Saturday, July 30, 2011

Turning points of Life

I don't know about you guys but I sometimes have really good six sense on things. There's one time where I had those six sense feeling and it turns out to be one of the turning point of my life which by the way, had the most impact on me.

About 6 years back, I was on hold for my Diploma and I started my working life while continue pursuing my studies. I have finally gotten my Diploma and was so ready to quit my job and pursued for my Degree. I had a great sense that it will be a life changing of accounts flowing towards me.

What do you know, it really is the start of a turning point of my life. I started my first semester, met a bunch of true forever friends, broke up with my then bf, work really hard for my studies, met someone who had a great impact in my life, went abroad to UK, graduated and life was pretty much up hill and those few years was the best years I ever had and I got to share them with my friends and love ones.

I guess there's always ups and downs in life, for me now is not really up, I did gone through some bad stuff after going up hill but let's not talk bout it. Like they always says, "That's life!"

Anyways, this entry is not really much about me but is about a very dear friend of mine. I'm glad that I'm part of her turning point of her life.

Alicia and me

My dearest friend, Alicia, she's always so intense in life, work, studies and there's always a lot of responsibility for her to carry. Surviving to go through life, it's wasn't that easy for her. Though, she's always been a very dear friend of mine, always been there for me.

There was a time where we couldn't keep in touch much but we still think of each other dearly. Last year, she told me she will be transferring to Singapore due to work. It's a big decision for her and it really is quite important and life changing for her.

Obviously, there's fear too, being able to cope with the new environment and of course lonely. I was quite worried about her too. I tried my best to kept her accompany as much as I can, thanks to the power of technology.

It wasn't long after she move to Singapore, I introduce some friends to her. That's when all the good stuff came in. She's happy with her job, was really happy with her newly made friends, got baptized, met some one she loved and loved her back.

She's so much happier now then the Alicia that I used to know. I'm really really really happy for her. I'm glad that things could work out for her after so much she had been through. I'm also glad and grateful that I'm given a chance to witness all these with her.

One more with Bread Talk and 2 strangers LOL

This is one of the turning points of Alicia and my life, what is yours?

PS: Alicia if you are reading this, you don't always have to thank me, you could not have done these if you didn't take the first step out (which is meeting my friends), it's all YOU, all the time. Love you and miss you much! Thanks for always been there for me.

PPS: Happy 1 year Anniversary in Singapore and wish you many more to come!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kiehl's Line Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate

Aging + lack of sleep + having non-frequent-diets + air-pollution + exposure to sunlight = Dark eye circles + Wrinkles = FML

 Yah, I know, it's scary

As you can see, my dark circles (left) has expended it's territory on a portion of my face and those super visible freaking wrinkles (right) has expended tree-like-roots on my face too.

I had tried many products and they don't really work. Usually eye care products comes individually, if you have more than one problem for your eyes, you need to buy more than one eye care products and also you need to smack on more than one eye care products on your eye area.

Our skin around the eye area are very delicate and thin, it can't really withstand so much products at one time. Hence, would those products serve their purpose properly? You would probably be lazy to smack on so much products on your eye area and also it will be way expensive to get so many products too.
Thank goodness that Kiehl's has come out with a double eye care product! Introducing the Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate!
I have been always wanted to try Kiehl's product but never got a chance. I couldn't hold myself anymore and I splurged on it!

It really feels like they made it just for me wtf. This little magical tube could cure my dark eye circles and wrinkles! All in just ONE freaking tub! YES! to no more super obvious and hideous wrinkle under my eyes even after make-up! FML!

Apparently they uses Pure Vitamin C 10.5% (L-Ascorbic Acid) which allows your sunken lines to be fill up again and improve your skin's appearance. It's also part of an anti-aging ingredients!

They also include Haloxyl which helps eliminate dark eye circles and soothe, strengthens and brightens your eye area.You will feel slightly heat around your eye area when you apply and massage it. This makes your blood circulate better around your eye area so that it will reduce the blood clot around your eye area and giving you panda eyes!

