Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer PoP and Cracked Nails

Autumn has started and Summer has just ended but I still want to cling on to Summer for just a little bit more.

Did some Summer PoP colors to my nails and tried out the new Cracked Nail Polish I bought!

I did my nails with Summer colors. All of the happy pastel colors!
Wanted to add a PoP feeling on Summer colors, I added Stars and mild Glitters on each colors.
The Glitters didn't turn out in the pictures much :(
Of course I do use based and top coat nail polish before and after I apply the colors!

Nail Polishes I used for Summer PoP (from left to right):
Etude BL505
The Faceshop Blue BL601
ELF Mint Cream
Barry M 309 Strawberry
The Face Shop WH004

Moving on I wanted to tried out the Cracked effects nail polish which I find it pretty magical. I did my toe nails first without the Cracked effects.
I uber ♥ this nail color ♥♥♥
I just added the Cracked effect on my huge toes bcos I don't want to ruin the uber cute pink color! The color looks like it's edible... haha.... Btw, the cute pink color, is a matte color !♥!

If you haven't use any of the instant Cracked effect, you will be amazed by it! I was! The moment I paint the Cracked colors on, the Cracked effect INSTANTLY appear! It's like magic!

Two things to be aware of is that the Cracked colors tends to dry off quickly and it's quite messy and the effects won't show as much if you keep apply repeatedly. Just one quick and fast stroke will do the trick. You also need to apply a top coat on top of the Cracked color because it will look really dry and it will peel off easily.
Nail Polishes I used for Cracked Nails (from left to right):
Sally Hudson Based and Top Coat
ELF Gum Pink
Barry M Instant 311

What do you guys think? Summer PoP with or without the extra Stars PoP and Cracked Nails or Non-Cracked Nails?


  1. I love the mint cream with the cracked effect! The summer pop nails are really summery!!! LOL. Nice one!!!

  2. Thank you ;) Will try the mint cream with cracked effect!