Saturday, August 6, 2011

En Ginza Cafe

Meet up with BFF at Pavillion KL for dinner last Friday night. The level 6 section of Pavillion was close and renovating for quite awhile and when ever I passby I would wonder what will it be like when it's open.

I was coincidentally there the second day of Pavillion Level 6 Tokyo Street opening. Browse around and it's all so overwhelming for me! It definitely brought more crowd and flavor for Pavillion. It was a short visit there but I sworn to myself that I will tried every restaurant that opens there.

Here I am with BFF at En Ginza Cafe, at first we thought it's a bakery, looking at the delicious breads they offer and the long line of queue of guests were purchasing their breads.
One of the waitress approach us and hand out the cafe menu to us. She also explained that the cafe is a fusion of Japanese and French food. Bells were ringing in my head when I heard this combination of food. Without any hesitation, we were seated.
A view from where we were seated
 A picture of the chief
It was quite late for dinner and both of us are dieting, so we just ordered one person's portion and shared. The menu is very French style with Pasta, Pizza, Sandwich, Burger and so on, thought the ingredients were mixture of Japanese ingredients like Salmon, Marbled Beef, Udon, Azuki (dessert) and so on. It's all very interesting to explore.

Dinner of the night with BFF: ~
 Wafu Mentai Spaghetti
 The bowl is too cute not to have a picture of it
One more picture of the shell bowl and yummy spaghetti!
The Mentai sauce is just perfectly delicious and the amount of the sauce is just nice. Not too much nor too little. The prawn is fresh. Mixing the seaweed shreds, Mentai sauce and spaghetti is just heaven for your tummy at the end of the week <3

Main course is done and now the dessert. I always like to finish my meal with dessert, sometimes just want to just skip main course and just indulge in desserts, wtf.
 Tofu Cheesecake
BFF said the cake and decor is just too pretty not to take more of it =.="
The cheesecake has just mild taste of cheese not overpowering the smooth tofu. Texture of the cheesecake is very smooth that it melts in your mouth. Combining with the fresh fruits, strawberry sauce and salty based biscuit is just right of the dot. At first I thought the combination of tofu and cheesecake is a bit weird but it's nothing near weird!

The waitress also mention to us that their barrista has special skills. He is able to create any cartoon character on your coffee such as Hello Kitty, Micky Mouse, Ultraman? Kidding on the Ultraman but would want to try their coffee next visit, or maybe I will challenge him to make me an Unltraman... hahaha..
En Ginza Cafe is surely a place I will want to visit again. Maybe teatime? Would really want to try their coffee as when I walk in the aroma of coffee just floats into your face! The aroma of bread just makes you hungry for some! *Damnit, I'm hungry now*

En Ginza Cafe
P6.24.1A, Level 6,
Tokyo Street, Pavillion
Contact: 03-21480369

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