It is also clinically proven and do you know why it's called concentrate? It's because it resembles as serum, no more heavy duty for your under eye area and those magical ingredients will be easily adsorb into our skin making it work harder to reduce dark eye circles and wrinkles. 

One more close-up of the magic tub

 I was already convince that it will give me results when I had an accidental test on my hand. I wanted to check out this one of the best-seller eye product from Kiehl. I walked into the store and just browse around. The SA was really nice and politely ask me is there any specific help I need. I blabbered that I wanted to try some of their eye care products. He kindly explained what eye care products they have and which one is made for me suits me more. 

I took out my hand to try the texture of it. I notice that I had a small cut on my hand which I don't know how and when it happened but it was a fresh cut. The SA put just a small amount of the product on the cut which I  don't think he did it on purpose. I rubbed on half of my cut and it stunk but bearable. The SA offers me to tried on my eye too. That's how I know the work of the slight heat.

I looked at my the small cut on my hand again and wanted to feel whether it has those sticky feeling or not. It does not have the sticky feeling at all, it's very smooth on my hand. The surprise I got was not it does not have a sticky feeling, is that the half part of the cut I got the wound was closing tightly than the other half. It was a very obvious difference.

Guess what I brought home after? You got it! The Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate! I believe it will works for me. *cross fingers*

UPDATES: I have finish using the magic tub after 9 months. Results here.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Meet Nigel Barker in Person!

Good news for all of you photographer nerds out there! Now you have the chance to MEET NIGEL BARKER IN PERSON! YES!!!! *screaming my lungs OUT* THE Nigel Barker from America's Next Top Model (ANTM)!

 Sexeyyyy!!! ^.^

I have watch ANTM from the very beginning and Nigel Barker is one of the judges and photographers in the show! He's just so handsome and charming! Of course! He gives really good advise to the models and have taken a lot of good shots!

Check out his professional work of art ~ ~ ~
This is my all time favorite from Nigel and also my all time favorite winner from ANTM Cycle 2 ♥ ♥ ♥ 

* All pictures are courtesy of Nigel Barker 

Aren't those the cutest seal you ever seen? It's one of Nigel Baker's project of protecting seals from slaughtering. See here for more cute pictures of them and more information of the project. 

OK! Here's your chance to meet Nigel Baker himself and get to learn some professional photography skills. It's because Nigel Baker is here! IN MALAYSIA! 

He is now in Langkawi giving photography workshops. (I know, I'm late as usual to inform, blogger PHAIL big time *sob*) You can get to know the itinerary of his workshops holding now, I think is too late already but maybe you can know it for next time or next event of his in other countries. Who knows right? 
 Fraid not! Even if you miss out on the workshops, you still get to meet him this Saturday 23/7/2011 at Kinokuniya Bookstore@KLCC from 5.00pm - 7.00pm for an autographed copy of Nigel Baker's latest book "Beauty Equation". So don't wait anymore alright, just head on to KLCC this Saturday to meet the legend! 

These events are brought to you by Epic Voyage! Thank you for bring Nigel Baker to Malaysia! I'm sure he will be fascinated by what we have in Malaysia ;p

If you want to know more about Nigel Baker's work in progress, you can check out his blog.
Hope you all have a great time meeting him!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Julie & Julia

I got really inspired and move by a movie I watch last two nights ago. It's an old movie but I don't think a lot of people watch it or even know of it. FYL It really is a good movie especially if you are those who love fooood.

The movie is based on two true stories at different times and both ladies' life encounters are what most similar. Julia Child (staring Meryl Streep) and Julie Powell (starting Amy Adams) who were both fearless, passion for food and were a bit lost at the beginning of their elderly life but found their direction through cooking and writing/blogging their passion.

