Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New hair and Masculine Wear

My previous dyed hair color has already worn out and it makes me look dirty. *Won't be posting horrible pictures of myself* Time to head to the salon for some beauty treatment.
Only post nice pictures wakakakaka...
I wanted brighter colors and wanna keep my hair long this time.  My previous dyed hair color was Ash Brown and is medium short with manageable fringe.

Before moving on, I want to share the horrible experience this time when dyeing my hair. You know when you get your hair dye or perm, usually it's done by trainees. Stylist or Senior Stylist will only cut your hair.

I had dyed my hair couple of times before and I know how does it feel but this time is just horrible! The trainee is super noob that she apply the hair dye on to my scalp at the beginning of the dyeing process wtf! Dyeing the hair near scalp are the last step!

When the process started, it's still bearable until she freaking don't know how to do everything! She place my hair wrongly after dyeing! Place on my face, my neck, my ears! WTF! I'm not trying to dye my face here!
I'm quite furious about her already and my stylist saw it on my face and ask me am I really uncomfortable. Hell ya! The pain from chemical burn is just getting worst! My stylist mention that the lighter color, the more it hurts! I was like wtf! He then ask me to bare for awhile more and will be time to wash off. 

He then ask the trainee to massage my hair so that it doesn't hurt much but what do you know. She doesn't know how to massage! She just dug in her fingers and rub more hair dye into my scalp!

The PAIN! I almost want to scream and cry out! I show it all on my face and my stylist quickly as the trainee to wash it off. While she was washing my hair, she wasn't even concentrating or even know that I'm in pain, she just taking her sweet time to wash and chat with her colleague beside her!

While she was washing off she uses her finger nails to wash scrap my scalp! AARRGGG!!!! It was just a horrible and terrible experience! Moral of the story, do not let such trainee to handle your hair!

I wonder how people bare the pain when they bleach their hair! Ouch!

Enough about horrible hair dye experience. Moving on with pretty pictures!
Previous Ash Brown hair
My first time cutting my hair length to medium short *had long hair all throughout the pass N years*
This time around, my stylist just trim my hair and give me fringe! LOL! I look funny/weird with fringe, first time getting a fringe other than when I was very young! Dyed my hair Beige Blonde!
Beige Blonde! Does it make me a blonde? LOL
The color kinda makes me look pale
I did not blow my hair properly so it looks curl out wrongly. I still haven't get use to my fringe until today, I found the right way to blow and comb it.

If you have notice, my eyebrow color is quite similar with my hair color. Well, I didn't dye them together with my hair, I simply just apply light eyebrows mascara to match with my hair. If I don't it will look even weirder.

After getting this look the most comment I get is actually my eyebrows. WTF. I don't know what I did to my eyebrows is consider gyaru eyebrows or not but I really like how it matches with the whole look. Oh ya, runner up comments I get is "Ohai! You look like Korean now!" I don't really know how to react to such comments but just giving back a smile XD

What do you think of my new hair? Or the previous one looks better?

Tried to achieve a somewhat Masculine Work Wear today.
Did I achieve it? How is it? What do you think?

Beige Jacket: A|X
Inner Plum Singlet: Topshop
Black Slack: G2000
Black Pump: Vincci

I did blog about the shoes I'm wearing here. You can also check out my previous achieve NUDE Casual Work Wear.

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