Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mr. Popper's Penguins

Surprise is what I got when I open my email account at the beginning of June! TGV and Nuffnang gave me an early birthday present! I've got myself free tickets to watch movies in TGV!

I chose to watch Mr. Popper's Penguins. Yeah, I know another late post. FML
I do love all Jim Carrey movies. LOVE ALL OF THEM! Thought this movie is another one of my favorite movies of his. He gave us more emo than the funny stuff.

I like how the story is told from start to the end, it's all very well told and nothing is miss out. Most of all, I don't have any favorite animal movies, other than Free Willy and Air Bud. This have definitely gave my list a Top 3 favorite animal movie.

I don't want to tell you much about the movie, you probably have watch it, hear about it, read about or do not plan to watch it but it's a mistake of not watching it, PLEASE GO AND WATCH IT! It's freaking GOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!

You may watch the trailer and decide but I assure you it is GOOOOODDDDD!!!!!

The penguins are too cute! I never thought that penguins can be so cute. OK, I know their reactions and some what CG made but it's just darn cute! Oh! I want to take one home too. ROFL
Look how adorable they are! I guess their clumsiness made them even cuter! Though in this movie the Lead Penguin - Captain is smart and can fly!!!

The other penguins were named, Lovely, Farty, Loudy, Huggy and Bittey. They all have their very own special character and symbols to differentiate each of them. Best of all, they know how to dance! LOL
This is definitely a homey-family movie and no matter what is the age, they all will love it! I like how the morality message was given out in this movie: "Family comes first no matter what!"
Mommy - Amanda (Carla Gugino), Son - Billy (Maxwell Perry Cotton), penguins, Mr. Popper (Jim Carrey) and Daughter - Janie (Madeline Carroll)
In the movie, the story is being told that materials meant nothing if there's no home and family. The penguins are were very attached to Mr. Popper and somehow they taught Mr. Popper to be attached to his own family and the penguins. Every relationship goes both ways to stay connected longer and loved.
Waiting for baby penguins to hatch out ♥

Of course there's a lot of mischief and funny scene from the penguins and Mr. Popper. Without a doubt, Jim Carrey will always present to us his multi-comical-facial-expressions! A lot of funny scene that would just makes your problems goes away.

There were touchy moments too but I don't want to give it out. So, better go watch it! For me, I can watch this movie over and over and over and over and over and over and over again!!!!!!

Thanks to TGV and Nuffnang once again for the surprise advance birthday present.
 ♥ Thank you all very much! 

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