 Julia Child looking like a PRO Chief
 Loving the 50's style and 50's home decor

In the 50's, Julia Child move to Paris with her husband, Paul Child (staring Stanley Tucci) which I found him really suit for this role and he acted really well, I was really amaze by his acting here. OK, back to the story telling, Julia found herself wondering around being a boring housewife which was when she wanted to learn French cooking. She found her principle hating her and all her classmates where arrogant French men who they look down on her. She was very determined and vowed that she would graduate from Le Cordon Bleu. Later on, she was found impressing her culinary skills through her classes and found herself in collaboration in publishing a cookbook about French cooking for American women.
 Woman with pearls and knows how to cook just looks gorgeous
Trying hard not to be a lobster killer

Julie Powell who move to Queens in year 2000 with her husband Eric Powell (staring Chris Messina). Julie works in a government call center and was having a hard time fitting in her new life in the new city. To try to relax herself after a hard day's work she cooks. She took up the challenge of cooking through Julia's first cookbook - Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Julie will be cooking the whole book of 500++ recipes within 356 days. She also will blog everyday to motivate herself from the challenge. LOL blogging has already started to dominate the Internet during those days.

 Paul Child with a big ♥ on Valentine's Day dinner
 Eric Powell spending quality time with Julie ♥

Both Julia and Julie were very fortunate to have loving husbands to support them all the way through their passion on cooking and food. Both husbands are charming too ^.^

I really love this movie as I'm very passionate with food, ♥ Paris, the 50's, cooking, most of all their dedication and believes in what they can achieve. Is really like been a journey with them. 

There was a  funny moment when I saw Julia's sister Dorothy, guess who is starting? It's ........

 Can you spot her?

I burst into laughter when I saw her appeared in some scenes. She wasn't as mean and evil as she's in Glee. She was a  total opposite of mean in this movie!
  See she's evil in Glee
Though I like Glee a lot! She have to be the mean and evil Cheerleader coach with all her mean quotes! Love her! 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Be a voter!

There's a lot happening with the Bersih campaign and everything. I don't think I need more say on it. You can get updates and news in Facebook and Youtube.

Well, I'm very grateful to those who took the effort to show up on that day and voice out on behalf on those who can't. Felt ashamed that I didn't do as much as the others did. *sob sob*

I'm really proud of the UNITY that a true Malaysian should have shown during the rally. This is the real One ♥ . One Malaysia should be! Makes me go all teary when reading the news from different sources.

Therefore, not to waste those who took the effort and appreciate what they have done. Go register at your nearest post office as a voter and vote for this coming election. Every vote counts!

I have already register at the beginning of the year and my status is "received and in process". Which is taking damn long to be approved to be a voter. For those of you who haven't register yet! Please quickly go register as it really does take a long time to process! Go NOW! Don't miss the chance to vote!

For those of you who have already registered, you can check your status here.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Was on my anti-social nightmare last few weeks and was glad that it's finally over. Of course, what is more greatly to relax yourself after a horror episode than to reward yourself with delicious food.

I often pass by this place but never got the chance to dine in and to reward myself, I walk in and ate alone! I believe that 98.8888888888888% of people who has the fear of eating alone in public. I'm one of them too but after so much of stress, I really needed some 'ME' time. Gain a bit of courage and I end up dinning in Ben's@KLCC.

Ben's is location was the former California Pizza Kitchen at Level 1 of KLCC. Got to know that Ben's is part of The Big Group Co. where Plan B, T forty Two and Cannoodling are sharing the same company.

Really liking their light bulb logo *tink*

I  like the cosy ambiance which reduce my fear of eating alone. I boosted up my confidence and pick my meal and ate there. The part-time-vegetarian of me is in the role so, I ordered a non-meat meal.

 While waiting for the food
 Aglio Olio Spaghetti
Look at the huge chilli they gave me

Surprisingly, their services is excellent! I usually won't brag or complain much on restaurants/cafes' services but this one I really must say is excellent. Even with the long queue of guest coming in and the restaurant is full of guest during peak hours, my food arrive so shortly after I have placed my order. I was very impressed.

