Monday, December 24, 2012

Red Beatz at Stage Avenue K

Thanks to Red FM for the invites to go to Stage at Avenue K for their Red Beatz party. It happened last Thursday and my friends call it the Dooms Day Eve party. The world certainly didn't end and I don't know why so many people is looking forward for it to end. *I don't want to die young!*

It's my first time going to Stage, although I heard it's quite happening there. It's also been such a long while since I club *aging* FML.
*Picture is courtesy of Red FM*
Picture was taken before the party started in front of the Red FM banner. Got celebrity feel?! LOL *Thick face* Dress is from Singapore.

The place is pretty cool having a huge stage, DJ deck with Xmas deco and it has 2 stories for party animals to chill. Btw, apologize for the lousy pictures taken by me because it was dark and the only camera I brought is my phone camera. Yeah, I know time to change the phone.

DJ Linora was the Emcee of the night and she kick off the night with some fun games.
*Picture is courtesy of Red FM*

DJ Linora of Red FM
It was a game of "Who can drink the fastest". With four person a tower of beer and which team drank the fastest wins! It was pretty fun to watch.
There's also a Buy 2 Free 1 for beverage for the whole night and well, we ordered the towerz of beer. Just in case you are wondering, between the first 2 towers is someone's head.
The DJs spinning for the night were awesome! DJ Mike from 988FM played a lot of great tunes. He pretty much get the wild side of the crowd.
DJ Mike spinning on the deck
*Picture is courtesy of Red FM*
Everyone, especially guys was very excited when Yumi Wong made the appearance with Emcee Vibe (hope I didn't get the name wrong)
Yumi and Vibe

Picture is courtesy of Red FM*
She had a short dance with one of the member EleColdxHot (ECX) and also gave away some gifts. Guess the she's Santarina of the night?
Giving out gifts
I was most looking forward for DJ Point of Manhand to spin. Turns out his awesome! I dance my feet off the night!
DJ Point and Vibe

It was a tiring yet enjoyable night. Stage has a lot of events happening there and seems like they do invite famous DJs to spin for us. I think I have found another good place to club. *smirk face*

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