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Nature Republic By Flower Make Up Starter& Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

Happy New Year everyone! It's already the second day of the year 2013! I felt last year was quite a good year for be, or I should say a better year than 2011. There are some ups and downs but I feel that the ups are more than the downs. I certainly do not want 2012 to end cox I feel that I still have so much to be completed/achieve last year. I guess, I have complete them this year.

Hope all of you have a great start of the new year. I hope this year will be an even BETTER year for me XD

Let's get this rolling with some beauty products I discover and like using them. Have you heard of Nature Republic? I did not, I only get to know becox of my BFF is super craze of the brand ambassador - Jang Geun Suk. (Can't believe I'm talking about him *roll eyes*) Who's really pretty and handsome at the same time. Dear BFF, if you are reading this you owe me big time! LOL
For people like me who doesn't wear make up to work, however, due to the busy working schedule and traffic jam in KL. One would NOT travel back to their homes to get ready for an event/outing after work. How do we attend the event/outing after work WITH make up? With the greasy face and with make up one? No way! Also for lazy people like us we do not like to carry out a lot of stuff. You can't be carrying your skin care products AND make up kit right?

There's also sometimes where we were rushing here n there to run errands and other stuff. After that we need to get ready for an event/outing but we do not have enough time to get ready?

No sweat! Make Up Starter to the rescue! They are the Soothing and Calming Make Up Starter of Nature Republic By Flower.
They are disposable make up starter which moisturizes your skin, provides pore and sebum control and dead skin cells care all at once.

This means that you have less hassle to get ready for your next destination and save you less time to get pretty. Amazing right? Why have I not discover this earlier?
Check out this greasy and tired face of mine. Without wasting anytime, I uses a wet tissue to clean my face and gently wipe my face with a piece of the make up starter pad. I also wipe the areas in a massaging motion which I feel have more dead skin cells, in other words areas of your faces which feels a bit rough. FML
The make up starter pad (I uses the calming one here)
Once you have taken out the make up starter pad from the packet, you can feel the pad is very moisturize and there's still a lot of the moisture 'juice' in the packet. The pad is soft and you instantly feels refresh after wiping your face with it.

I also love Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel. It's one of their star buys. I did previously tried other Aloe Vera and nothing works like this one. As you can read from the name it's made out of 92% aloe vera. I have not found any products consisting this much of aloe vera and some of the claimed aloe vera products are sometimes uses artificial ingredients too. 
Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel
I'm sure you know by now how much goodness aloe vera can do to you, so I leave it for yourself to discover their goodness. *hint: Google* This aloe vera gel uses REAL aloe vera, it moisturize/replenish/rehydrate and also calms the reddened and dry skins. 

I remember after my leg surgery, my grandma gave me use pieces of actual real aloe vera (straightly plucked from her garden) to use it on my wound. It helps reduce the itchiness, redness and also help my wound heal better. My scar is less visible all thanks for grandma and her aloe vera.

This aloe vera soothing gel comes in as close as the real deal you can get from a tub. Unless you grow aloe vera in your very own home, this is the as good as you can get. Other than the greatness I have mention, it has multiple uses, you can use it for almost everything from your face to your body.

You can use it for:
  • As mask or sleeping mask
  • Eye mask
  • Eye cream
  • Lip mask
  • Body lotion
  • Make up base
  • Moisturizer 
  • Hair care
Amazing right? I love it so much, I have been using it religiously!

OK, I know I have not finish with the make up starter but hear me out, after using the make up starter. I smack some aloe vera gel on my face. Tadah! I'm done with cleaning, refreshing, moisturize and slap on make up base on my face all in less than a minute! Save you so much steps.
See, my face looks way healthier, refresh, clean and moisturized
My skin looks so much clearer and translucent too. Did you notice some of the pimple scars has become less visible? Becox of the dead cells being remove when I uses the make up starter. Next step is applying make up one and I'm all set and ready to head out.
With make up and heading out 
Make up is much easier to apply and last longer after using the make up starter.
Last OOTD of 2012

Celebrated my last day of 2012 hang out with friends and taking picture of a pub with bejeweled wall like my bejeweled sheer blouse from Bangkok.

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