Usually those popular places where everyone just want a bite of it, with long queues and full house all the time. You will pretty much need to wait for almost an hour to get your food. When you complain you waited for very long the waiter show black face. When the food finally came, it tasted either just so so or you feel is very tasty because you bloody waited very long and you are very damn hungry. I think that's one of their strategy to make you feel their food is nice. WTF
My beverage arrangement

See the glass of sky juice they gave me. I did not even request for it. The moment I sat down, they brought the glass of sky juice and cutlery. I just blink blink my eyes, my food arrive already. The waiters and waitresses are very friendly too, keep smiling at you. I really have to rave their services. EXCELLENTE!!!

Their meals are delicious and their prices are affordable. No complains here. It was so good that I went to dine at their place twice within a week! I also ate alone, practice makes perfect, right? LOL
 Ginger & Lemongrass Tea <3
 Notice the yellow box with COOK cards in it. They are so creative and generous that they share some of their recipes. Inside the yellow box are other cards with different categories. They even have chat topics for you if you want to try and break the ice with your new group of friends. Too cute!
Pan Thai Seafood Linguinni

I really hate those thin and out-of-juice bean sprouts where you usually get in noodles. Out-of-juice bean sprouts really suck up the whole meal and I really hate it. When I have out-of-juice bean sprouts in my meal I won't eat it. In this dish, the bean sprouts are thick, crispy and juicy. The amount of nuts and bean sprouts are really really really generous that I can't finish them.
Leftovers of their generous amount of nuts and bean sprout

There are a lot more dishes and desserts I would want to try. Really can't take in so much food alone :) Would really go for their desserts next time I dine in.

Till then you can fine Ben's at the following places.

Pavilion KL Shopping Mall
Lot 6.11 Sixth Floor,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: Shankar / Rahman / Lutfee +603 2141 5290

Suria KLCC
Lot 140 First Floor
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: Shankar / Redzuan / Zaleha +603 2163 1655

Monday, July 4, 2011


I had never tried macaroons in my life before. I heard a lot of good reviews about a particular bakery shop that made me wanted to have a try on my first macaroon. I went to WHISK to tried my ever first macaroon!

The bakery is located at Empire Shopping Gallery. It's just a small bakery place but the interior was just classic. I can just imagine myself sitting in the shop the whole day reading my book while sipping coffee and eating macaroons.

The macaroons sold was not pricey at all, in fact for first timer like me, I would want to try all the flavours available. They have the normal size macaroons and mini size macaroons. Of course, I went for the mini size macaroons and tried all the flavours.

macaroons with <3
I felt in <3 with all of the flavours. It wasn't as sweet as I imagine and is definitely a great snack or dessert!

Weeks later and I happen to drop by Empire Shopping Gallery. I went to WHISK and tried their famous cake. The moment I step foot into their shop, the aroma of coffee is just overwhelmed. Too bad, I was having an appointment later, if not I will definitely have a stay at the shop to sip on coffee. Anyways, I take-away their well-known Red Velvet Cake.

<3 Red Velvet Cake

The icing on the cake tasted just nice, not too sweet not too stale. It just hit the right notes! The cake was just moist enough to melt into your mouth. I can't wait to try more of their cakes and even cupcakes ;P

After some sweet talk, let's move on to something expensive. A while ago, daddy's friend gave him this.
Blue Nun Sparkling Gold Edition (yes, the name is hilarious to me). It's from H. Sichel Sohne, Germany and it consists of 22 carat gold leaf. Yes! You heard it! GOLD LEAF! I find it quite amusing but I doubted on drinking the gold leaves. According to my daddy's friend, consuming gold flakes helps our body system and keep our youth. 

 You can see the gold leaves in the bottle
I think that drinking gold is ridiculous. None the less, daddy ask us to tried. The sparkling wine is bitter and gassy. I felt nothing special after consuming it. I can't really feel the gold leaves in my mouth. I did anyhow spoon out and touch the gold leaves, it's just like soft metal and it's very fragile. 

