Friday, August 19, 2011

❤ Danbo ❤

A friend of mine bought me this cute little toy as a surprise! I fell in ❤ when I first saw how cute it can be. The squarish features and triangular mouth. Too cute not to fall in ❤ with!

I hereby introduce you all to Danbo!
 Danbo first picture
Danbo a.k.a Danboard, is made and came from Japan. It's birth came from a manga - Yotsuba&! The manga is about the Koiwai Family, Yotsuba and her dad move to a new neighborhood. Yotsuba is just a 5 year old little kid and she learns new things around her everyday with her dad and her friends. One day, she created Danbo using just cardboard box. 

Cardboard box translated to Japanese is Danboard and it was then short term to Danbo. After Danbo was born in the manga, it just brings waves of it's fan all around the world.
 Danbo the little box comes in a box? LOL
Danbo miniatures was selling like hotcakes! Everyone wants a bite of it's cuteness! 

It started of selling ONLY on but it's production is limited. Then, gradually people who got their hands on it, started selling it in batches with higher prices.

I'm really lucky to get it as a gift! Thank you very much! 

My little Danbo is always keep my home, not much chances to get out much. Though I will definitely bring her (of course it's a she!) to more places!

For now, some shoots of places not so far.
 Danbo first outing with me for lunch
*Pictures are by Zeisuke
Danbo craved for some orange juice
*Pictures are by Zeisuke
 Danbo made ❤ balloon water puddle
*Pictures are by Zeisuke
 Danbo is camwhoring!
 Danbo@Office, gardening
*Pictures are by snailyin
*Pictures are by snailyin
When Elly and Andy from UK came to visit me, Danbo tagged along to hang out with us. These pictures are taken by Elly and Andy.
 Danbo urges for Snowflake! 
Yes! Her eyes can glow!
 Zombie Danbo@Nyonya Colors for Assam Laksa!
 Zombie Danbo just can't stop having sweet desserts@Nyonya Colors
 Danbo@iCity trying to 'light' up!
Danbo as 'light' up statue
Tired now, *hugz* Danbo and going to bed now. Nitez fooks!


  1. Can't believe I also keep my plastic tag to save the battery from dying out! Must have had it drummed into me whilst in KL.

    Shame no Danbo X Cheesy Nan- that would be soooo awesome

  2. Dear Cheesy Nan (should be Naan LOL) King,

    Yes, I still keep it this way the plastic tag. Do you keep it in a bag or something?

    I'll bring Danbo when I crave for Cheese Naan ;P

  3. Oh dear that's the last time I let her cheesiness type a message. King Naan here :) be sure to post some danbo shots from your travels and hope there will be some cheese taiwanaan

  4. where do you get them from. i really would like one. Please give me details of a site.

  5. Hi Lily Simon,

    It's a gift from a friend. I'm sure you could buy it online through Good Luck ;)