Thursday, January 17, 2013

Watson's Beauty Haul

Went to Watson's to get some drugstore supplies over the weekend and I stumble upon some new beauty products that I thought of sharing with you guys. If you shop a lot in Watson's you will notice they have bring in a lot of good beauty and skin care products in and you just feel excited just shopping in there.

I bought Simple Bye Dark Circle Hydro Gel Masks (the pink panda box), Keratinology by Sunsilk (the box below) and Loreal EverStrong Overnight Hair Repair Treatment (the green bottle).

Simple Bye Dark Circle Hydro Gel Masks isn't the packaging box looks so cute? The eye masks itself is pink too!
It's from Taiwan and we do know most Taiwan beauty products have great reviews. It comes in 2 pairs, it has Marine Plasma Protein that cure dark circles, whitening and hydrates the eye skin area to reduce wrinkles and enhance skin elasticity. 

I have not known of this brand yet but the eye masks shelf, this is the 'selling fast' eye masks. It left 4 boxes of it, 2 of the Hydro ones and 2 of the collagen ones. I was checking it out and was thinking should I get the collagen one or the Hydro one and there's 2 girls standing beside me and just took the collagen one -___- No explanation needed, so I grab one box of the Hydro one to try.

The my surprise after using it, my eye area does whiten up a lot and my eye bags have reduce! Most important, you know sometimes how mask can be messy right? This one has a special gel plasma texture that ables to cover my eye area fully, no dripping, no over soak moisture sipping out while I'm wearing it. It just 'sticks' on my face holding up my eye bags firmly. 

Sorry but I forgot to take the before and after picture of me using it but it's good. Don't believe you try it yourself ;)

Keratinology by Sunsilk is a dual treatment shots for hair (duh!) I'm always a Sunsilk user and this will be their advance technology treatment for your hair. It has infuse Pico technology. What is Pico? 

Pico is this in Metric Prefixes
Picture is courtesy of Wikipedia

OKOK, in layman terms I shall describe it in a molecule diameter size.
Micro is this big |-----------|
Nano is this big |-------|
Pico is this small |--|
Pico is 1000 times smaller than Nano, so now you get the picture? It also means that your hair gets way too easy to absorb all the Keratin goodness into it.

I did try it 2 days ago and the absorption is true. Do you notice that when you are using your conditional or hair masks. When you rinse your hair you still can feel the smooth products get wash away, right? It means that your hair cannot fully absorb all of the products. With the Pico technology, it does absorb all of the products into your hair. When I rinse my hair, only tiny tiny tiny amount of the product is being wash away.

The treatment comes in 2 parts, you have to use Tube 1 after you wash your hair and rinse it. Tube 2 is a Leave On treatment to be apply to your damp hair. It feels soft, untangle and easy to manage after one use. I'm a happy girl XD

Btw, even it's the size of the tubes are small, you can use it more than one time depending the length of your hair. Remember DO NOT throw away the tip of the tube once you have peel it off. You can actually turn it around to close the tube.
After you peel off the tip of the tube it looks like a crown shape, you can turn it around and close up the tube for your next use. Smart?

Loreal EverStrong Overnight Hair Repair Treatment it's under their new range of Loreal Ever collection. They have EverStrong for damage hair, EverPure for coloured hair and EverSleek for anti-frizz hair.

I have been loving this collection a lot and have been using the EverPure and EverSleek hair mask religiously. For a drugstore product and drugstore price, giving a higher range result, it's definitely recommended.
EverPure (Pink tub), EverSleek (Orange tub)
I haven't use this overnight treatment yet but I do think it will be a good one too. It is to strengthen your hair while you sleep.It is suppose to use while your hair is dry. It has quick absorption that it doesn't leaves any residue on your pillow. I am replacing it as my hair serum. I have been using the Redken Anti-Frizz Hair Serum since I have started using hair serum..... it's like ever! It's not that the Redken one is not good but maybe it's time for a change?

UPDATE: I have tried the Loreal EverStrong Overnight Hair Repair Treatment and I am LOVING it! It is really the best one from the whole collection. I use it when I don't have much time for hair mask during my bath. I use it after I have wash my hair, it works on damp hair too. My hair feels soft and untangle, most of all it does not break easily too. It's like a leave in hair mask, not oily, leaving you good hair for the whole day.

Alright, this will be a bit off the topic but recently I'm a bit obsess in using Olive Body Bath. If you have follow me in Instagram, if you haven't, please follow me @anonymousmich I did posted a picture on my daily groom products and one of it is the Olive Body Bath. It's Imselene Olive Moisture Care Body Cleanser, it's from Korea. It's good but I can only find it in Stardust Studio in Fahrenheit 88. 
The 1.5L Imselene Olive Moisture Care Body Cleanser (green bottle)
I do have slightly dry feet and after I use the Olive body bath, no more dry feet. I'm hook with it since but it's pretty far to get just a bottle of body bath and I don't know where else do sell it. If anyone knows, please do tell me.

I have switch to the Body Shop Olive Shower Gel (picture above green bottle). The texture is richer compare to the Imselene one, thought I do like both of it. Price and size wise, the Imselene is more worth it.


  1. Let us know what you think of the overnight hair treatment! :P

    1. Hey Elly! I have made an update on the overnight hair treatment ;)