I didn't really like it and won't purchase it and drinking it for anti-aging or any matter it presents.

PS: The alcohol volume is 11%, just in case you want to get drunk expensively.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Super 8

Totally a super super super super super overdue post. Blogger PHAIL!!!!! FML!!!!! But! I have a super super super super super good excuse! Which I have been torture by work so badly! (super super super super super lame) I have to work even on weekends!!!!! FML MAX!!!!!

Without blabbering much on this super super super super super overdue post, I will just tell you straight away. I know, you might be wondering, what's up with the super super super super super?

Here it is, the review of Super 8 movie! Thanks to Nuffnang again, I won myself tickets to watch the premier (same screening time with USA) of Super 8 at the beginning of the month! Yes, I know it's already July :S and the cinemas has most probably ended screening the movie. *cry max*
Even the poster doesn't give out much

Before movie, definitely need to cure my hungry tummy. I didn't want to miss out anything of the movie so I just wanted a quick bite. Went to KLCC's Level 2 Signature Food Court to try Popilla. It's a Mexican fast food. The portion is just nice for a light and quick meal. There are set meals too if you want to have heavy meals. I'm just super super super super super excited to be eating too much.

I do like Mexican food but I never tried Taco before so this is the first time I tried Taco. I order Super Chilli Beef Taco. It's MAD spicy I tell you! It practically burn my lips, mouth and throat. So for people who can't really take spicy food like me, please don't order! Though the amount of cheeese and beef mince is a lot! The Taco is very crispy just like eating a huge Nacho with all the yummies in it. You can have a choice of your Taco, crispy, soft or half-crispy-half-soft.
 I <3 Nuffnang badge, Super 8 movie tickets and the damn super Spicy Beef Taco 
See the amount of cheese, chillies, beef and unseen Tobasco sauce =__=

Enough of Taco, making me hungry again. Now it's time for Super 8! I guess, most of you have already watched the movie but for those who haven't please watch the trailer first.

The trailer is intense, right? Makes you wonder what is it in that cargo.

My all time favourite director Steven Spielberg! He and J.J.Abrams (the director of LOST) have join forces in creating this movie! I can rate this movie as the Movie of the Year 2011! It's has also replace my Steven Spielberg top movie list! Coming in as first and knocking off Taken!

I really super super super super super love this movie!!! Weep in a few scenes, especially the last scene where Joe (staring Joel Courtney) let go of the locket that had his mom picture in it and his dad - Jackson (staring Kyle Chandler) was hugging on him. So touch, so bittersweet, so sad!
 The blonde young girl, Alice (staring Elle Fanning) is so outstanding! She really can act for a kid. Just like her elder sister Dakota Fanning! No wonder, they both look alike. Steven Spielberg really knows how to rise young stars in his movies! Been a fan of Dakota Fanning from the start and now Elle Fanning! <3

Not just Elle Fanning knows how to act all the other kids in the movies definitely have talent in acting! You can really feel their hard work and energy in the movie. Love them all. There's the humorous Martin (staring Gabriel Basso) and Preston (staring Zach Mills) lights up the movie, you won't feel bored with long conversations in the 112 minutes movie.

The movies revolves a lot on relationships between everyone. Joe and his dad, Joe and Alice, Joe and his best friend - Charles (staring Riley Griffiths), Jackson and Alice's dad - Cary (staring Ryan Lee) so on. It makes me feel that the world is really THAT small. We really do need to cherish and appreciate what we have everyday even the good and the bad.

After the long winding on the overall of the movie, you should be still wondering. What is in the damn cargo?! Of course it's an alien, what movie is it from Steven Spielberg if it does not involve extraterrestrial? Although you may expect there's a lot of excitement between alien and humans, you may be disappointed. The alien in the movie is not really the main star of the movie.

Even though it's no super super super super super alien movie but the suspense and curiosity of the movie will keep you in your seat!

I really love this movie to the max! What about you?