Friday, July 15, 2011

Julie & Julia

I got really inspired and move by a movie I watch last two nights ago. It's an old movie but I don't think a lot of people watch it or even know of it. FYL It really is a good movie especially if you are those who love fooood.

The movie is based on two true stories at different times and both ladies' life encounters are what most similar. Julia Child (staring Meryl Streep) and Julie Powell (starting Amy Adams) who were both fearless, passion for food and were a bit lost at the beginning of their elderly life but found their direction through cooking and writing/blogging their passion.

 Julia Child looking like a PRO Chief
 Loving the 50's style and 50's home decor

In the 50's, Julia Child move to Paris with her husband, Paul Child (staring Stanley Tucci) which I found him really suit for this role and he acted really well, I was really amaze by his acting here. OK, back to the story telling, Julia found herself wondering around being a boring housewife which was when she wanted to learn French cooking. She found her principle hating her and all her classmates where arrogant French men who they look down on her. She was very determined and vowed that she would graduate from Le Cordon Bleu. Later on, she was found impressing her culinary skills through her classes and found herself in collaboration in publishing a cookbook about French cooking for American women.
 Woman with pearls and knows how to cook just looks gorgeous
Trying hard not to be a lobster killer

Julie Powell who move to Queens in year 2000 with her husband Eric Powell (staring Chris Messina). Julie works in a government call center and was having a hard time fitting in her new life in the new city. To try to relax herself after a hard day's work she cooks. She took up the challenge of cooking through Julia's first cookbook - Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Julie will be cooking the whole book of 500++ recipes within 356 days. She also will blog everyday to motivate herself from the challenge. LOL blogging has already started to dominate the Internet during those days.

 Paul Child with a big ♥ on Valentine's Day dinner
 Eric Powell spending quality time with Julie ♥

Both Julia and Julie were very fortunate to have loving husbands to support them all the way through their passion on cooking and food. Both husbands are charming too ^.^

I really love this movie as I'm very passionate with food, ♥ Paris, the 50's, cooking, most of all their dedication and believes in what they can achieve. Is really like been a journey with them. 

There was a  funny moment when I saw Julia's sister Dorothy, guess who is starting? It's ........

 Can you spot her?

I burst into laughter when I saw her appeared in some scenes. She wasn't as mean and evil as she's in Glee. She was a  total opposite of mean in this movie!
  See she's evil in Glee
Though I like Glee a lot! She have to be the mean and evil Cheerleader coach with all her mean quotes! Love her! 

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