Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ash Green Hair and Short Hair

Finally I have the time of the day to blog! I'll be starting my long hol today and hopefully I get to rest, party, enjoy and clear out my list of things to complete before the end of the year!

Well, being a red head is not easy to maintain and the colours wear off very quickly. My hair grow out quickly too and the length got a bit annoying. So I head to the salon (last month) to get a new colour and chopping of the heavy length.

I did show you guys a preview of my hair before I get it done here. If you are lazy to click it, here's the preview.
I really like the dip dye red I had but I feel like trying out another colour, so this time is Ash Green. My hair stylist told me that I had to bleach my hair before dying the Ash Green. I had never bleach my hair before and was a bit afraid but I was convinced.

My hair stylist explains that hair dye is the same as play with water colour when you were a kid. Some colours can be mixed and some can't and you will end up with shitty colour, literally. If you have already guess it, is green cannot be mix with red, the colour would not show if you do not bleach your hair to a neutral colour.
Bleach hair! Fugly!
I look weird in bleach hair, maybe I should go platinum blonde?! LOL

Anyways, here is the end result of a fresh dyed Ash Green hair, love it! I was told the colour will wear off quick as well but my good hair stylist added more green in the dye to make it last longer. The freshly dye colour will have a lot more green-ish look but I'm fine with it.
Finish look
I wanted to keep track on how quick the colour will fade and I was hardworking in keeping track for 3 days only FML. Thus, I added in some up-to-date colour status to compensate.
2nd day in natural light
Indoor lighting
3rd day
Alica's wedding with StupidGang!
That was 2 weeks ago during one of our StupidGang member's wedding! The green has almost faded and it become this brownish blonde. Alicia is happily married! I'm so happy for her. Most of the StupidGang members attended the wedding dinner and it has been such a long time we all meet up. We should do it more often guys!
White dress from Bangkok
H&M Studded Black belt
Zara Teal Long Cardigen
This is last week
This is the same day of last week, the colour has now faded to blonde LOL! Attended another wedding dinner. *Dress is from Korea*. Damn a lot of people either getting married or popping out babies this year! Excited for them!

Then! Something came on to me and in a quick moment I had SHORT hair! Freaking bob short hair!
Nice? It's a 60's Look with the bride of the day
OK! I'm playing with you guys, I didn't cut my hair short. It's just a wig, chill la! It was a request by the bride for her 60's theme wedding. I think I look kinda noob in short hair and I don't think I rock 60's look either FML.
Hmm... I have switch from colour to colour, I really have no idea what is next to come. We shall see *wink*

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