Thursday, August 4, 2011

Formally but Casually Nude

Lately been liking NUDE color wear a lot. Tried playing a lot with this color.
Usually I would dress my work wear "seriously" or you may call it smart or formal. I will dress the normal 3 piece suit with coat/jacket.

It looks all very professional and smart. Been having a lot of meetings and running around a lot, I want to dress comfortable. You know when you wear shirts it gets wrinkle easily or if it's long sleeves it will be hot.

Ever since I found a NUDE slack pants. I just can't stop wearing it! Loving the texture and comfy-ness of it. Good for running around.

I also want to try looking professional or smart wearing a formal yet casual and comfortable work wear.

One with my semi military alike coat button at top.

One with it button.

My finger was blocking the camera a bit so you can't see my shoe. So here's one for my shoe, cute?

Semi military alike white coat: Bershka
Inner spaghetti top: U2
NUDE long slack pants: MNG
Patent grey pump: Vincci

What do you think? Did I match it appropriately? LoL
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  1. A very sexy lady for sure.I like these pictures a lot but best not to take them in a public toilet one lah just because they have the full size mirror.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    LOL! It's not public toilet lah, it's office toilet! Thanks for the compliment!

  3. Indeed, a sexy girl ;)

    Couldnt agree more. hehe.

    Have a blessed day ahead!