used. So, I'm still quite happy with it. Of course, hopefully with the Midnight Recovery Eye to strengthen my skin barrier and reduce the fine lines too.

Deric also explains clearly how does this tube of goody is going to help my dark circles, fine lines and puffiness. As you know our body replenish or repair our cells during the night while we are sleeping. The Midnight Recovery Eye works it's magic to strengthen our cells to restore our youth for us at night. It enhanced microcirculation therefore, reduces puffiness ans strengthens capillaries thereby minimized dark circles.

In short, not just our under eye area, our skin as well is damage by UV rays, environment and aging during the day. When night falls with the help of the Midnight Recovery Eye, it repairs and help to reinforce the skin barrier to retain moisture. In long term usage, our skin becomes healthier and could protect itself from the damages during the day.

I also love the ingredients in the Midnight Recovery Eye and the smell of it. It's very relaxing, probably helps you to sleep better.
Picture credits to Kiehl's

Need I say more? I grab a tube of the Midnight Recovery Eye! 1 tube of goodness helping you to have younger looking eyes and repairs 3 of the most targeted problem of your eyes area  max!

Before I leave the shop happily with my purchase, Deric is so sweet and nice. He gave me more samples that he thinks most suit my skin which I didn't even ask for samples! To think of it I feel a bit paiseh (shy). He even spent time to explain each of the samples and jointing down when and how I should use it. I will definitely come back more with Deric's professional service. 

Unlike the other day, I went to the Midvalley branch the SA was quite rude and unprofessional. Sorry, it's a bit off the topic but I feel when we shop especially for skin care. It's very important that the SA is helpful and professional. Knowing the products well and helping you get the right product is very important to us consumers. It was before Xmas and I was looking for a gift for the Xmas dinner party gift exchange. I was greeted when I walk in the shop but the moment I told the SA I'm looking for something RM50 or above as a gift. He straight away gave me a booklet to brush me off, telling me all gift sets are shown in it and the well wrapped gift sets are at front. I was quite pissed off, I just walk out the shop.

OK, back to Deric the good SA, these are the samples he has chosen for me. The samples with scrabble writings are what Deric jointed down for me. D = Day use, N = Night use. How thoughtful!
Midnight Recovery Concentrate (for skin), Might get this for my next purchase
Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner and Centella Recovery Skin-Salve
Deric has chosen the Toner because he feels that my skin needs more hydration and the other one is a moisturizer for sensitive skin.
BB Cream with Vitamin C
The BB Cream helps correct skin tone irregularities, it has Vitamin C and also SFP 50++. It comes in Light and Fair colour tone. Light is for more pinker skin tones.

So next time do drop by Pavillion branch and look for Deric if you need some good recommendations of the products you are looking for.

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